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    KOWLESSUR Ritesh
    Hello everyone. My name is Ritesh Kowlessur. I am seeking help for my father, Mr. Ravindranath Kowlessur, who is also known as “Ravin tailleur”. On the 19th of January, he had a sudden episode of hypertension, which resulted in a brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage [blood vessel bleeding in the brain]. Unfortunately, the neurosurgeon said there is no treatment in Mauritius and he had to travel to Apollo Mumbai hospital on the 29th of January. Since his time of admission, he has been in the ICU. The Ministry of Health and Wellness along with the Ministry of Social Security Office had provided us with a grant but the amount for overseas medical surgery and treatment has already exceeded. He underwent surgery on the 31st of January but is still hospitalized due to a slow recovery along with multiple hospital-acquired infections. As per the treating doctor, my father will need a prolonged stay in the hospital as he is still drowsy.   On behalf of my father and my family, I am humbly requesting any kind of assistance or help to support and contribute to his treatment. Any amount will count. Kindly share this link to create awareness of this collection. Pray and donate for my dad. Thank you heartfully for your contributions and prayers.
    : Rs 500,000
  2. QBVBC - African Clubs Championship participation - Tunisia
    QBVBC - African Clubs Championship participation - Tunisia
    Good news : You can now support by funding !    Two weeks after a fulfilling 4th consecutive champion title in the Zone 7 - Club Championship in Mauritius and with the full support of fans, Quatre Bornes Volleyball Club is targeting even higher by dreaming of a 1st participation in the African Clubs Championship to be held from 13th to 26th May in Tunis, Tunisia    Only our fighting spirit and winning mindset will not be enough to fund this project, and so we are looking to raise Rs500,000/- or any amount you can donate towards the Rs2.2M project costs. With your help and support we know we can make it happen. 
    : Rs 500,000
  3. Faire un don pour que David puisse réaliser ses soins
    Faire un don pour que David puisse réaliser ses soins
    Solidarité Mauriciens d'Ailleurs
    FRENCH Bonjour  David FRANCIS âgé de 39 ans, un jeune homme habitant avec sa maman retraitée et invalide.  Le 30/04/2022 il a été victime d'un AVC entraînant une paralysie de son membre du côté droit. Depuis le mois de mai dernier, il réalise des séances de rééducation à l'hôpital. Pendant ces séances de rééducation, ils ont découvert que David présente une dépression sévère et l'os de son épaule droite est usé.  Malheureusement il ne peut plus continuer les séances à l'hôpital mais a été obligé de suivre ses traitements dans le privé surtout au niveau de la physiothérapie. Il est également prévu de débuter un traitement dans le privé avec un psychologue pour sa dépression ainsi que des séances de massage, mais tout cela a un coût malheureusement.  Malgré l'aide qu'il reçoit de l'état, le montant reste insuffisant pour la continuité de ces soins.   Prise de court par cette décision soudaine, pour sauver David, nous faisons appel à votre générosité et soutien à travers vos dons pour qu'elle puisse avoir les traitements nécessaires. Merci d'avance de votre bienveillance.
    : Rs 200,000
  4. Mass sterilization campaign - Mobile sterilization clinic
    Mass sterilization campaign - Mobile sterilization clinic
    Steriliz Ou Zanimo
    A dog can have a litter of puppies as from 6 months old The gestation period is 2 months A dog can have a minimum of two litters per year With 6 to 12 puppies per litter Every year, until the end of her life Within 4 years, a single dog may have given birth to about 4096 puppies! A cat can give birth to kittens as from 6 months old The gestation period lasts 2 months A cat can have up to 3 litters per year With 4 to 8 kittens per litter Every year, until the end of her life In just 4 years, a pair of cats can give birth to more than 20,000 kittens! The situation in Mauritius is critical We have seen an increase in the number of abandoned puppies and kittens in the last year A large increase in sick and injured animals Sick Injured Hit by a car Poisoned Mistreated and malnourished The situation has never been this bad Sterilisation remains the only kind and effective solution to the proliferation of dogs and cats in Mauritius If each Mauritian spayed or neutered their pet, the situation would not be the same It is not the responsibility of associations, NGOs or rescuers It is everyone's responsibility Your cat or dog is under your own responsibility  We all need to feel responsible Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of sterilization in Mauritius We have organized many awareness days about sterilization Our next milestone is to acquire a van and convert it into a mobile clinic for sterilization We want to set up a mass sterilization campaign over the whole island No need to worry about transport, we will come straight to your door For this we need your help, your generosity and your love for animals! Thanks to your generous we have already raised 382,590 rs. We are still missing 547,410  rs to reach our goal (just for the van). Attached is a document of the estimated costs. We are creating a new crowdfund to make this dream project become a reality. Help us fund our mobile clinic so that we can start the mass sterilization campaign all over the island. Let’s work together to improve the well-being of all living creatures in Mauritius
    : Rs 500,000

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  1. QBVBC - African Clubs Championship participation - Tunisia
    QBVBC - African Clubs Championship participation - Tunisia
    Good news : You can now support by funding !    Two weeks after a fulfilling 4th consecutive champion title in the Zone 7 - Club Championship in Mauritius and with the full support of fans, Quatre Bornes Volleyball Club is targeting even higher by dreaming of a 1st participation in the African Clubs Championship to be held from 13th to 26th May in Tunis, Tunisia    Only our fighting spirit and winning mindset will not be enough to fund this project, and so we are looking to raise Rs500,000/- or any amount you can donate towards the Rs2.2M project costs. With your help and support we know we can make it happen. 
    : Rs 500,000
    Greetings everyone, my name is RAMEN Sunita, i am requesting any contributions on behalf of my husband Mr RAMEN Vele who is suffering from a type of cancer called 'Sinonasal Adenocarcinoma'. One intervention had already been done in 2021 in India, but last year doctors noticed that there has been cancer recurrence. Due to the progressive stage of the cancer, the right side of his face had to be partially removed and will require reconstructive surgery. As such my husband will again need a surgical procedure to be done and unfortunately same cannot be done in Mauritius, reason why we will need to raise funds (approx Rs 1.5Million) to be able to go to India for the procedure. Due to my husband's medical condition, i am the only one in the family to work and cater for the needs of my husband and two children. All legal documents have already been received from concerning authorities.  I am counting on the generosity and donations of anyone who can contribute so i can cater for the medical expenses of my husband. Thank you in advance to those who will be contributing and helping us. God bless you
    : Rs 500,000
  3. Mass sterilization campaign - Mobile sterilization clinic
    Mass sterilization campaign - Mobile sterilization clinic
    Steriliz Ou Zanimo
    A dog can have a litter of puppies as from 6 months old The gestation period is 2 months A dog can have a minimum of two litters per year With 6 to 12 puppies per litter Every year, until the end of her life Within 4 years, a single dog may have given birth to about 4096 puppies! A cat can give birth to kittens as from 6 months old The gestation period lasts 2 months A cat can have up to 3 litters per year With 4 to 8 kittens per litter Every year, until the end of her life In just 4 years, a pair of cats can give birth to more than 20,000 kittens! The situation in Mauritius is critical We have seen an increase in the number of abandoned puppies and kittens in the last year A large increase in sick and injured animals Sick Injured Hit by a car Poisoned Mistreated and malnourished The situation has never been this bad Sterilisation remains the only kind and effective solution to the proliferation of dogs and cats in Mauritius If each Mauritian spayed or neutered their pet, the situation would not be the same It is not the responsibility of associations, NGOs or rescuers It is everyone's responsibility Your cat or dog is under your own responsibility  We all need to feel responsible Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of sterilization in Mauritius We have organized many awareness days about sterilization Our next milestone is to acquire a van and convert it into a mobile clinic for sterilization We want to set up a mass sterilization campaign over the whole island No need to worry about transport, we will come straight to your door For this we need your help, your generosity and your love for animals! Thanks to your generous we have already raised 382,590 rs. We are still missing 547,410  rs to reach our goal (just for the van). Attached is a document of the estimated costs. We are creating a new crowdfund to make this dream project become a reality. Help us fund our mobile clinic so that we can start the mass sterilization campaign all over the island. Let’s work together to improve the well-being of all living creatures in Mauritius
    : Rs 500,000
  4. Horizon : Cap sur Moris
    Horizon : Cap sur Moris
    Henri Radenac
    Horizon : Cap sur Moris est un projet visant à préserver l'environnement de l'île Maurice. A travers un partenariat avec Ebony Forest et la participation à différents trails, je souhaite réunir des fonds pour la préservation de la faune et la flore mauricienne.  Cette levée de fond est en faveur d'Ebony Forest, une organisation qui a pour missions de sauver les espèces en voie de disparition à Maurice, éduquer et sensibiliser à la valeur de la biodiversité et être une entreprise durable.  Depuis sa création en 2006 :  - 141 000 plantes indigènes ont été plantées - Création d'un refuges pour les espèces menacées  - Création d'un centre d'écologie - Espèces réintroduites (Pigeon rose) A travers leur passion pour la nature et leur persévérance, ils se battent afin de préserver l'écosystème de l'île Maurice.  Vos dons leurs permettront de poursuivre leurs actions de préservation.  N'hésitez à vous rendre sur leur site internet : Et à suivre la page instagram du projet : horizon_capsurmoris
    : Rs 250,000
    KOWLESSUR Ritesh
    Hello everyone. My name is Ritesh Kowlessur. I am seeking help for my father, Mr. Ravindranath Kowlessur, who is also known as “Ravin tailleur”. On the 19th of January, he had a sudden episode of hypertension, which resulted in a brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage [blood vessel bleeding in the brain]. Unfortunately, the neurosurgeon said there is no treatment in Mauritius and he had to travel to Apollo Mumbai hospital on the 29th of January. Since his time of admission, he has been in the ICU. The Ministry of Health and Wellness along with the Ministry of Social Security Office had provided us with a grant but the amount for overseas medical surgery and treatment has already exceeded. He underwent surgery on the 31st of January but is still hospitalized due to a slow recovery along with multiple hospital-acquired infections. As per the treating doctor, my father will need a prolonged stay in the hospital as he is still drowsy.   On behalf of my father and my family, I am humbly requesting any kind of assistance or help to support and contribute to his treatment. Any amount will count. Kindly share this link to create awareness of this collection. Pray and donate for my dad. Thank you heartfully for your contributions and prayers.
    : Rs 500,000
  6. Mission : Stérilisation
    Mission : Stérilisation
    Well-Being Of Strays
    Don de 200,000 rs nécesaire pour diminuer le nombre d'animaux errants... Well-Being of Strays organise en Mars et April 2023, et une campagne pour stériliser environ 200 animaux afin d'éviter les portées non-désirées et donc réduire le nombre d'abandon ou d'animaux errants sur l'île. Soutenez-nous en contribuant pour rendre cette Campagne un succès...
    : Rs 200,000
  7. Help Turkey and Syria Relief Fund
    Help Turkey and Syria Relief Fund
    Platinum premium
    Our Team Platinum Premium based in Port Louis Mauritius has been working with Turkey since 2009. We have many close friends suffering their loss of their family members. We are in collaboration with an association in Turkey to help with this fundraising here in Mauritius. The whole world is affected by what happened to Turkey and Syria for the past weeks, they need our help. Thousands of people died and thousands still need urgent help. The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has created an urgent humanitarian crisis, drawing relief and aid workers from around the world. To date, more than 40,000 lives have been lost and more than 5 million people may need shelter in Syria and Turkey alone. All donations to this fund will support Turkey and Syria earthquake relief and recovery efforts. Initially, the fund helps first responders meet survivors' immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, medicine, and shelter. As needs evolve, we will prioritize longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations in the impacted areas. Families with children are sleeping in the streets, malls, schools, mosques, bus stations and under bridges. They are staying with their children in open areas, afraid to return home to buildings that may be structurally unsound and vulnerable to the potential impact of likely aftershocks. Tens of thousands of families are exposed to the elements at a time of year when temperatures are bitingly cold, and snow and freezing rain are common. Reports rise daily of the number of children suffering from hypothermia and respiratory infections.   Your donation will be used to:   Provide food, clean water, and medicine to survivors Provide shelter and temporary housing to people who lost their homes Provide psycho-social and mental health support to survivors Support economic relief efforts Support long-term recovery efforts And much, much more!
    : Rs 500,000
  8. Faire un don pour que David puisse réaliser ses soins
    Faire un don pour que David puisse réaliser ses soins
    Solidarité Mauriciens d'Ailleurs
    FRENCH Bonjour  David FRANCIS âgé de 39 ans, un jeune homme habitant avec sa maman retraitée et invalide.  Le 30/04/2022 il a été victime d'un AVC entraînant une paralysie de son membre du côté droit. Depuis le mois de mai dernier, il réalise des séances de rééducation à l'hôpital. Pendant ces séances de rééducation, ils ont découvert que David présente une dépression sévère et l'os de son épaule droite est usé.  Malheureusement il ne peut plus continuer les séances à l'hôpital mais a été obligé de suivre ses traitements dans le privé surtout au niveau de la physiothérapie. Il est également prévu de débuter un traitement dans le privé avec un psychologue pour sa dépression ainsi que des séances de massage, mais tout cela a un coût malheureusement.  Malgré l'aide qu'il reçoit de l'état, le montant reste insuffisant pour la continuité de ces soins.   Prise de court par cette décision soudaine, pour sauver David, nous faisons appel à votre générosité et soutien à travers vos dons pour qu'elle puisse avoir les traitements nécessaires. Merci d'avance de votre bienveillance.
    : Rs 200,000
  9. Mission : Remplir leur gamelle
    Mission : Remplir leur gamelle
    Well-Being Of Strays
    Nous faisons appel à votre générosité :) Well-Being Of Strays est une ONG créée en 2017 pour aider les animaux abandonnés, traitant dans les rues de l'île Maurice ou maltraitants à trouver une famille aimante, les soigner, les nourrir, les sauver et aussi les stériliser. Pour que notre combat continue, WOS a besoin de votre aide pour acheter de la nourriture, chaque jour des bénévoles nourrissent les animaux de leur région ou partent sur les plages/champs de cannes où beaucoup sont abandonnés sur place. Vous pouvez contribuer pour l'achat d'un sac de riz ou de croquettes etc : Bal de riz = 270rs Pâtée = 50rs Bal de croquettes = 1000rs ENSEMBLE NOUS POUVONS CHANGER LEUR VIE
    : Rs 20,000
  10. Fund Raising for Mr Vadamootoo-Renal Transplant
    Fund Raising for Mr Vadamootoo-Renal Transplant
    Varouna Ramgoolam
    Mr Ganessen Vadamootoo, aged 47, and actually working as Office Attendant at the Financial Reporting Council is facing a severe health issue and needs our support. Ganessen and his family went to Manipal Haspital, Bangalore, India on 3 January 2023 for Renal Transplant. Ganessen is under observation of Dr Deepak Kumar Chitralli for his renal treatment which is amouting to around Rs 1.6 million. However, before proceeding with the transplant, he has been advised to undergo an urgent heart surgery after doing several tests.  For this reason, Ganessen and his family need our support and generosity. On behalf of Ganessen and his family I am requesting for your support and generosity to reach the target of 500,000 MUR. You may contribute any amount you wish to. Any little amount counts to support his treatment. Please also share this link to create awareness of this collect. Let us all join our efforts together to help Ganessen to have his heart surgery and transplant and follow-ups to allow him to return safely, in good health and lead a normal life with us, his family and little daughter. Pray and donate for Ganessen. Thank you heartfully for your contribution and generosity.  
    : Rs 500,000
  11. Fund raising for brain tumour operation
    Fund raising for brain tumour operation
    Woodun Dhanranee
    Hello Everyone, I am Dhanranee Woodun and I am 49 years old. I have got a tumour in my head that has extended in my nose and since then I am having trouble to breathe.   I have had a surgery once in 2020 in India wherby all the medical expenses was covered by the Government Overseas Grant.   Unfortunately my tumour has reccur and grown bigger in size. It is affecting my nose, ears, eyes and even my soft and hard palate. I can hardly breathe and I am constantly in pain.   I need to go urgently to India for a second operation that will cost me about 1 to 1.5 million mauritian rupees. Unfortunately this time the government will not cover my medical expenses and I do not have the means to afford this much my myself. That is why I am coming to the public to ask for  financial help.    Please help me, I am badly in need of your donations.    Thank you for your generosity.    God will bless you all.    
    : Rs 500,000
  12. Levée de fonds pour Louis Charlondo Antoine
    Levée de fonds pour Louis Charlondo Antoine
    Solidarité Mauriciens d'Ailleurs
    ---------- FRENCH ----------Louis Charlondo Antoine âgé de 39 ans, un papa de deux enfants est atteint d'une exophthalmie désignant une protrusion du globe oculaire (œil qui sort). La maladie peut toucher un œil ou les deux qui paraissent globuleux. Elle est le plus souvent causée par une hyperthyroïdie. Le traitement repose le plus souvent sur l'équilibre de la thyroïde.  Il était soigné à l'hôpital de Souillac et il a même bénéficié d'un entretien avec le médecin expertise à l'hôpital de Moka.  Le médecin de l'hôpital lui a conseillé de réaliser une chirurgie en Inde qui consiste à faire "de la place" dans l'orbite en enlevant de l'os, plus ou moins de la graisse, afin de réduire l'exophtalmie et de faire rentrer les yeux dans les orbites.   Le ministère de la santé publique financera son déplacement et le coût de la chirurgie en Inde, mais il leur a conseillé d'avoir un peu plus d'argent en leur possession pour le frais de logement, la réalisation des tests COVID et s'il arrive que l'intervention coûtera plus chère, tous ces dépensements seront à leurs frais.   Prise de court par cette décision soudaine, pour sauver Louis Charlondo Antoine, nous faisons appel à votre générosité et soutien à travers vos dons pour qu'il puisse avoir les traitements nécessaires le plus rapidement possible avant que son état s'aggrave encore plus. Merci d'avance de votre bienveillance. ---------- ENGLISH ---------- Louis Charlondo Antoine, 39 years old, a father of two children, suffers from exophthalmos, meaning a protrusion of the eyeball (eye sticking out). The disease may affect one or both eyes which appear bulging. It is most often caused by hyperthyroidism. Treatment is most often based on balancing the thyroid. He was being treated at Souillac hospital and he even had an interview with the expert doctor at Moka hospital. The doctor at the hospital advised him to perform surgery in India which consists of making "room" in the orbit by removing bone, more or less fat, in order to reduce exophthalmos and bring the eyes back into their sockets. The Ministry of Public Health will fund his travel and the cost of the surgery in India, but he advised them to have some extra cash in their possession for accommodation costs, carrying out COVID tests and if it happens that the intervention will cost more, all these expenses will be at their expense. Taken aback by this sudden decision, to save Louis Charlondo Antoine, we appeal to your generosity and support through your donations so that he can have the necessary treatments as quickly as possible before his condition worsens even more. Thank you in advance for your kindness.
    : Rs 300,000
  13. BLUER Ocean Project 2023
    BLUER Ocean Project 2023
    BLUER Team
    ///FRENCH/// Bluer Ocean Project  après un an et demi d’existence propose pour cette année 2023 de continuer son effort de propagation corallienne et de sensibilisation à l’environnement marin.  À ce jour 51 frames et plus de 3600 boutures ont été transplantées grâce à 44 donateurs et sponsors et 6 partenaires techniques, 4 jeunes ont également été formé à la plongée sous marine  et à la mission pour renforcer l’équipe.  Couzoupa un site protégé dans le lagon sud de Rodrigues subi une pression anthropique conséquente par son utilisation pour le snorkelling (palmes masque tuba) par un nombre croissant d’opérateurs. Bluer Ocean Project propose pour diminuer la pression sur ce site de recréer grâce à la propagation corallienne un nouveau site d’intérêt pour la randonné et la découverte aquatique.  Bluer Ocean Project a également l’intention d’intensifier son action de restoration corallienne sur un site de plongée sous marine du nord de l’ile afin augmenter la concentration de biodiversité associée au déploiement de nos nurserie (frames). En parallèle Bluer Ocean Project continuera de former des jeunes à la plongée sous marine et la restoration corallienne afin de faire perdurer notre action et, on l’espère, créer des vocations. Comme par le passé vous pouvez nous aider en faisant des donation ou en adoptant des coraux. N’hésitez pas à visiter notre site internet et à nous suivre sur Instagram et facebook bluer_ocean_project. ///ENGLISH/// Bluer Ocean Project, after a year and a half of existence, proposes for 2023 to continue its effort of coral propagation and awareness on the marine environment.  To date 51 frames and more than 3600 nubbins have been transplanted thanks to 44 donors and sponsors and 6 technical partners, 4 young people have also been trained in scuba diving to carry on with our mission and strengthen the team. Couzoupa, a protected site in the southern lagoon of Rodrigues, is under significant anthropogenic pressure due to its use for snorkelling by a growing number of operators. Bluer Ocean Project proposes to reduce the pressure on this site by creating, using coral propagation, a new site of interest for aquatic discovery. Bluer Ocean Project also intends to intensify its coral restoration action on a scuba diving site in the north of the island in order to increase the biodiversity concentration associated with our nurseries (frames) deployment. At the same time, Bluer Ocean Project will continue to train young people in scuba diving and coral restoration in order to sustain our action and, we hope, create vocations. As in the past you can help us by making donations or by adopting corals. Feel free to visit our website and to follow us on Instagram and Facebook bluer_ocean_project.  
    : Rs 300,000

Finished Projects

    Hello, my son, Khejilen was born preterm at 34 weeks in a public hospital in Mauritius.  He stayed 1 and half month in the Neonatal ICU.  The doctor said there will be some development delay but when he reached his first birthday, there was no improvement in his development.  He can't sit, stand, hold his head and neither can he crawl or walk.  I kept asking doctors about this but they told me to be patient.  As a mother, I was very worried, so I took him to a private hospital where the doctor diagnosed him to be suffering from Cerebral Palsy . As a  treatment to this, the doctor advised that we start physio and we did.  But then, he started to have fits and he was admitted to do an EEG which showed that he is suffering from Generalized Epilepsy .  An MRI was also performed which showed that he is suffering also from hydrocephaleus. But even after following his therapies i have not seen any major improvement in him. After a lot of research and taking advice from parents whose kid suffer the same issues as my son, i came to know about a treatment call stem cell therapy.  Below is a breakdown of all the treatments he will need to do: 1, The treatment protocol involves a 14-day hospital stay during which time he will be extensively evaluated clinically. This will be followed by a Bone Marrow Aspiration from which subsequently the mononuclear cells will be isolated. These are hemopoetic mononuclear cells which is injected intrathecally through a lumbar puncture and CSF catheter. 2, This will be followed by comprehensive rehabilitation program which includes physiotherapy, occupational, speech therapy, psychological counseling, genitourinary rehabilitation.3, From second week onwards, Integrative Therapies will be customized as per the diagnosis and patient requirement. It will include the following: Ozone Therapy, HBOT, Deep Tissue Mobilization etc. and Specialty Consultations during the stay. All of the above is costing us a lot of money. I am requesting you humbly for just a small donation from each one of you, so that my dear Khejilen can get the treatment he needs. TO NOTE THAT THE TREATMENT IS NOT APPROVED IN MAURITIUS DUE TO SOME ETHICAL ISSUES. THAT IS WHY WE ARE NOT GETTING ANY HELP FROM THE GOVT. BUT AS A MOTHER I CAN'T SEE MY SON IN BED THROUGHOUT ALL HIS LIFE AND I CAN'T LISTEN TO DOCTORS WHO SAYS THAT MY SON WILL ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS BECAUSE I DON'T THINK THAT ANYONE OF US WOULD LIKE TO LIVE SUCH A LIFE. WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE A LIFE WHERE WE CAN BE INDEPENDENT AT SOME POINT. I NEED YOUR HELP SO THAT I CAN GIVE MY SON THE LIFE THAT HE DESERVES TO LIVE. I have attached his medical reports below for your perusal. The treatment will cost approximately Rs 800,000 and we have been able to gather Rs 50,000, we need your support to collect the difference of Rs 750,000. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.Kaleivani.
  2. Donate to help Nicolas return back to India to complete MIBG therapy for his tumours.
    Donate to help Nicolas return back to India to complete MIBG therapy for his tumours.
    Nicolas Lacourt
    ///ENGLISH/// Hi, I Nicolas Lacourt ,first of all I would like to thank you all for your donation and prayers for my previous treatment of Radiotherapy in Fortis Memorial hospital in India. The therapy was done and we returned back to Mauritius. Unfortunately due to some complications and pains we returned to India urgently in August 2022. It cost me Rs 450,000 which I paid from personal savings and help from families and friends. After some tests were done, the doctor found some new legions in the L3 vertebrae and left femur. The doctor advise me to come back to India for follow-upand to have a second MIBG therapy after 3 months, due to lack of money we are planning to return back to India in January 31st. This will cost me approximately Rs 500,000 for all expenses air tickets, food, accomodations,tests and treatments. I am in short of funds and I sincerely hope you will consider my request and give me a positive reply I need your help and prayers to continue my treatment. Thank you in advance.Nicolas///FRENCH/// Bonjour, je suis Nicolas Lacourt, tout d'abord je voudrais tous vous remercier pour votre don et vos prières pour mon précédent traitement de radiothérapie à l'hôpital Fortis Memorial en Inde. La thérapie a été faite et nous sommes retournés à Maurice. Malheureusement, en raison de complications et de douleurs, nous sommes retournés d'urgence en Inde en août 2022. Cela m'a coûté 450 000 roupies que j'ai payées grâce à mes économies personnelles et à l'aide de ma famille et de mes amis. Après quelques tests, le médecin a trouvé de nouvelles légions dans les vertèbres L3 et le fémur gauche. Le médecin m'a conseillé de revenir en Inde pour un suivi et d'avoir une deuxième thérapie MIBG après 3 mois, faute d'argent, nous prévoyons de retourner en Inde le 31 janvier. Cela me coûtera environ Rs 500 000 pour tous les billets d'avion, la nourriture, l'hébergement, les tests et les traitements. Je suis à court de fonds et j'espère sincèrement que vous considérerez ma demande et me donnerez une réponse positive. J'ai besoin de votre aide et de vos prières pour continuer mon traitement. Merci en avance. Nicolas
  3. Need help for Hydrocephalus treatment abroad
    Need help for Hydrocephalus treatment abroad
    Seetaram Naib Adan Alvinio
    Hello everyone,   I am Seetaram Naib Adan Alvinio and I am 25 years old. I suffer from hydrocephalus since birth. I live with a Vp shunt in the brain.   I have done 5 surgeries till now but there is still liquid in my brain. After doing several tests and MRI, the doctor found that will have to do another surgery again as the shunt is partially blocked.   We sought for help from the government as the case has become more complicated but the board rejected our request this is clearly a medical negligence.   I went to a private clinic and the doctor has found that the shunt has been partially blocked and need to be changed.   I am having severe headaches and vomiting. The private doctor has found that an advanced MRI has to be done at Reunion Island in order to know the exact amount of fluid in the brain as they have more advanced technology. The cost for the test only is approximately Rs 100,000, which we have been able to collect from famillies and friends.   The shunt replacement surgery has to be done in England as the particular is not available in Mauritius and will cost approximately Rs 2 million.   Please help me in any way you can so that I can go for the surgery abroad and have a better life.   
  4. Help save Karan
    Help save Karan
    Vindoomutee Tohooloo
    /// ENGLISH VERSION /// Meeta Toholoo flew to India with her son Govind Avtaar Karan last month. He was recently operated on in a hospital in Manipal. The 22-year-old suffers from ‘complex congenital heart disease’. Govind Avtaar Karan Toholoo, since his birth, suffers from several health problems: heart, kidney, stomach and bladder malformations. Last month, Meeta Toholoo rushed to India for an emergency operation with her youngest child, who was losing consciousness regularly due to a heart problem.  Meeta did her best so that the surgery could be done as soon as possible. Her family was able to raise Rs 250,000 through public donations, but Rs 800,000 was missing. The hospital refused to proceed with the surgery as long as the payment of 2.2 million Indian rupees (Rs 1.1 million) was not made and a relative gave her this loan which she has to repay. The intervention went well and we were able to put a valve. This is the tenth operation that Govind Avtaar Karan has undergone. The first was when he was one day old. Her mother is asking for help to be able to finance the operation of his son.    /// FRENCH VERSION /// Meeta Toholoo est allée en Inde avec son fils Govind Avtaar Karan le mois dernier. Il a récemment été opéré dans un hôpital de Manipal. Le jeune homme de 22 ans souffre d'une "maladie cardiaque congénitale complexe". Govind Avtaar Karan Toholoo, depuis sa naissance, souffre de plusieurs problèmes de santé : malformations du cœur, des reins, de l'estomac et de la vessie. Le mois dernier, Meeta Toholoo s'est précipitée en Inde pour une opération d'urgence avec son plus jeune enfant, qui perdait régulièrement connaissance à cause d'un problème cardiaque. Meeta a fait de son mieux pour que l'opération puisse avoir lieu le plus tôt possible. Sa famille a pu récolter 250, 000 roupies par des dons publics, mais il manquait 800 000 roupies. L'hôpital a refusé de procéder à l'opération tant que le paiement de 2,2 millions de roupies indiennes (Rs 1,1 million) n'a pas été effectué et qu'un proche lui a accordé ce prêt qu'elle doit rembourser. L'intervention s'est bien déroulée et nous avons pu mettre une valve. C'est la dixième opération subie par Govind Avtaar Karan. Le premier était quand il avait un jour. Sa mère demande de l'aide pour pouvoir financer l'opération de son fils.
  5. Looking for Partners
    Looking for Partners
    Caffrine Délices Team c/o Mrs Précilla Permall
    Since November 2022 we have been raising funds to help Caffrine Délices ( a group of 4 women - Précilla, Francine, Dorothy, and Thessa) get a food outlet at the Food Avenue found at Coeur de Ville Tamarin Mall - Super U Caffrine Délices is there since 1st.December and is gradually making itself known to the public. We would like to thank all those who contributed to support the project. We have been able to get the following equipment through funds raised and the sales of our products: 1. Small Fridge 2. Electric "Bain Marie" devices  - on credit by installments 3. Professional Kitchen Hood - on credit by installments 4. Extractor - on credit by installments 5. Signage at our outlet Yet we still need support to purchase the following which we cannot afford with our actual sales - (not much left after paying the installments and other expenses) 1. Gas Rice Cooker  2. Oven 3. Professional Kitchen utensils 4. Part payments for our kitchen hood, extractor & electric "bain marie" devices 5. Cash Register Your continuous support is most welcome. Thank you!            
  6. Faire un don pour que Niguel puisse continuer ses traitements en Inde
    Faire un don pour que Niguel puisse continuer ses traitements en Inde
    Solidarité Mauriciens d'Ailleurs
    ---/// FRENCH ///---Bonjour, Nous sollicitons votre bienveillance, votre soutien et votre aide afin que la maman de Nigel puisse avoir un soulagement. Elle est une mère très courageuse qui depuis plus de 2 ans se bat pour la santé de son fils.  Nous comptons sur votre aide, merci pour votre générosité. eint de la maladie de Hirschprung - qui affecte le système digestif, Nigel a déjà subi 9 opérations. Il est actuellement sous traitement à l'unité cardiaque de l'hôpital SSRN mais doit se précipiter à nouveau en Inde pour une chirurgie cardiaque qui n'est pas disponible à Maurice. Ils ont aujourd'hui besoin d'aides financières, car le salaire de sa mère ne lui permettra pas d'obtenir un crédit additionel. Elle travail dans une école en tant que surveillante. Elle fait le va et le vient entre l'Inde et Maurice pour les soins de Nigel. Elle avait déjà eu l'aide de l'état la première fois. Sa mère s'est endettée jusqu'au cou pour la survie de Nigel.  Aidons-les à traverser cette épreuve! Les soins sont de plus en plus chers étant toute seule, ce n'est plus possible.  Nous comptons sur votre aide, merci pour votre générosité.---/// ENGLISH ///--- Hello, We are asking for your kindness, your support and your help so that Nigel's mother can have relief. She is a very courageous mother who for more than 2 years has been fighting for the health of her son. We count on your help, thank you for your generosity. Suffering from Hirschprung's disease - which affects the digestive system, Nigel has already undergone 9 operations. He is currently undergoing treatment at Cardiac Unit of SSRN Hospital but has to rush back to India for heart surgery which is not available in Mauritius. They now need financial assistance because her mother's salary will not allow her to obtain additional credit. She works in a school as a supervisor. She goes back and forth between India and Mauritius for Nigel's care. She had already had help from the state the first time. His mother went into debt up to her neck for Nigel's survival. Let's help them get through this ordeal! Care is more and more expensive being alone, it is no longer possible. We are counting on your help, thank you for your generosity.  
  7. Spine surgery
    Spine surgery
    Andrew Chan Kam Tak
    Je suis David, mais étant en fauteuil depuis 10 ans, déjà ayant une vie difficile car souffrant des douleurs affreuses dit neuropatique depuis l'opération, que j'ai subie dans un des hôpitaux publics qui c'est bien mal passé. c'est pourquoi j'ai choisi de le faire dans une clinique privée cette fois. J'ai deux opérations à faire pour ma colonne vertébrale qui vont me coûter très cher, environ Rs 2, 800, 000. C'est pour cela que je fais appel à votre gérosité afin que je puisse avoir une vie quasi normale et que j'arrête de dépendre des médicaments de plus 20 pilules par jour. La situation devient urgente.
  8. Need help for treatment expenses abroad
    Need help for treatment expenses abroad
    Hansha Teeluck
    My name is Avinash Teeluck. First of all I would like to thank you all for the contributions made to my previous campaign for the surgery of my broken leg treament in India and your prayers. The surgery was successfully done  and i had returned to Mauritius last June 2022. Unfortunately due to some complication i have to go to India again for another surgery.  Following my last check-up with Doctor in Mauritius  and after having consuling the Doctor who did my surgery in India, it was found on x-rays that the bone is growing in a curve direction. There is the urgency to go back to India for another  surgery which can only be done in India since in Mauritius we dont have such facilities for this type of treatment. This particulqr surgery is to put the growing bone right on track so that it should meet the bone at the next end and clear the gaps between the bones Ministry of health has referred my case to India for the said surgery with no further fundings. I am hereby making appeal to everybody whatever possible as per your means if you can help me out in this difficult situation so that i can finally stand on my feet. I am bed ridden since 2 years now. Please help me.
  9. Donate to save a life
    Donate to save a life
    Hanaa Jackson
    Danabarlen Gooroiah, aged 53, suffered from a stroke and underwent a brain surgery in Indonesia. He is stuck there and the medical costs are expensive. Danabarlen, from his nickname Navin, has always been a good person and soul to others. He is kind, helpful, loving and he lights up everywhere he goes with his contagious smile and laugh. Now, he is bedridden and cannot do anything. My family and myself, needs your help to save him. Please donate to save a life and help a good soul to have his way back home. We will be eternally grateful to everyone who can help him. Thank you all for your kind heart and generosity.
  10. Construction of dog shelter and feeding of stray dogs
    Construction of dog shelter and feeding of stray dogs
    Hello Everyone, I am Rashila, a teacher by profession. Daily, on my way back from work, I feed around 300 stray dogs who live in villages in the North of Mauritius. They are starving and they need food. Daily I need 30 kg pongo which cost Rs 2400, 1 bag of ration rice which cost Rs 270, Rs 300 of chicken necks, and Rs 700 for fuel used in travelling to feed. I have adopted 22 stray dogs at my place: handicapped, blind, dog which have been burnt when sugarcane field was set on fire, accidented dogs and gastro puppies. They don't have a proper place of shelter and they all sleep in my garage and during rainy seasons the garage is flooded.  The project aim is to build different kennels for different categories of dogs, to feed 300 Street dogs daily and sterilise the female strays which I feed and their puppies.
  11. Please donate to help us save our dad
    Please donate to help us save our dad
    Ayesha Vydelingum
    Hello everyone, I am Ayesha Vyedelingum and I am doing this crowdfunding for my dad, Kesavah Vyedelingum, who is 55 years old and is suffering from a liver abscess cause by Covid-19.He has small pus filled pouch in various part of his body. The abscess was caused by his blood getting infected (septicemia) and all those issues combined made his diabete get out of control at a rapid rate. It kept fluctuating constantly causing his heart rate to beat more than a 100 times in one minute(Tachycardia).  Due to the impact his body and immune system had to go through, he started losing sight  and now has completely lost sight in one eye and it is currently protruding and bleeding.  My dad is under the care of my brother and I and we unfortunately do not have an insurance to support us with his medical expenses.  We have been relying on our savings so far but not even two weeks in and the bill for the clinic keeps piling up to quite a big amount of money, which we unfortunately do not have in our possession. He requires a long stay in the clinic as per his medical certificate attached. The doctors did mention that the type of treatment he is on does require a bit of time to see an improvement.  Even now with proper treatment his life is still in danger, if we move him elsewhere once we are unable to afford the cost, his health will surely deteriorate. I don't think he will have a chance to survive if that happens.  We would be immensely grateful for any help we can get from you all. 
  12. Need donations for a child who is suffering from ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKAEMIA cancer.
    Need donations for a child who is suffering from ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKAEMIA cancer.
    Richemond Lafontan
    Hello  I am Richemond Lafontan , I have a nephew named Valentin Lafontan of 25 years old, he has a wife with 2 small kids. And he is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Valentin Lafontan  is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia since a longtime. I have been to India for the first time with Valentin Lafontan for one month as the Mauritius Government has helped us with an overseas grant of MUR 1 million for his treatment, and now, he have to go to India once again to transplant a spongy material found inside bones.(stem cell) We received a further grant of MUR 500, 000 from Rodrigues Island as he is of a nationality of Rodrigues. Valentin Lafontan had gone to India with the sum we received from Rodrigues but he could not begin his treatment when we got to know that his treatment is going to cost approximately MUR 2 million rupees and the MUR 500 000 rupees won't be enough. So he had to returned to Mauritius without doing any treatment. I Richemond Lafontan requested you all if you can do a small donation for my nephew Valentin Lafontan so that he can have his treatment as soon as possible. He can recover from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and continue his journey with his wife and children.
  13. Leve de fond pour un projet educatif
    Leve de fond pour un projet educatif
    Beatrice Riviere
    HELP US ! Donate for a good cause ‘A NOU VIVRE BIEN!’  is a project with the purpose of helping the Citizens of Mauritius to be more effective and productive in today’s busy world by creating positive changes in the society and by making mindful practice a part of life of Mauritians via an universal approach towards a healthy community. Vision Aim to promote and provide a toolkit for stress management and to prevent burnout and ensure a healthy lifestyle and a better living Be our clients' partner in the stress management associated with their activities.   Mission To empower people to be more focus and productive   To sensitize people on the risk of stress and create awareness to reduce stress and to prevent burnout To promote people’s wellbeing and fight against stress With these practices, one can actually experience immediate inspiration, learn how to deal with difficult people, manage change, and confront fears.  We are sure that if we can touch at least one person in each house with the program of ‘A NOU VIVRE BIEN!’  ‘ we can make magic.
  14. Please help for my son's Medical expenses
    Please help for my son's Medical expenses
    Ramesh Dhunnoo
    Hello Everyone, I am Ramesh Dhunnoo, father of Havishek Dhunnoo. We are from St Pierre, Verdun. I am doing this crowdfunding for the medical expenses of my son who met with a serious road accident last year at Riche Terre. He is 27 years old and he has already undergone three surgeries in Mauritius. He lost his knee during the accident and necessary treatment is to be done in India as advised by the Ministry of Health for a knee replacement which is very costly. A part of the sum needed for treatment has been granted by the Government of Mauritius, that is, Rs 800 000 and according to his treating Doctor it may amount up to nearly Rs 2 millions including his stay for post surgery treatments. We have been able to collect Rs 200,000 and we need Rs 1 million. This sum is beyond our means. After the 5th of December 2022, the patient will have to bear the expenses of his stay and treatment at his own costs. His probable date of return is so far unknown and is already facing financial difficulties. (Copy of Ministry of Health enclosed). This is why I am pleading help from the public to help me pay my son medical expenses. Any amount contributed and share will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. 
  15. Faites un don pour aider Megane Chapuiset
    Faites un don pour aider Megane Chapuiset
    Daisy Marie Claude Moorhye
    Megane Chapuiset, âgée de 32 ans, une maman d’un enfant de 7 ans est atteinte d’un problème neurologique (malformation artério-veineuse). Elle a déjà subi deux opérations en 2017 en Inde et elle doit passer par une troisième intervention pour compléter son traitement. Son médecin traitant à l’hôpital du Nord lui a ainsi recommandé de se tourner vers le même établissement en Inde ou elle avait subi ses premières interventions. Le Ministère de la Santé a accepté de financer une partie de l’intervention médicale à hauteur de 160,000 roupies mauriciennes. Nous recherchons ainsi un soutien financier pour couvrir l’ensemble de l’opération et les dépenses soit trois billets d’avion (elle sera accompagnée par son frère ainsi que par un médecin lors du trajet Maurice-Inde sous recommandation de son médecin traitant) et l’hébergement. Nous faisons appel à votre générosité sachant que chaque contribution, aussi petite soit-elle, sera importante pour nous. Merci d'avance pour votre considération.   Megane Chapuiset, 32, a mother of a 7-year-old child, has a neurological problem (arteriovenous malformation). She has already undergone two operations in 2017 in India and she must go through a third operation to complete her treatment. Her attending doctor at the SSRN Hospital therefore recommended that she turn to the same establishment in India where she had undergone her first operations. The Ministry of Health agreed to finance part of the medical intervention up to 160,000 Mauritian rupees. We are therefore looking for financial support to cover the entire operation and the expenses, i.e. three plane tickets (she will be accompanied by her brother as well as by a doctor during the Mauritius-India trip on the recommendation of her attending doctor) and accommodation. We appeal to your generosity knowing that every contribution, no matter how small, will be important to us. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  16. Donate to save the life of Marie Lia Tance
    Donate to save the life of Marie Lia Tance
    Darel Nicolas Tance
    Marie Pascaline Saramandine and her daughter Maria Lia Tance, will travel to Bangalore at 5:30 p.m. this Tuesday, October 4, to try to save the life of the 3-month-old, who suffers from heart problems. According to his father, Darel Nicolas Tance, it's been two weeks since the family learned from doctors that their second child had a heart condition.The infant is, then, hospitalized for eight days and underwent lots of tests. Test results showed punctures in her heart, a malformation called in medical jargon a “ventricular septal defect.” It results in an abnormal connection between the lower cavities of the heart. Cardiology specialists, then, recommend urgent surgery, because the baby's survival depends on it. A risky surgery, where the chances of success are 50%, always according to the child's father. The surgery is being financed by an overseas grant of Rs 800,000. However, they need additional Rs 100,000 for all of the accomodation expenses during their stay. An exorbitant amount for this father, who unfortunately does not have such an amount. 23-year-old Darel Nicolas Tance, the child's father is in a panic and doesn't know who to turn to. Thus, they are making an appeal to the generosity of the public to contribute to save the life of their baby.
  17. Green Roof Evolution
    Green Roof Evolution
    Elisa Antonino
    I am Antonino Elisa, 30 years old. I spent almost all my childhood in the city of Port-Louis, more precisely at Sainte-Croix and I am still there. When the first case of COVID-19 was declared in Mauritius, I had already started my roof garden and until today, I am still reaping the fruits. I could see that in the city of Port-louis, there is no much place to plant and that there is so much unused roof. I am working on the concept of reaching the maximum of roof gardens to reduce the pollution as we live in a busy city. I know so many people who do not have the means but who are eligible to have a roof garden. This is why I thought of doint this crowdfunding so that I could provide them with as much seed as possible so their the garden would then be self-sufficient. We know that a garden can bring in fifty times more than what you invest. I'm not talking in terms of money. Because currently I have some family who are interested and by 2023 I wish to achieve much more through this fundraising    
  18. Give a smile to a child this christmas
    Give a smile to a child this christmas
    Monad Charity
    Grâce à vous, noël dernier, les enfants ont pu découvrir casela et c'était magique. Les images de la vidéo parlent d'elles mêmes. Cette année, on voudraient les surprendre car ils seraient émerveillé de pouvoir voir un film au cinema. C'est pour cela que nous avons décidé d'organiser une autre sortie, pour une séance cinema 3D si possible, un déjeuner et dessert, ainsi que des activités, des cadeaux/matériels scolaires, des food packs de noel pour les familles.  Pour les enfants (30 enfants) des regions vulnérables de l'île, ce sera un Noël magique et pour y arriver, il suffit que chacun d'entre-nous apporte même une petite contribution. Il ne reste pas beaucoup de temps mais ce n'est pas impossible. Il suffit de participer et d'inviter notre entourage à participer. On sait que vous nous aiderez à réaliser ce rêve. Chaque enfant a le droit de vivre un instant de bonheur et de se souvenir avec un sourir de certaines parties de son enfance. Cette année-ci, participer à offrir une belle enfance à des enfants qui connaissent la misère au quotidien. À noter que les enfants seront accompagnés par des adultes pour assurer leur sécurité  Les fonds récoltés pourrons etre utilisés pour - Le transport aller-retour pour 30 enfants et des accompagnateurs (Rs 6000 approx) - La séance cinema (Rs 7,500 approx) - Un déjeuner, boisson et dessert  (Rs 6000 approx) - La distribution de cadeaux de Noël (qui aura lieu en plusieurs phases pour plus de 100 enfants, et même plus selon le nombre de cadeaux récoltés à travers les dons financiers et de jouets par les sociétés et individuels. (Environs rs 200/enfants pour le maximum d'enfants possible) Si 100 enfants de différente region = Rs 20,000 approx. - Matériels scolaires pour le maximum d'enfants selon les dons récoltés  (Environs rs200/enfants pour le maximum d'enfants possible) Si 100 enfants de différente région = Rs 20,000 approx - Un food pack spécial Noël (d'une valeur de rs1000 environ) pour la famille de chaque enfants (le nombre de food packs qui sera distribué dépendra du nombre de dons et de sponsors (Nous pensons à 30 minimum si possible) Si 30 enfants = Rs 30,000 approx  Si nous dépassons le chiffre espéré grace a vous/Sponsors, nous pourrons offrir des cadeaux, food packs spécial Noël, Matériels scolaires à plus d'enfants et pour notre projet d'encadrement des jeunes et enfants, car ca reste un travail a long terme. Si nous en recevons moins nous devrions réduire le nombre d'enfants ou de cadeaux/activités par exemple par rapport au don récoltés.  Le chiffre choisi pour cette campagne est inférieur au chiffres dont nous avons besoin pour faire tout ce qui a était cité plus haut car nous voulons rester raisonnable pour le temps limité qu'il nous reste et nous croyons que d'autres portes s'ouvriront en cas d'échec. Mais nous restons positif et croyons en votre générosité.  Dieu vous bénisse pour votre générosité et il vous le rendra au centuple ❤️
  19. Please donate to help Nouman for his Bone Marrow Transplant
    Please donate to help Nouman for his Bone Marrow Transplant
    Mohoboob Nushrat
    I am Mohoboob  Nushrat  , single mom of a 2 years old boy, Mohoboob Nouman Yahyah . I am raising funds for my son who has been diagnosed with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July 2022, a type of blood cancer.  He is currently  undergoing high dose  chemotherapy  in India. He already underwent 3 phases of chemotherapy  last year in 2021 for  about 9 months . He was on maintenance  treatment in Mauritius, but unfortunately  after 7 months his cancer came back again and this time  it's more aggressive  that's  why he has to undergo urgent  chemotherapy  followed  by a Bone Marrow  Transplant.  Last year we got an oversees  grant  from the Ministry of Health for the chemotherapy  treatment.  This time  for his chemotherapy  and Bone Marrow Transplant, the estimated cost is around 2.5 million Mauritian Rupees and we have able to collect around 1.6 million rupees and Rs 900,000 more is required for the medical expenses.  As the amount  required is huge , I request  you  all to kindly contribute  towards the treatment  and help us during this time of need.Each contribution  is important!Please help us  to raise  this amount. Thanking you all for your generosity and kindness.   
  20. Make a donation, Save a life
    Make a donation, Save a life
    Kevin Chummun
    Hello Everyone, First of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my previous crowdfunding ( Its all thanks to your prayers that im still fighting with Colon Cancer. I'm reaching out to you as I need your help for my treatment at the Aegle Cancer Hospital. Due to my condition, I had to have few blood transfusions as well. I have already had 1 cycle of Chemo but i need 5 more cycles. We are really low in finance and there're more chemotherapy sessions that I urgently need to complete. The clinic is helping us as much as they can but we still need to arrange for some funds. Please help me.Kevin
  21. Faire un don pour aider ma soeur Mevina Chellen
    Faire un don pour aider ma soeur Mevina Chellen
    Davina Chellen
    Hello everyone,  I am Davina and I am m reaching out to you on behalf of my sister Mevina chellen, 21 years old. She is a student of the University of Mascareignes. She struggled with craniopharyngioma (brain tumour) surgery in December 2020 in India. A recurrence tumor was recently discovered with no investigation or treatment availble locally. Thus she has to be rushed to India for further treatment. Right now she is in Chennai with my mother. She has to do a second surgery as they did not remove all the tumors in her head during her first surgery. She even lost one eyesight after her first surgery in Mumbai. The total cost of her treatment will cost approximately Rs 800,000 and we have been able to collect Rs 328,000 and we are in need of Rs 472,000. She needs your help, our family needs your help. Your donations can save her life. Any contributions will be gratefully received.Please we really need your prayers and contributions. Thank you on behalf of my sister Mevina and Chellen family 
  22. 100 Years of Football in Mauritius - Royal College Curepipe
    100 Years of Football in Mauritius - Royal College Curepipe
    SOS Patrimoine en Péril
    SOS Patrimoine en Péril “Save Our Heritage”’, a benevolent non-governmental organisation, engaged in the cause of preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Mauritius requests your support for a project at the Royal College Curepipe (RCC).  While RCC is designated as a National Heritage as per law, one lesser known fact is that the inaugural match for professional football in Mauritius was played at RCC some 100 years ago and it was one Mr. Charles Lamb, then Physical Education instructor at RCC, who promoted football and athletics in Mauritius.    The above-mentioned project has thus been conceived to observe this centennial event and give due recognition to Mr. Charles Lamb.  For this purpose, please read the hereby annexed project brief which describe the following projects / activities: (a) Naming the football ground after Charles Lamb by the setting up an entrance signage and a memorial plaque (includes purchase of vintage photos of the playground); Rs100,000 - 125,000 (b) A seven-a-side Football tournament by the name of the “Charles Lamb Cup”; Rs 75,000 (c) Issue of a Special Commemorative Cover to mark this event; Rs40,000 (d) Photo exhibition related to the history of football; Rs 10,000   Kindly note that the official approval of the school administration of RCC has been obtained for this project.  The funs will be deposited in the bank account of ‘SOS Patrimoine en Péril “Save Our Heritage”’ and the expenses will be regularly communicated to the administration of RCC.  
  23. Donate to help Khalisah in her battle for health
    Donate to help Khalisah in her battle for health
    Zainabee Emamally
    Hello everyone, I am the mother of a little princess warrior, Khalisah Noor-Al-Hayah Emamally, aged 4 years old. My daughter is a meningitis survivor with squeals such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy and hydrocephalus. Since the past 5 months (April 2022), she has been fighting with her fits and her immune system is failing. During one month's time, she is having several hospitalisation. As her immune system is low, we cannot admit her in our local hospital as she needs special care. Hence, she is being treated at the Apollo Wellkin Hospital. We are in need of financial help as she is requiring a lot of hospitalisation and medical tests. We need Rs 150,000 to pay her hospital bills. She has a medical insurance but her epilepsy it is not covered as, In mauritius. epilepsy is considered as a physciatric disorder. She is still admitted and the bill is continuously increasing. We will be very grateful for your Financial support and prayers. Please share with all your families and friends.
  24. Faire un don pour aider Wendy à lutter contre le cancer du col
    Faire un don pour aider Wendy à lutter contre le cancer du col
    Netta Marie Wendy Christelle
    FRENCHMarie Wendy Christelle NETTA  âgée de 33 ans, une maman de deux enfants est atteinte d'un cancer du col de l'utérus.  Elle l'a appris il y a que deux semaines.  Le médecin de l'hôpital lui a conseillé de se diriger vers un établissement privé pour que les soins soient pris en charge rapidement, car à l'hôpital le temps d'attente était de plus de 3 semaines pour qu'elle soit vue par un médecin spécialisé.   Par la suite, elle a dû commencer la chimiothérapie rapidement afin de stopper la propagation.  Elle aura plus de 6 séances de chimiothérapie à réaliser pour le moment, une séance d'un montant de Rs 30,000 et une injection pour les globules à Rs 4,700.  Elle a réalisé également un PEP scanner pour voir l'évolution qui coute Rs 30,000 et un contrôle sera à faire après les 5 séances de chimiothérapie.   Prise de court par cette décision soudaine, pour sauver Wendy, nous faisons appel à votre générosité et soutien à travers vos dons pour qu'elle puisse avoir les traitements nécessaires. Merci d'avance de votre bienveillance.   ENGLISH Marie Wendy Christelle NETTA aged 33 years old, is a mother of two children and she has been diagno with a cervical cancer two weeks ago.   At the local hospital, the doctor advised her to go to a private establishment to have quicker care services, because at the local hospital, the waiting time will be more than 3 weeks for her to be seen by a specialist doctor. Subsequently, she had to start chemotherapy quickly in order to stop the spread.  She needs to do more than 5 chemotherapy sessions to do at the moment, and the cost for one session is Rs 30,000 and an injection for blood cells is Rs 4,700. She will have also to carry out a PEP scanner to see the evolution which costs Rs 30,000. Taken aback by this sudden decision, to save Wendy, we appeal to your generosity and support through your donations so that she can have the necessary treatments. Thank you in advance for your kindness. God bless all of you.
  25. Contribute for Jeeyanshi's treatment
    Contribute for Jeeyanshi's treatment
    Deepah Oukar Udhin
    Hello Everyone, I am Deepah, the Mother of Jeeyanshi and we are from Curepipe. My baby, Jeeyanshi, 2 months old, has been diagnosed with TGA (Transposition of Great Arteries) since her birth. This disease is very rare and the treatment for same is not available in Maurtius. We were sent to India when the baby was only 6 days old and she had her surgery on the 28th of July 2022. She stayed in a life support machine ECMO for eight days which cost a lot. She was then put under ventilation for more than 3 weeks. Now her health condtion is a bit more stable. She is being treated at the Apollo Children's hostpital in Chennai. We came to India on 24th June 2022 and we were financed by a Governement Grant of Rs 800,000. Its been more than 2 months that we are here and our bill amounts to Rs 1,800,000. I am making an appeal to the public to please help me save my daughter's life. The supporting documents are attached in the documents section. She needs your precious help to continue her treatments. Please pray and donate for Jeeyanshi. Any amount of contribution is much appreciated.  
  26. Please help Iris for her treatment in Reunion Island
    Please help Iris for her treatment in Reunion Island
    Joanie Nicole
    -// ENGLISH //- Hello, I am Joanie, the mother of Iris Surfoodden, aged 4 years old. She has Eczema since she was 2 months old. She is following her treatments at the Flacq hospital. She usually has skin rashes which causes liquids to emerge from her hands and feet and it smell bad, which leads to further infection. She is 4 years now and the issue is that the doctors see her only at her appointment date. They give her creams to relieve the itches only. After many visits at the hospital and private doctors, my daughter is still suffering a lot. Thanks to our previous crowdfunding (), we were able to do an allergy test when we found that she had a severe allergy. I am doing this crowdunding for my daughter, so that she can have a better treatment with a skin specialst at Reunion Island. I want my daughter to have a better life as all other kids of her age. She is often absent from school since her face burns and her hands and feet get itchy bumps filled with liquids. Please help me ease the pain of my daughter, each contribution and share counts a lot. -// FRENCH //- Bonjour, je suis Joanie, la maman d'Iris Surfoodden, âgée de 4 ans. Elle souffre d'eczéma depuis l'âge de 2 mois. Elle suit ses traitements à l'hôpital de Flacq. Elle a généralement des éruptions cutanées qui font sortir des liquides de ses mains et de ses pieds et ça sent mauvais, ce qui entraîne une infection supplémentaire. Elle a 4 ans maintenant et le problème est que les médecins ne la voient qu'à la date de son rendez-vous. Ils lui donnent des crèmes pour soulager les démangeaisons seulement. Après de nombreuses visites à l'hôpital et chez des médecins privés, ma fille souffre toujours beaucoup. Grâce à notre crowdfunding précédent (), nous avons pu faire un test d'allergie lorsque nous avons constaté qu'elle avait une allergie sévère. Je fais ce crowdunding pour ma fille, afin qu'elle puisse avoir un meilleur traitement avec un spécialiste de la peau à la Réunion. Je veux que ma fille ait une vie meilleure comme tous les autres enfants de son âge. . Elle est souvent absente de l'école car son visage brûle et ses mains et ses pieds ont des bosses remplies de liquides qui la démangent. S'il vous plaît, aidez-moi à soulager la douleur de ma fille, chaque contribution et partage compte beaucoup.  
  27. Mobile Sterilization Clinic (BUS)
    Mobile Sterilization Clinic (BUS)
    Steriliz Ou Zanimo - Manon Luigi
    STERILIZ OU ZANIMO  Steriliz Ou Zanimo est une association qui a pour but de SENSIBILISATION à la stérilisation des animaux à Maurice. Crée en mars 2021 cette campagne de sensibilisation a commencé sur les réseaux sociaux, aujourd'hui le comité comprend 11 personnes, l'association est officiellement enregistrée auprès du Registrar Of Associations.  Le but final est de réduire considérablement le nombre d'animaux errants et ainsi réduire la maltraitance animale. Il n'y a qu'une solution éthique à cela c'est la stérilisation. Ce projet est né d'une envie d'apporter un changement sur le long terme, jamais ce type de campagne de sensibilisation n'a été faite à l'échelle nationale. ----------------------------------- Nouveau projet ! New Project ! -------------------------------------------- Après le succès de notre dernière récolte de fond qui nous a permis de mener à bien notre campagne de sensibilisation, nous lançons aujourd’hui un crowdfund pour notre nouveau projet = une clinique vétérinaire de stérilisation mobile ! Pour cela nous avons besoin de votre aide pour acheter et transformer un ancien bus en clinique vétérinaire. Ce bus se déplacera sur toute l’ile pour plus de stérilisations. Aidez nous à aider les animaux à Maurice !   After the success of our last fundraising, which enabled us to carry out our awareness campaign, today we are launching a crowdfund for our new project= a mobile sterilization clinic! We need your help to buy and transform an old bus into a veterinary clinic. This bus will travel all over the island for sterilizations. Please help us help the animals in Mauritius!   Apre nou dernie sikse pou rekolt-de-fon ki finn permet nou bien organiz nou kanpagn  sansibilizasion, zordi nou pe lans enn crownfund pou nou proze = enn klinik veteriner mobil pou sterilizasion ! Pou resi mont sa, nou bizin zot led pou aste enn vie bis ek transform li an klinik veteriner. Bis-la pou fer letour dan lil pou fer sterilizasion. Ed nou pou ed bann zanimo dan Moris!
  28. Help us build the Mobile App
    Help us build the Mobile App
    Anou Alaprann Ltd was created to foster equal opportunities in education for all schoolchildren of Mauritius. The platform is here to complement the education system of the island by giving access to quality and innovative content to its users, for a fraction of the price paid for private tuitions.  Also, we believe every child shoud get access to education which is why our service will be free of charge for disadvantaged children of Mauritius (who are part of NGOs or on the Social Register of Mauritius). Following the launch of the first free live past paper sessions on social media in Mauritius, we launched our platform free-of-charge for O-Level students and have already enrolled +1000 students. We are very grateful for the response and the support received by our community.  While analysing the data we noticed that more than 80% of our users are accessing the platform through their mobile phones.  This is the reason why we are launching a crowdfund campaign. The funds would allow us to provide a better service and more convenient access for the present and future users  of our platform. Furthermore, it would facilitate our social initative of free access to our services for disadvantaged children through our work with NGOs. Having a mobile app would also make possible our other initiative which is the transmission of important values which can promote moral & ethical values, respect, environmentalism, courage and diligence.  While the maximum amount we can raise will only cover 41% of the cost for a mobile app, it would be a first step towards a system which promote inclusivity and a better future for the next generation of the country.  We encourage you to go to our website and check out our work so far:
  29. Medical aid for surgery abroad
    Medical aid for surgery abroad
    Nazimah Boodhoo
    Hello, I am Mrs Boodhoo Nazimah wife of Mr Sheik Ilshad Boodhoo. I am actually raising fund for a surgery which will be done in India (Bangalore). Ilshad is the father of  3 daughters and is requiring a revision of his first spine surgery (details found in attached documents). Since his first surgery he was fine and could resume his basic daily activities and could work again but since last month he has been through a delicate situation and is unable to perform the above. He has been advised by his  treating doctor  in India to urgently come for the revision of his last surgery which will cost 19,500 USD (Approximately MUR 900,000) including the plating. I am desperately counting on the help of all benevolent and volunteers to help me raise the sum of money as I am actually the sole bread winner of the house and unable to reach the cost. I have approached certain institutions which are willing to help me financially by providing 50% of the total cost cost and I have to find the remaining 50% by myself. Attached are relevant documents. Thanking you all for your generous contributions. Each contribution and share will count a lot.
  30. Une maison partie en fumée, aidons Madame Uranie
    Une maison partie en fumée, aidons Madame Uranie
    Vanessa Nagapillay
    Bonjour les amis, Mo appel Vanessa, mo ene des administrater du groupe Solidarité Mauriciens d'ailleurs. Zot kpav retrouve nou ici : Nou in recevoir ene demande d'aide et mo permet moi ecrire zot de la part de Madame Stéphanie Uranie ki fine victime d'une tragédie le 11 mai kot so lakaz in briller complètement ek line perdi tou so bane zafer. Zordi so demande c'est de pouvoir recolter ene fond pou ki li kpav reconstruire ene ti lakaz, pas ene grand zafer mais un toit kot li ek so fami kpav retrouve ene sense à la vie et senti zot en sécurité. Ene coin kot zot kpav recommence à zero. Li pa facil pou n'importe kisana de perdre sa maison. Si to senti to kpav apporte ene ti l'aide pou aide Madame Uranie ek so 3 tifis, pa hesiter, clique lor lien pou donne ene ti contribution. Seki to kpav. Mo less zot ecoute so video kot li p expliké kine arriver sa zour tragique la ainsi que les documents appropriés. Merci encore une fois pour zot aide et Bondié Beni zot.
  31. Donate to help my son with autism
    Donate to help my son with autism
    Emilie anseline
    Hello everyone, I am Emilie Anseline. I am 28 years old and I am a single mom of 2 kids, my son 7 years old and my daughter 4 years old.My son, Raphael, has been diagnosed with mild autism at SEDAM. He is also hyperactive. He usually falls in school I have to rush anytime to fetch him. He needs therapy which costs Rs 1,000 per session. He need occupational and other therapy for his motor skill.  He is very intelligent but cannot go to special needs school due to lack of funds.I am doing this fundraising for my son as I have lost my job as a lab technician due to Covid. I work as maid in my locality to be able to provide for my kids. I am still waiting for an answer from the government for his therapy which I applied since last February. So I am asking for a financial help from the public till I get a better job, so that Raphael can get better treatment and recover. am asking for a small help. Just to be able to keep up till i get a job. I have uploaded his medical cetificate as proof. Grateful for any amount contributed to help my kid, thanking you from all my heart.
  32. Crowdfund for MOMIX #SoutenirLamizik
    Crowdfund for MOMIX #SoutenirLamizik
    #SoutenirLamizik La quatrième édition de ce premier marché de musique sur le territoire mauricien accueillera des artistes et des acteurs culturels, locaux et internationaux, afin de créer un réseau d’échanges sur les meilleures pratiques pour atteindre ses objectifs dans les domaines respectifs de cette industrie. Des conférences, showcases et ateliers accompagneront les tenants de cet événement culturel qui est dans la promotion d’une vision optimiste de l’industrie de la musique. Ce marché de musique, ainsi que tous ses conférences, ateliers pro et showcases sont entièrement gratuits ! C'est pour cette raiosn que nous comptons sur la générosité de sponsors et de mécènes.  Malheuresement, cette année, nous n'avons pu avoir que 25% de notre budget de 5 Million. Toutefois, nous voulons avancer, POUR LA MUSIQUE !  Merci de votre générosité et pour votre don qui aide à soutenir ce projet.
  33. Solidarité pour Joanne
    Solidarité pour Joanne
    Marie Joanne CERVEAUX
    FRENCHMarie Joanne Cerveau âgée de 44 ans lutte contre un myélome multiple depuis l'année derniére grâce à des séances de chimio. Ce cancer peu connue, est une maladie de la moelle osseuse, suite à une accumulation anormale d'un type de globule blancs, les plasmocytes. Après presqu'une année de chimiothérapie, son médecin a conclu que pour sauver Joanne, il faudrait aller en Inde pour d'autres traitements plus pointus. Pris de cour par cette décision, pour sauver Joanne, nous faisons appel à votre générosité et soutien à travers vos dons pour qu'elle puisse avoir les traitements nécessaire en Inde. Merci d'avance de votre bienveillance. ENGLISH Marie Joanne Cerveau, 44, has been battling multiple myeloma since last year thanks to chemo sessions. This little-known cancer is a disease of the bone marrow, following an abnormal accumulation of a type of white blood cell, plasma cells. After almost a year of chemotherapy, her doctor has concluded that saving Joanne will require going to India for further treatments. Taken aback by this decision, to save Joanne, we appeal to your generosity and support through your donations so that she can have the necessary treatment in India. Thank you in advance for your kindness.
  34. Need urgent help for medical expenses after road accident
    Need urgent help for medical expenses after road accident
    Hansha Teeluck
    My name is Avinash Teeluck and I am actually in India for treatment of my right leg (broken bones with no flesh). I was admitted at Jeetoo Hospital and after more than one year of treatment, the decision was made to send me to India since my operations could not be done in Mauritius. Arriving to India this year 2022, after the first operation I got infection on my bone two times. The treatment was postponed for recovery from the infection each time. All governemnt's fund was already used during these surgeries (infections) and with the help and support of my family I was able to pay the remaining balance due and part of the cost for further treatment (skin flap by plastic surgeon) I have now undergone operation for the broken bone (Ilizarow treatment) which is costing me more than Rs 600,000 with additional expenses for stays and accomodations in India. Myself and family, we are making an appeal to you to help us raise funds so we can cover the cost of treatment. We would be forever grateful if you could donate any amount suitable for you to help us to complete my treatment in India. We thank you for your kind help and prayers. Please see attached all necessary supporting documents in the documents section.
  35. Abroad Treatment for Nimla Bhuruth Baboolall
    Abroad Treatment for Nimla Bhuruth Baboolall
    Bhuruth Leckram
    I am Leckram Bhuruth. I am doing this crowdfunding on behalf of my sister, Nimla Baboolall (maiden name: Bhuruth), aged 44 years old, who is currently following treatment for Pancytopenia in Apollo Hospital, Mumbai, India, as recommended  by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. We obtained an overseas grant of Rs 1 Million from the governement of Mauritius but the treatment of my sister, Nimla Baboolall, is still going on and will last for a further two and a half months and the estimated cost is around 2.4 million mauritian rupees, and we need additional Rs 1.4 million, which is very far from our finance ability. The medical services, investigations, room rent, bone marrow tests, consultations, medical administrations, use of equipments, operation theatre consumables, pharmacy and the ATG therapy (treatment advised) will cost around 2.4 million mauritian rupees. We have already obtained the public collection permit for funds raising purposes for the treatment of my sister, but the sum of money to be collected is far from being reached. I am humbly making a request if you could help us in collecting the funds required for the treatment of my sister, please. I rely on the help and support of each and everyone so that necessary fund could be gathered for the treatment of my sister. Thanking you all in adavance for your generosity and kindness.
  36. Please Donate to help Elizée with his leukemia treatment
    Please Donate to help Elizée with his leukemia treatment
    Joyce Christophe
    Mon fils Élizée Mathice Christophe a 7 ans et a  été diagnostiqué avec une leucémie. Il doit se rendre en urgence en Inde ce samedi 27 août 2022 pour suivre son traitement. C'est une tournure des événements inattendue, à laquelle nous n'étions pas préparés. Le Ministère de la Santé a accepté de financer le traitement médical! Cependant, le traitement durera un mois et nous recherchons donc un soutien financier pour couvrir les dépenses supplémentaires de deux membres de la famille proche devant accompagner avec Elizée pendant ce temps en Inde. Notre famille fait appel à votre générosité et à votre soutien pendant cette période difficile. Merci d'avance pour votre gentillesse ! La famille Christophe __________________________________________________________________ My son Élizée Mathice Christophe is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with leukemia. He is scheduled to go to India urgently this coming Saturday, the 27th of August 2022 for treatment. This was an unexpected turn of events for our family that we were not prepared for. The Ministry of Health are kindly sponsoring the immediate medical treatment. However, this will last for 1 month and we are therefore seeking for some financial support to go towards the supplementary expenses for two close family members to be in India with Elizée during this time. Our family appeals to your generosity and support during this challenging time. Thank you in advance for your kindness! The Christophe family
    Link to Life, The Cancer Support Centre
          Cancer Charity Walk –  AN 8-DAY CHALLENGE Link to Life, The Cancer Support Centre, is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was founded in 2002 in Mauritius, offering unwavering support to people suffering from any type of cancer. In Mauritius, cancer is the third leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Link to Life helps Mauritians on a daily basis to fight cancer through its various therapeutic and psychological services, as well as information and prevention campaigns organized across the island. To raise funds to fight against cancer and awareness of this scourge, Link to Life and a couple of inveterate walkers, Ruby and Dave, are organizing a charity walk around Mauritius from 19 to 26 August, 2022. The Cancer Charity Walk is an 8-day challenge which aims to help cancer patients (adults) to benefit from the free transport service provided by Link to Life so that they can continue and complete their cancer treatment in hospital seamlessly. Mauritians will be able to follow the cancer charity walk on social and other media platforms which will be covering this event. Please donate on the platform to support us in this honourable and humanitarian venture. For more detailed information: Call us on 686 0666 / 5968 1416 and stay connected on our social networks. Web:;      Who are Ruby and Dave? Ruby, of Mauritian origin (from Surinam), and Dave, of English origin (from Sheffield), have been living and working in Spain for over 30 years. Both are sports addicts: running marathons, hiking, climbing mountains and brisk walking; they have participated in various sporting activities recognized worldwide. Purpose of this walk? Ruby and Dave were marked by the death of their mothers, one from colon cancer and the other from stomach cancer, respectively. They decided to help the NGO Link to Life, The Cancer Support Centre, because of its representing a cause with which they identify. They aim to help cancer patients, especially those who have difficulty making ends meet to undergo their treatment in hospital. Why did they choose Link to Life? Ruby and Dave were impressed by the noble fight that Link to Life has been engaged in since 2002. The couple are willing to go the extra mile to help to raise funds for cancer patients through this Cancer Charity Walk.  
  38. Help for surgery in India again
    Help for surgery in India again
    Nusrath Karrimbuccus Doomun
    Hi, I am Nusrath Karrimbuccus Doomun. First of all I would like to thank you all for your donation and prayers for my previous campaign for my surgeries done in Jab/Feb 2022. The surgery was successfully done and I returned back to Mauritius on the 24th of February 2022. Unfortunately due to some complications which followed, I had to return to India urgently. I want to point out that I did an illizarove surgery which is a ring shaped fixator which normally helps in lengthening of my right limb which was shortened by 7cm and which got deformed (equinus and dootdrop), which normally would have allowed me to walk back even with the help of a crutch. In March, a hole appeared with pus discharge at a pin site which test result's was pseudomonas aaruginosa, with my bone growing in a curve direction, and in April the situation worsened with more acute pain and an additional bacteria (staph haemolyticus). All these 3 conditions represented a real danger of losing the limb or even death through a heart attack which normally happens due to these 2 bacterias present in my leg. On the 19th May I came back to a India and I went through my first surgery on the 1st of June. Dear friends, I'll need ur help, donations and prayers to continue and complete my treatment. Unfortunately I had to travel in business due to my limb situation which have cost a lot. My  flight, my first surgery, follow ups, medicines, tests, stay and food have cost me around Rs475000(MRU) . And according to my Indian treating doctors I'll be required to stay a bit longer (can be 4-5 months more), with 2 major surgeries and follow ups (test,, medicines) which will cost over 6000usd excluding my stay and food in India. I know that we are going already through hard moments, but still I beg you all to help me through whatever amount you can donate to help me complete my treatment with no need to go back to India again and getting back my mobility with God's wish and blessings. I have 2 kids, am a mother, a teacher and a human being. With your help I can perform my duties towards my family, do justice to my job and attain my independency. Please help me dear friends. 
  39. Physiotherapy and other medical expenses
    Physiotherapy and other medical expenses
    Je m'appelle Guylaine Louis et j'habite la region de Port Louis. J'ai une fille de 9 ans qui s'appelle Felicia, elle ne peux pas marcher ni parler car elle a L'hydrocéphalie depuis l'âge de 3 ans. Cette maladie est une accumulation de liquide dans le cerveau. J'ai besoin d'aide financière à propos des frais de ses physiothérapies hebdomadaires pour maintenir son poids, ses couches et son alimentation dont du lait spécial car elle est très en surpoids par rapport à son âge et pour pouvoir la conduire à ses rendez-vous médicaux car les dépenses pour elle est au dessus de mes moyens. Je ne peux pas prendre un travail à temps plein car je dois m'occuper d'elle.   J'apprécierais tout montant que vous pourriez donner pour aider ma fille, merci beaucoup.
  40. The Blue Economy Education Project
    The Blue Economy Education Project
    Marie Stephania Perrine
    Marine ecosystems are important sources of livelihoods, economic revenue and ecosystem services for Rodrigues. The island has the largest fringing reef of the Indian Ocean with a wide shallow lagoon covering 240 km2. However, there is a gap pertaining to the Blue Economy education. It is therefore important to teach young people about the relationship between marine ecosystems and its opportunities for their future.   The programme aims at equipping four specific target groups: primary school students, high school students, young and senior professionals (fisheries communities), with knowledge and skills to become engaged, productive and successful in investing in Rodrigues Blue Future and economy through sensibilisation programs at schools and workshops. With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, Goal 14 states that oceans are key drivers of sustainable economic growth. The conceptualisation of ‘blue economy’ emerged and demonstrated practical strategies to ensure that economic activities do not compromise the long-term capacity of ocean ecosystems to support related activities, remain resilient and healthy.   We are a group of young graduates who after their postgraduate studies have had some difficulties to find a job in their fields of expertise. Instead of letting our talents go to waste, we have decided to make use it to create positive changes in our society. We invite you to support us in this initiative to empower our youngsters and fishermen and create the change we want to see.  
  41. Donate to save the life of my 3 months old Baby
    Donate to save the life of my 3 months old Baby
    Zeenat Jeetoo
    We are the Ameerkhan family from the north of Mauritius. We are doing a fundraising for our daughter Ayesha Ameerkhan who is 3 months old. She is suffering from severe congenital neurological disease. The local doctors are unable to help her and suggest that she needs to do more advanced and medical analysis abroad. Then the doctors in India will advise on the way forward for her treatments. Please see attached her medical reports. We managed to collect some funds from our personal savings and famillies and friends but some funds are still needed for her medical examinations, hospital stays and accomodations. I already lost a child in the past please help me save this one. She is everything I have. Your donations of any amount to help save my baby would be much appreciated.    
  42. Sutenir Lavwa Linite par Linzy Bacbotte
    Sutenir Lavwa Linite par Linzy Bacbotte
    Linzy Bacbotte
    The project   Lavwa Linite is the cover of Stand up, the song of the movie Harriete, an American biographical film on the abolitionist Harriet Tubman.It's the journey of a woman standing up for her people while risking her own life to achieve freedom and real change. It’s the story of a hero.  Celebrating my 35th year of career in the music industry I felt a voice calling me to unite people, to remind them that something else is possible, and that something else is hope, hope for a better country, a better life for us and that starts with us acting for change to happen. It is so important for us to have faith, to stay strong and to do what we have to do to progress. I want this song, Lavwa Linite, to be a hymn of unity and a reminder that we can all be the change and that change is more powerful when we are united. I translated the lyrics in Mauritian creole withSolena Jade Williams, my daughter who also sings the cover with me. Singing with her is like a transition, after 35 years of career, she is also part of my legacy. What is the video clip about?  Honestly, it’s about doing something I have never dared to do before. I have stepped out of my comfort zone during this shooting to make this clip powerful. Rebirth and patriotism are the two main elements of this video clip.  It shows me in my cocoon, pre destined to stand up despite the challenges for my country and for my children, and how each generation is meant to bring something to this world. There is a strong presence of the different elements of nature and the parts with my children make me very proud and aware of how beautiful the legacy that I am leaving, is. I think that this video clip truly honors Mauritius, Harriet Tubman and the local artists who contributed to it.  I am proud of it and that's why it is so important that we are able to put it out there. You can already discover some of the songs I performed during my 35 years of career : Mootia - Elijah & Linzy Bacbotte Fam exanpler - Linzy Bacbotte & Mauravann Kouler Natirel - Linzy Bacbotte Sa Santiman I For - Linzy Bacbotte - Official Music Video La Rivier Tanier - Linzy Bacbotte   How can you help?   You can donate on and get rewarded according to the level of donation :      Rs 150  : Digital Song mp3. Rs 500 : Digital song + Name credited at the end of the video. Rs 1000 :  Digital song + Name credited at the end of the video + autographed Gospel CD.   What is crowdfunding for? Song creation : Studio recording  Mixing / Mastering Remuneration of musicians Video clip :  Remuneration of video crew Remuneration of dansers Makeup  Styling Food and beverages Transport    If we exceed the target, the funds raised will be used to develop future projects.   We are planning for a release of the music on the 29th of June, on Solena’s 18th birthday depending on the crowdfunding results. It would be a beautiful birthday gift from a mother to her daughter.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support! Linzy Bacbotte     
  43. Help raise fund for Baby Jazeel, 9 months old, for his heart operation in India
    Help raise fund for Baby Jazeel, 9 months old, for his heart operation in India
    Shamira Aliraja
    We are the Kassim family from the south of Mauritius. Our son Jazeel, 9 months old was diagnosed with a Complex Congenital Heart Disease since his birth. This was an emergency case and we had to travel for India for advanced medical treatment 2 weeks after his birth, where he underwent his 1st surgery which costed Rs 1.6M. We received financial support from the overseas grant and the remaining balance from families and friends. He currently has a hole in his heart which makes him very vulnerable. The hole increases the amount of blood that flows through the lungs and over time, it may cause damage to the blood vessels in the lungs. However as he was very little, the doctors told us that he will need several interventions before getting better. After a successful first intervention, our baby got released from Apollo Hospital on the 14th October 2021 and has been on observation in Mauritius ever since. Experts from Apollo hospital recently examined our baby on the 24th May 2022 in Mauritius and we were told that he will need another intervention (GLENN surgery) in the next 2 months. We were given a proforma invoice to prepare for the expenses of the surgery which will cost approximately Rs. 800,000. We are making an appeal to you to help us raise funds so we can travel to India for baby Jazeel. We would be forever grateful if you could donate any amount suitable for you to help us for his operation. We really wish to see him get better and grow up without all these complications. We thank you for your kind help.
  44. Save lives Spay & Neuter your pets (July - August 22)
    Save lives Spay & Neuter your pets (July - August 22)
    Abeenesh Mottay
    Abeenesh Mottay is an animal lover, passionate about the stray animal cause in Mauritius. For 9 years now he has been devoted to solving the issue of proliferation of stray animals population across the island, which is becoming more and more of an alarming situation. The main focus of his project is to rescue, sterilize, raise awareness on importance of sterilization and ensure adoption of any stray animals in need. With the constant support of Abeenesh as head figure and the help of his friends or any volunteers who may be interested to offer assistance,an approximate number of 5,000 stray animals have been rescued. With the collaboration of a benevolant veterinarian, Abeenesh ahd his team have organised two sterilization campaigns and is planning its third one for the month of August. More than a 100 pets have been sterilized during those campaigns in a safe and clean environment with the help of this competent veterinarian and your generous donations. The aim is to to help raise awareness on the importance of sterilization and to assist as many pet owners or stray animals as possible.  Please donate and help us to save the precious lives of as many stray animals as possible accross the island!
  45. My battle for health
    My battle for health
    Avinash Imrit
    To anyone reading this, you may have come across my previous fund raising projects that I, Imrit Avinash, 33 years old from Curepipe, have created in the past year. My previous fund raising campaigns helped me immensely to undergo 5 surgeries both in Mauritius (2) and India (2 major + 1 minor) and for that, I am very grateful for your generous help. You have helped me immensely to ease my horrendous pain that I had in my abdomen. However, the fight is still ongoing. I have 2 months bed rest until I have to go back to India to complete the last surgery. So far, I'm living on survival mode with no job and having to stay in bed most of the time and only eat light food. I come to you today, yet again, to ask for your help to finally end this last step in the surgery, with the hope that there are no further complications. The goal of this fund raising is to accumulate enough money to cover for medical fees, for 2 flight tickets (patient and attendant), guest house for 3-4 weeks as main expenses. I come with open arms and ask you to help me fight this battle and get out of this bad phase as a healthy man who can live his life again. Sincerely yours, Avinash Imrit
  46. Need financial help after fire destroyed everything
    Need financial help after fire destroyed everything
    Rajay Mohabeer
    Hello Everyone, I am Rajay Mohabeer from Ecroignard and I am a father of two children. I am an aluminium carpenter by profession. I am raising funds for my family as I have lost everything in a fire that broke out at my place last Friday 13th May 2022. We have lost everything to the fire that ravaged from the floor to the ceiling of the house. It has also destroyed my workshop that contained all my assets and equipments that I used to work with to feed my family as I'm the breadwinner. My children's stationery and technical equipments are also burnt. Please find attached reports in the documents section from the Fire station and police station certifying that the loss estimated is approximately Rs 1,000,000.  I'm making an appeal to the public for a donation (of any amount) as our house and belongings have been turned into ashes Thank you all for your cooperation.
  47. Kevin 38 yrs old - Colon Cancer Surgery
    Kevin 38 yrs old - Colon Cancer Surgery
    Kevin Chummun
    Hi, my name is Doojhen Kevin Chummun. I'm 38 yrs old. I've been suffering from Colon Cancer for few years now but unfortunately, due to a wrong diagnosis, i only became aware of it last year. I nearly lost my life but thanks to the Doctors from Darne Clinic, I was given another chance. It's been a tough road so far. Firstly, due to Covid, my employer requested that we take a pay cut for few months and then they will repay us what we were owed. We supported them but now that I've been suffering and need help, they have refused to help me, saying they can only give Rs 7,000 every month. This barely covers my medication expenses. I've already had 1 surger which had cost Rs 500,000 and 6 Chemotherapy costing over Rs 300,000.With donations from family members, friends, small loans and savings, I've managed to pay for these treatments as unfortunately I have no medical insurance. The 2nd surgery is scheduled for tomorrow followed by 9 days stay in the clinic which will cost between Rs 350,000 to Rs 500,000 (Please see supporting documents attached) I'll need a 3rd surgery soon after this one, plus more Chemotherapy sessions. I heard about this platform and how it has helped to save so many lives and that's why i'm reaching out to all of you as my last resorts to please kindly help me. Whatever you can give is a blessing for me. Thank you so much to and everyone who took time to read this and help. Thank you,Doojhen      
  48. Donation for kidney transplant
    Donation for kidney transplant
    Mohmamad dinassad boodhoo
    Mr. Dinazad Boodhoo, aged 45, from Phoenix needs to undergo a kidney transplant surgery in the coming days. He is a bus driver by profession and does not have the required sum to finance his surgery in India. He has been very sick since the past 20 days and currently undergoing dialysis treatment since we were told by the local doctors that his kidney is functioning at 1% only. His health got worst when he lost mobility in his left leg, causing him unable to walk. He is admitted to Victoria hospital where he is suffering a lot. We are making an appeal to the public for donations to help him raise funds for his transplant surgery. We have not received any financial help from the government. We need to act fast since his health is deteriorating.  His wife, Zubeda Boodhoo, will be donating one of her kidneys to Mr. Dinazard. The funds will be used for surgery, post surgery treatments, air tickets and accomodations. All the supporting documents are attached in the documents section. We would appreciate any amount of donation.
  49. Don Pour Habilen Moonsamy Pour Son Operation en Inde
    Don Pour Habilen Moonsamy Pour Son Operation en Inde
    Ganessen Resaven
    I, Ganessen Resaven, Appeal to the generosity of Mauritians; The little Habilen Moonsamy 7 years old must undergo a surgery for his epilepsy next month. He has done many surgeries in the past. Last time he went to India was in 2019 and he was recovering when he came back. He was being treated from the local hospitals but unfortunately there is a lack of neurologist specialist in our country. Now, he is having severe and recurrent epilepsy 50 times per day, because of which he has to undergo another surgery. The surgery will cost around Rs 375,000 and we will need pay for post surgery expenses, our air tickets and accomodation. His father is a labourer and his mother in unable to work in order to take care of little Habilen all the time, thus unable to find the required amount by themselves. They have received a grant of Rs 300,000 from the government and are depending on the public's generosity for the remaining amount of Rs 200,000. The supporting document can be seen in the document section.   If you would like to assist with their financial burden, any donation would be greatly appreciated. 
  50. Seki pena ase p bizin ed seki pena ditu - Ed nu ed lezot
    Seki pena ase p bizin ed seki pena ditu - Ed nu ed lezot
    Ledikasyon Popiler
    (English version below ⤵ ) KI ETE LEDIKASYION POPILER? Proze ledikasyon popiler finn met anplas par plizir aktivis avek soutyin bann travayer sosyal ek bann koperativ. Depi Oktob 2019, nou pe organize pou soutenir bann pli demini dan zot realite. Nou krwar dan lalit travayer, lalit feminis, ek lalit ekolozik. Nou pa zis met enn lastoplas lor bann problem de bann pli vilnerab nou sosyete, nou akonpayn zot, sirtou bann pli zen, donn zot soutyen ek zouti pou ki zot kapav koumans enn prosesis emansipasyon fizik, emosyonel, intelektyel ek ekonomik. Bann aktivite Diferan aktivis, travayer sosial ek lasosyasyon anim diferan latelye dan sant. Pou mwa mars 2022, bann latelye ki aktif: Latelye Kreativite Latelye Sif Latelye Brikolaz Akonpaynman skoler Listwar e lekonomi Tou le merkredi depi premye konfinman, bann adolesan ek adilt vinn aprann kwi ek prepar dine pou bann zanfan ek adilt ki dan sitiasyon difisil. Se enn lespas kot nou ousi donn soutyen lozistik a bann fami ek kolektif: Distribisyon linz, meb, drom, rasyon, etc... KIFER NU PE BIZIN LED? Sant pou ledikasyon popiler operasionel depi Oktob 2019, me kriz saniter Covid-19 finn sanboul bon deroulman bann proze. Nou finn investi tou nou lenerzi ek finansman dan bann aktivite pou ed bann dimounn pli demini pandan sa peryod kriz la. 5 fwa par semenn, nou ti pe distribye bann repa so, prepare par plizir abitan Cassis ek Vallijee. Sertin zour, nou ti pe servi plis ki 100 dimounn. > BILL KOURAN Nou bizin pey nou bill kouran an irzans. Ena enn bill Rs 37 059 pou peye, ek bizin sanz konter ki ankor lor nom ansien lokater. CEB finn avoy nou enn notis pou dir nou ki zot pou koup kouran si nou pa peye. Si pena kouran, nou nepli pou kav fer okenn aktivite. =) Zot soutyin pou permet nou ena enn lespass fizik fonksionel pou ki nou kapav fer nou bann aktivite.   > DINE POPILIER Depi koumansman konfinnman, an rezon de kriz ekonomik, boukou fami pe retrouv zot an difikilte o nivo sekirite alimanter. Nou pe retrouv nou avek enn pli gran nonb dimounn ki pe dimann enn soutyin. 1 fwa par semenn nou prepar ek distribye manze bann fami ki an bezwin. Dimounn tou laz vini - bann zanfans 3 zan ziska bann vye dimounn 70 zan. =) Zot soutyin pou permet plant legim ek aste rasyon pou ki nou kapav kwi ek distribye manze a bann fami ki an difikilte.   > RENOVASYON EK AMENAZMAN Batiman Zetwal Ver nesesit renovasyon latelye brikolaz, twalet, ek plombri-elektrik dan lakwizinn. Nou ousi bizin aste materyo pou aranz enn foye pou kwi manze lor dibwa, ek aste lekipman pou lakwizinn. =) Zot soutyin pou permet bann aktivite dan sant deroul dan bann meyer kondisyon.   > ATELYE Dan Vallijee ena boukou zanfan ki gayn difikilte adapte dan sistem skoler aktiel ou ki pena nanye a fer pandan konze skoler. Nou finn desid met an plass ban atelye (kouma atelye lar, lamizik, sif, brikolaz, plantasyon, etc.) pou ki kapav ankadre sa bann zanfan la. =) Zot soutyin pou permet aste ban materiel kouma linstriman, lapintir, krayon, zouti, etc.   Zot soutyin pou permet nu kontiny bann aktivite. Nu kont lor zot !     ENGLISH VERSION LEDIKASYON POPILER The Ledikasyon Popiler project was set up by several activists with the support of social workers and cooperatives. We support the underprivileged by organizing activities and offering them assistance, in Cite Vallijee and throughout the island. We believe in the workers’ fight, the feminist fight, and the ecological fight. We do not just cast a bandage over the issues of the most vulnerable in our society; we accompany them, especially the young, offer them support and tools so they can begin their physical, intellectual, and economic emancipation process. Activities Several activists, social workers, and associations animate different workshops in the Centre. The active workshops during the month of March are: Creativity Workshop Maths Workshop Do-it-yourself Workshop School Support History and Economics Every Wednesday since the first lockdown, people came to the Centre to learn to cook for those who eat at the Zetwal Ver building. From the Centre we have also provided logistical support to families and collectives: clothes distribution, furniture, drums, food, etc... WHY WE NEED HELP? The Centre for Popular Education has been operational since October 2019, but the Covid-19 sanitary crisis upset the proper functioning of the projects. We invested all our energy and finances in activities to help the needy during this time period. 5 times a week, we distributed hot meals that Vallijee and Cassis residents prepared. On certain days, we served over a 100 people. > THE ELECTRICITY BILL We urgently need to pay our electricity bill. There is a Rs 37 059 bill to pay, and we need to change the current counter which still bears the name of the old tenant. CEB sent us a notice to inform us that we will no longer be supplied with electricity if we do not pay. Without electricity we cannot go ahead with any activity in the Centre. =) With your support, we will be able to carry on with our activities in a functioning physical space. > DINE POPILER Since the beginning of the lockdown, many families have been struggling to feed themselves because of the economic crisis. We find ourselves with more and more people who need assistance. Once a week, we prepare and distribute food to families in need. People of all ages come to the Centre – from 3 year old children to 70 year old elders. =) With your support, we will be able to plant vegetables and buy food to cook and distriture to families in need. > RENOVATION AND SUPPLIES The Zetwal Ver building requires the renovation of the woodworking workshop, the toilet, and the plumbing/electric layout of the kitchen. We also need to buy materials to set up a hearth to cook food over wood, and buy supplies for the kitchen. =) With your support, we will be able to carry out our activities in the centre in better conditions. > WORKSHOPS In Cite Vallijee, there are many children who struggle to adapt to the school system, or who have nothing to do during holidays. We decided to set up workshops (such as the art, music, Maths, do-it-yourself, and gardening workshops) to provide these children with a framework to grow. =) With your support, we will be able to buy materials and supplies such as instruments, paint, crayons, tools, etc.     Your help will allow us to continue our activities. We are counting on you!   Mersi ! - Lekip LP Corinne C. Dylan A. Emmanuel T. Elveena Y. Gregory R. Kashmira B. Kevin A B. Moksha B. Sarah H. Soufyaan T.   Zot kapav kontacte nu lor 5826 6733 si zot ena kit kestyon. For queries contact us on 5826 6733.    
  51. Need fund for post surgery expenses
    Need fund for post surgery expenses
    Soveeta C Naidu
    Hello Everyone,   I am soveeta c Naidu and I am 31 yrs old. I have been suffering from abdominal pain for quite a few years until i discovered i had to be operated on emergency for suffering from chronic ulcerated appendicitis.   My surgery have been done on 29/05/22 and i am actually on post surgery follow up. I am appealing for your help to be able to support my medical expenses. I need to visit the doctor every week for post surgery follow up and i do not have this much of money; as since the beginning of this year, it is my second surgery. During the first one i had to remove an abscess in early january and now this. I am running short of funds and need your help.    Please help me raise funds for my post surgery expenses, any amount donated will be much appreciated.  
  52. Help us : sterilise animals in Mauritius, saving lives of many
    Help us : sterilise animals in Mauritius, saving lives of many
    Well-Being Of Strays
    Well-Being of Strays created since 2017 is an NGO devoting to rescue animals in help in Mauritius Island. We would like to thank all of you who contributed in our last crowdfunding campaign where we were able to help many animals. In collaboration with Pink Pony Charity Trust we are organising a sterilisation campaign in Moka in August 2022.  Sterilisations help to avoid unwanted litters which often lead to abandonment or neglect of these voiceless souls. Well-Being of Strays foucus mainly on sterilisations to produce more chance for those struggling everyday in our streets... ---- The sterilisation fees are as follows ---- Dog Rs 1000 Cat Rs 600   Please help us help them - TOGETHER WE CAN   Our facebook page - click here...
  53. Help Kenny Fight Cancer
    Help Kenny Fight Cancer
    Kenny Seechurn
    Hi, I am Kenny Seechurn and I am 21 years old. I have been fighting a type of blood cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma since 2016 when It was first diagnosed. I have received radiation, several brentuximab cycles, chemo cycles but unfortunately had a 4th relapse two month ago. So I had to go back to India Urgently for medical treatment consisting of 3-4 chemo cycles followed by autologous BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant). Several millions of indian rupees have already been spent with all previous treatment including our overseas grant of Rs 800,000. Now we urgently need financial help. The Bone marrow transplant will cost around 22,000 USD ( Rs 950,000 ). We have already obtained Rs 300,000 through donations from families and friends but we still need help to find the remaining amount of Rs 650,000. We would be much grateful if you could help us achieved our goal. My treatment is being done at the MANIPAL HOSPITAL in India and the doctor's name is Dr Amit Rauthan. My documents are attached in the documents section. Thanking you in advance, Kenny.  
  54. Empowerment of Youth through Education and Skills Training in Bakery and Pastry.
    Empowerment of Youth through Education and Skills Training in Bakery and Pastry.
    LM Formateur Ltée -Atelier Espoir et Avenir
    LM Formateur Ltée is raising funds to empower young people by providing Education and Skills Training in Bakery and Pastry.Education and skills training is an important tools for any country’s social and economic growth. To raise employment among youth, skill-based training is the need, enabling young people to make a smooth transition to work. This alternative educational path gives a chance to young people to grow professionally. It helps the young generation to make them self-reliant which will in turn reduces the issues of unemployment and dependency. Young people are some of the greatest change-makers and innovators we have. Young minds generate more fresh and innovative ideas that lead to the development of any country. But, today youth is facing some serious challenges regarding skills and jobs. Most of the youth are currently without work, not studying, or engaged in irregular or informal employment, thereby increasing the chances of social unrest. Most of these young people come from families that are in poverty; they need a lot of attention and above all to have this self-confidence education to become autonomous and responsible people. This training will help them to be employed and help their families to get out of poverty. The labour market of Hotels, Restauration, and Bakeries are becoming more specialized and demanding high skilled people in every sector. And also after the training, there will be a follow-up for their internships so that they have this confidence in the world of work. Vocational Training comprises formal, non-formal, and informal learning that fulfills the demand for skilled workers in the job market. The rural area is in dire need to opt for vocational training education to create opportunities for its targeted group who are in and out of the school. Therefore, understanding the importance of vocational training education, several organizations are committed to equipping youth with the required skills for their future job endeavors. Our goal is to give these young people a better future, and teach them what we have learned, to become a responsible adult. This crowdfunding will help us to buy some equipment that will be used for their training.
  55. Collect Money for operation in india
    Collect Money for operation in india
    Suhayl Kanowah
    Il a 18 ans, et il est toujours en Grade 9. Lui, c’est Suhayl Kanowah, un étudiant du James Burty David SSS. Suhayl souffre d’un problème cardiaque depuis sa naissance. Jusqu’ici, le jeune homme a déjà subi trois interventions. Et il sera appelé à subir une quatrième opération. Madiha, sa mère nécessite Rs 1 million de roupies dans un délai de 3 mois. Elle est intervenue dans l’émission Anou Marye Pike en ce lundi 18 avril. La nouvelle est tombée lors de sa dernière visite médicale auprès de son cardiologue. La val partie du poumon qui fonctionne de sa capacité. Par conséquent, son cœur n’arrive plus à produire de l’oxygèneve menant au cœur de Suhayl se rétrécit; sortant de 11 millimètres à 8. Et une. Ce qui pourrait occasionner une insuffisance cardiaque à tout moment.Le jeune homme dispose d’un délai de 3 mois pour réunir la somme d’unmillion de roupies pour l’intervention dans la Grande péninsule. Impossible pour sa mère Madiha, une habitante de Pailles, de trouver ce montant. Elle lance un appel de générosité à la population pour permettre à son fils de mener une vie comme tous les jeunes de son âge parce qu'elle ne peut plus compter sur l'aide gouvernementale pour faciliter ce déplacement car son Overseas Grant a déjà été utilisé dans ses interventions antérieures. Cette aide n’est octroyée qu’une seule fois à un patient. La santé de Suhayl n’est pas au beau fixe. Percevant une pension de Rs 9 000 de la Sécurité Sociale, Madiha est contrainte de retenir les services d’un van scolaire pour le véhiculer au collège. Mère célibataire avec deux enfants, l’autre frère de Suhayl qui travaille pour le compte d’une entreprise privée à Ebène ne perçoit que Rs 12 000. Il aide grandement, selon la mère, aux dépenses de la maison. Suhayl n’est pas un enfant comme les autres. A 18 ans, il est toujours en Form III, alors que d’autres jeunes de son âge embrassent déjà une filière à l’Université. Même en étant malade, il est toujours le premier dans sa classe. Il a une préférence pour les Maths. Selon la mère, Suhayl ambitionne d’obtenir 8 A+ lors des examens nationaux prévus en octobre prochain. Et il ne souhaite en aucun cas manquer ses examens. « Aidez-moi à réaliser le souhait de mon fils. C’est un enfant très brillant. Il mérite toute sa chance. Il mérite une seconde vie. En cette période du Ramadan, il observe le jeûne. Que Dieu lui accorde sa santé », plaide la mère, la gorge nouée.
  56. Save lives Spay & Neuter your pets
    Save lives Spay & Neuter your pets
    Abeenesh Mottay
    Abeenesh Mottay is an animal lover, passionate about the stray animal cause in Mauritius. For 9 years now he has devoted to solving the issue of proliferation of stray animals population across the island, which is becoming more and more of an alarming situation. The main focus of his project is to rescue, sterilize, raise awareness on importance of sterilization and ensure adoption of any stray animals in need. With the constant support of Abeenesh as head figure and the help of his friends or any volunteers who may be interested to offer assistance,an approximate number of 5,000 stray animals have been rescued. With the collaboration of benevolant veterinarians Abeenesh is now trying to organize regular free sterilization campaigns accross the island for rescued stray pets or pets of any owners who may not be able to afford the sterilization fees.  For the sterilization campaigns veterinarians will participate on a voluntary basis taking some time off their schedules to spay and neuter a number of pets for a minimum fee. The goal of the campaign will be to help raise awareness on importance of sterilization of animals and to help in decreasing the population of stray animals in Mauritius. Without spay and neuter initiatives, homeless animals are often euthanized, neglected or die of disease. Sterilization is critical for management of free-roaming dogs and cats and related disease control concerns. Spay/neuter benefits animals and the communities in which they live. Reference: The funds raised for the month of May 2022 allowed us to organize a sterilization campaign in Curepipe. It was a success, approximately 52 stray animals were sterilized in a safe and clean environment with the help of a competent veterinarian.  Please donate and help us to save the precious lives of as many stray animals as possible accross the island!
  57. Well-being of strays
    Well-being of strays
    Well-being of strays ONG
    Well-Being of Strays is a registered ONG created in june 2017 to help strays, abandoned and ill-treated animals in Mauritius.We are hosting a fundraising for several sterilisation (1300 rs), vaccation (400rs) campaigns and to feed strays around the country. We associate with Wellbeing For Strays to help strays with the profits of selling various goods. Hundreds of stray cats and dogs are fed per week by our members.We want to sterilise around 60 dogs/cat per month around the island.We also vaccinate around 30 puppies per month to avoid any viral disease.We have collaborations with Animal Clinic like Woof and Whiskers, Animalia, Island Vet Clinic, Paws Mauritius, All life Matters Animal Sancutary and My Vet.OUR AIMS:- Reduce strays in Mauritius through mass sterilisation campaigns,- Sensitize and educate about welfare of animals through feeding events,- Provide food to volunteers feeding strays- Build a shelter to rescue a maximum. To provide to them a safe place with quarantine zones for the sick ones.
  58. Let's save Rebecca's Life
    Let's save Rebecca's Life
    Michel Soneea
    Dear benefactors,Rebecca Leilla Soneea, who is now under treatment at Apollo Mumbai India for AML Leukemia has just undergone her Bone Marrow Transplant. This operation had required that her brother Mervin Soneea be sent to the above mentioned treating institution to act as a donor.The Transplant would not have been  possible without the generous contribution from family members, friends, neighbours and public collection including the crowdfunding, where we have been able to gather and pay to the hospital the sum of USD 40000 for the Transplant and an additional sum of more than 5000 USD  to meet the medical expenses of her brother to be able to act as Donor. Hence an amount of more than Rs 2 Million has been paid to Apollo Mumbai before Rebecca could get her Bone Marrow Transplant. We are indeed grateful to each and every one who has contributed to make this operation possible.  However after this major operation, Rebecca has got some complications which is necessitating an additional stay in the hospital for a further 10 days, which requires a further payment of Rs USD 10,000. Moreover after her hospitalisation, she will be required to stay in India for a further 6 months for post operation care which will require a further payment of Rs USD 10,000. Over and above these costs, we will have to cater for accommodation and food for the 6 additional months Rebecca and her mother will be India. Hence we will roughly need an additional sum of Rs 1 Million. We appeal to your generosity and altruism as the family is finding itself heavily burdened and financially stranded. In light of the above, we humbly appeal to your humanity for an urgent second phase contribution for the post operational costs .Rebecca is very resilient and We pray for her successful recovery. Conveying unconditional love and gratefulness to all those participating to help us win this battle.
  59. Un repas hebdomadaire pour nos tontons et tantines
    Un repas hebdomadaire pour nos tontons et tantines
    Fraternité Nouvel Espoir Ltée
    Fraternité Nouvel Espoir Ltée a été créé en 2021 par Ludovic LABONNETTE un philanthrope suite à la décision de changer de statut d'ONG à entreprise. Cette entreprise à but non lucratif dont l’objectif principal est de lutter contre la pauvreté et remettre l’homme debout. Nous sommes aussi appelés à fournir conseil et soutiens aux personnes qui sont dans le besoin. Nous oeuvrons pour la réinsertion, l'accompagnement et le bien-être des sans domicile fixe et des familles démunis de l'île.   Notre mission est de ; Fournir un repas chaud journalier aux SDF de l’ile, soutenir des familles les plus démunis de l’ile à travers des conseils, ateliers et supports psychosocial.  Conscientiser le publique au sujet de la pauvreté et de l’exclusion. Conscientiser le publique au sujet des droits humains, de la Constitutions et des lois en générale. Organiser des collectes de vives, denrées, vêtements, et autres produits ou accessoires qui serviront à offrir des jours meilleurs a ceux et celles qui ont besoin de notre soutien. Organiser des collectes de sang bi annuel à travers l’ile. Cibler les personnes les plus vulnérables de notre société afin de les encadrés pour qu’ils deviennent autonome. Combattre la pauvreté. Notre objectif est de pouvoir continuer nôtre missions qui est d’offrir un repas chaud, une boisson et un dessert sur une base hebdomadaire à nos tontons et tantines de Quatre Bornes, Belle Rose, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin et Port Louis. Vu la conjoncture sanitaire actuel nous manquons drastiquement de ressources et de donateurs pour pouvoir continuer nôtre mission. Chaque samedi nos membres et nos bénévoles parcourent les rues de Quatre Bornes,  Belle Rose,  Rose Hill,  Beau Bassin et Port Louis pour apporter un peu de réconfort à nos 160 bénéficiaires.   Pour ces distributions hebdomadaires il nous faut compter 250 roupies par repas, incluant l'achat des produits, la préparation, et la distribution. De ce fait chaque semaine nous devons trouvé un budget de 40,000  roupies pour offrir à manger à nos bénéficiaires, chose qui n'est pas toujours facile sans l'aide de partenaires ou de donateurs car étant une entreprise à but non lucratif nous n'avons pas de source de revenus à part des donations.   Depuis nôtre création a ce jour nous avons offerts plus de quatorze mille repas chaud aux tontons, tantines, et familles démunis à travers l'île grâce à nos partenaires tel que Winners,  Foodwise, et nos donateurs.  Nous faisons un appel à vôtre générosité pour que grâce à vôtre contribution nous puissions mener à bien ce projet. Nous savons que vu la situation actuel ce n’est pas évident pour tout le monde mais nous avons besoin de votre soutien.
  60. Fundraising for the completion of ZCD's project
    Fundraising for the completion of ZCD's project
    Ivan Rose
    ZCD (Zenfant Camp-Diable Social Association) is a Non-Governmental Organisation that exists since September 2016 and the main objective of the association is to help the children of Cite EDC Camp-Diable to break the cycle of poverty through education.  Every weekend the executive members and the kids meet at our HQ, a building made of iron sheets and bars where we help academically the kids.  We have an official page on Facebook, Zenfant Camp Diable Social Association and you will be able to see all the achievements we have accomplished during a these years. Since 2019, we have started our biggest renovative project where we have built a toilet and a wall of approximate 20m long to create a safe environment for the kids of our NGO.  Unfortunately, we have not yet complete this project due to lack of fund but we have accomplished over 70% of the whole project.  In this connection, we are humbly requesting the help of everybody to help us collect the necessary fund in order to create the first ever lieu built for the kids of EDC Camp-Diable.   Rs.425,000 has been spent on this project until now but for the completion of this project, an estimate amount of Rs 100,000 is needed. The photos attached to this request show to you some of the remaining work that need to be completed and please, do not hesitate to donate for our cause and change the life of the kids living in Cite EDC Camp Diable. It is good to know that in the Cite EDC, there is no insfrastructure designed for the well development of the kids and adults. This has been the case since 1960's.  Therefore, through the years, the Cite EDC had been excluded from progress and the mainstream society at Camp Diable which lead to several issues like drugs, violence, massive school dropouts and teenage pregnancy among others.  No kids from our community has ever enjoyed the pleasure of playing in a children's garden and this is a sad reality. We are thanking all of you for your contribution and hope that we can reach the target we your help. Kind regards, Zenfant Camp Diable Social Association  
  61. Sauvons le soldat Nigel
    Sauvons le soldat Nigel
    Nada Padayatchy
    Nigel est un petit garçon de 9 ans - alors que tous les jeunes de son âge sont occupés à jouer à la balle ou entre leurs amis - Nigel mène un tout autre combat - un Combat à la vie à la mort. En effet, atteint de la maladie de Hirschprung - qui affecte le système digestif, Nigel a déjà subi 9 opérations - et là, avec l'apparition des polypes, il a dû se rendre en Inde. Accompagnés de sa mère, ils sont arrivés en Inde le 28 mars.Ils ont aujourd'hui besoin d'aide financière car le salaire de sa mère ne lui permettra pas d'obtenir un crédit additionel. Elle travail dans une école en tant que surveillante.Les billets (Rs.60,000 pour 2 personnes) ont pu être financés grâce à un crédit.Nigel et sa mère logent actuellement dans un guest house au coût de Rs.1,200 / jour. Leur retour est prévu pour le 28 avril mais cela dépendra de l'évolution de son traitement car une opération devra se faire afin de maintenir son état de santé.Le coût de cette évaluation exclu l'intervention médicale et s'élève à Rs.135,000. A cela viendra s'ajouté les coûts de l'intervention médicale que doit subir Nigel. Nigel compte sur l'aide du gouvernement et des bénévoles - sa mère, s'est endettée jusqu'au cou pour la survie de Nigel.Aidons-les à traverser cette épreuve!////ENGLISH////Nigel is a 9-year-old boy - while all the young people his age are busy playing ball or with their friends - Nigel is fighting a different fight, a fight for life and death. Indeed, suffering from Hirschprung's disease - which affects the digestive system, Nigel has already undergone 9 surgeries - And now, with the appearance of the polyps, he had to go to India. Accompanied by his mother, they arrived in India on March 28.They now need financial assistance because her mother's salary will not allow her to obtain additional credit. She works in a school as a supervisor. The tickets (Rs.60,000 for 2 people) could be financed thanks to a credit.Nigel and his mother are currently staying in a guest house at a cost of Rs.1,200/day.Their return is scheduled for April 28 but it will depend on the progress of his treatment because an operation will have to be done in order to maintain his state of health. The cost of this assessment excludes medical intervention and amounts to Rs.135,000. Added to this will be the costs of the medical intervention that Nigel has to undergo. Nigel relies on help from the government and volunteers - his mother, was in debt up to her neck for Nigel's survival. Let's help them get through this ordeal!
  62. Jardin Communautaire de Sainte Anne,Tranquebar
    Jardin Communautaire de Sainte Anne,Tranquebar
    Action for Environment Protection
    Le projet de jardin communautaire de Sainte Anne à Tranquebar est une initiative de l'ong Action for Environment Protection en collaboration avec Caritas et la communauté de Tranquebar. Ce projet a vu le jour pendant le confinement qui a mis en lumière danger de l'insécurité alimentaire. Ajouté à cela il y le conflit russo-ukrainien qui contribue à la cherté de la vie. Action for Environment Protection vient de l'avant  avec ce projet pour atteindre collectivement avec la communauté de Tranquebar les objectifs suivants; Produire des fruits et des légumes é travers des méthodes agroécologiques et sans l'utilisation des produits chimiques. Création d'emploi pour les femmes des regions defavorisés de Tranquebar qui ont perdu leur emploi suite aux turbulences économique crée par la covid. Initier les bénéficiaires du jardin à la citoyenneté écologique afin que cela soit démultiplié au sein de la communauté de Tranquebar. Promouvoir les pratiques agroéecologique au sein de la communauté avec le support technique de Formaterra de la Réunion. Participer à la réduction des dechets organiques à travers le compostage et le broyage des déchets. Implémenter l'aquaponie,l'apiculture et le captage d'eau de pluie afin de les démultiplier  au sein sein de la communauté
  63. Fundraising to help Mrs. Venita purbhoo
    Fundraising to help Mrs. Venita purbhoo
    Louis Judex Sylvester De Robillard
    Hello, Everyone my Name is Louis Judex Sylvester de Robillard and i'm this platforme to help Mrs. Venita Purbhoo, who has lost her 2 Feet in the year 2016-2018 due a diabetic dieases, and she need to travel from mauritius to india for her BILATERAL PROSTHETIC FITMENT, the fitting of the prosthesis, will take place for the period of at atleast 2 months,the expenditure will cost around Rs 600,000 included 2 months Accomodation for recovery. please find attached Picture for more details, i want to thanks you in advance for your support to Mrs. Venita Purbhoo.
    Ashrafi Chishti Association of Mauritius (ACAM) founded under the supervision and guidance of his eminince Syed Noorani Miya, is an NGO at the service of the community for the people of Mauritius as well as other countries in line with the mootto "Love All Serve All". The Association is active in the following regions: Plaine-Verte, Pailles, Vallee Des Pretre, Vacoas, Rose-Hill, Roche-Bois, Plaine Des Papayes, Moncellement St André, Grand Bois. Ashrafi Chisti Association has for main objectives to assist those who don’t have basic needs such as food for their families. Your donation will help our Association provide food pack and other needs. With your financial support we can make help them survive and ease their pains. In order to help the deprived, we need your support to show them that the world is still full of people who care. Doing this project, we have for objective to serve healthy meals to the needy in our country in the Special Meal To the Needy. This project, is the symbol of mercy towards each other and promotes the value as a human being. We have, in the past, supported needy people around the country where we distributed a full set meal on several occasions to the whole community. For the next stage, we aim to support more needy including orphans, elderly, homeless and poor family. The distribution will be done once we have reach 50 % of the target and will be completed upon 100% of the targeted achieved.Mr Dobir M. Shamime ( President)Mr Mowlah M.Naeem (Secretary)Mr Golaup M.Arshad (Treasury) Thank you.
  65. Safe the bees
    Safe the bees
    The Bee Guy
    Je suis Christopher Jost, 31 ans Les abeilles ont besoin de nous L'agriculture intensive, les pesticides nocifs, la surpopulation, l'étalement urbain, la perte d'habitats floraux, la déforestation et le changement climatique exercent tous des pressions dévastatrices sur les pollinisateurs. Nous répondons à la nécessité d'améliorer la compréhension des pressions variables sur les abeilles dans différentes régions du monde et de proposer des stratégies et des programmes favorables à la nature pour une mise en œuvre locale.   Nous avons besoin d'abeilles Plus de 75 % des aliments nutritifs que nous consommons dépendent de la pollinisation. La pollinisation soutient la sécurité alimentaire mondiale, la production agricole, les moyens de subsistance des agriculteurs, la diversité des plantes sauvages, l'équilibre des écosystèmes, des sols sains et un air pur. Alors que l'extinction des abeilles est certainement un problème mondial, il va sans dire que les populations d'abeilles mauriciennes sont en déclin constant, se dirigeant vers l'extinction. Lorsque nous regardons les écosystèmes dans lesquels nous vivons, nous réalisons qu'ils fonctionnent dans un mouvement circulaire, où chaque être vivant, aussi petit et sans importance que cela puisse paraître, fait partie d'une chaîne qui assure le bon fonctionnement du système. Eliminez-en un, la chaîne est fragilisée. Nos chères abeilles ne font certainement pas exception à cela, car notre production alimentaire repose entièrement sur leur incroyable pouvoir de pollinisation. Nous éduquons les habitants sur les dommages causés aux abeilles en anéantissant des colonies entières à l'aide de fumigations toxiques ou de stratégies de lutte antiparasitaire. Nous avons utilisé de nombreuses boîtes de ruches et des cadres qui avaient été mis de côté pour nos propres colonies, nous pourrions vraiment faire avec de l'AIDE en 2022 pour continuer notre opération de sauvetage d'abeilles mellifères seuls en été, nous avons sauvé 12 ruches sauvages ont fourni une nouvelle maison pour les a traités contre les varroas et les a surveillés pour s'assurer qu'ils sont en bonne santé. Mais pour subvenir aux besoins des abeilles, il y a un coût en argent en ruches, en cadres, en traitements, en essence, en temps. Si nous sommes appelés pour le sauvetage des abeilles, nous laissons tout tomber et nous allons protéger les abeilles.   L'objectif de ce projet : Construire une structure maison pour les abeilles en temps cyclonique au coût de 150.000rs Construisez plus de ruches au prix de 60.000rs de bois de pin plus durable et durable. Atelier avec des outils pour construire des ruches 70.000rs Clôture à 100.000rs et partie bétonnée du terrain par la clôture afin de créer la paix et stopper le prévandalisme. Chaque don nous permettra de soutenir le projet d'avoir un endroit sûr pour les abeilles à Maurice Chaque don nous permettra de soutenir notre cause afin de faire ensemble un pas vers un monde meilleur pour nos abeilles qui font tellement plus que nous pensons pour nous. Pourquoi soutenir The Project, je fais ça pour les abeilles et pour éduquer les gens à inviter les gens à venir voir les coulisses de ce que je fais à long terme, nous aurons une école d'abeilles pour que tout le monde vienne apprendre et goûter le miel brut de la ruche beaucoup de gens ne comprennent pas qu'on ne peut pas vivre sans les abeilles.
  66. Demande de soutien pour mon projet d'étude au Canada
    Demande de soutien pour mon projet d'étude au Canada
    Tatiana Khoodaruth
    Bonjour, Je m’appelle Tatiana et j’habite la région de Moka, Île Maurice. L’an dernier, j’ai reçu mon BAC avec mention 'Très Bien' du Lycée des Mascareignes. Grâce à mes résultats, l’année dernière,  j’avais obtenu une bourse d’étude à Carleton University au Canada. Mais malheureusement, cela n’avait pas pu se réaliser…faute de moyen financier :( Cette année-ci, j’ai reçu une autre bourse d’étude en Informatique et cette fois-ci, c’est de L’Université de Montréal, Canada (cliquez sur l'onglet document pour voir ma lettre d’admission). Afin d’obtenir mon permis d’étude de l’ambassade, des frais de subsistence sont requis. Étant de famille modeste, nous avons pu réunir une partie de la somme, mais il nous manque un peu de sous (Rs.300,000). Aujourd’hui, je viens solliciter votre générosité, afin de m’aider à concrétiser ce projet d’étude, qui me tient vraiment à coeur...Quelques de mes résultats obtenus; • Mathématique (18/20) • Numérique et Sciences Informatiques (20/20) • Anglais (19/20) • Espagnole (17/20) • Éducation Physique et Sportive (18.30/20) Pour en savoir plus sur moi, veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous 
  67. Help me save my daughter's life
    Help me save my daughter's life
    Bharat singh Beekaree
    Hello friends, I am Bharat Singh Beekaree am 33 years, I live at Reservoir Road Malinga St.Pierre. I work as sub-hall attendant ( part- time) of Malinga for Moka district council. And as for my wife Ridhima Beekaree who is 32 years she is a housewife as our daughter Lovevishka Beekaree who is 5 years needs constant care all day long. First of all, I would really like to thanks each and everyone of you for your help for my daughter Lovevishka previous heart surgeries and treatments so far... THANK YOU.   Lovevishka has recently been to India for her 3rd surgery "FONTAN OPERATION" ( NOV 2021). As the surgery was highly risky and in order to stabilize her health, she had to undergo some treatments to better prepare herself for the surgery "HIGH RISK FONTAN OPERATION (includes Catherization, Surgical Package and GORTEX TUBE). A huge amount of the fund raised previously was spent on her treatments and she now has to go back to India for the postponed surgery. She will need your help and blessing once again.  The sugery will take place in May 2022 and the overall cost will be of Rs.1,4M. Please save her so that she can live and make more memories with her family. Your kindness will help save children like her and give them a hope to live.
  68. Domadores Boxing School
    Domadores Boxing School
    Cédric Olivier
    Le projet « Domadores Boxing Club » a pour objectif de rassembler les jeunes de la région de Mahebourg dans un contexte sportif (Boxe Anglaise).La boxe aide les jeunes à canaliser leurs émotions et à devenir plus responsable car il n’y a pas seulement que des coups de poing dans ce sport, ont y apprends la persévérance, la rigueur, l’engagement mais elle représente aussi un moyen de combattre les fléaux sociaux qui sont très présents dans nos cités. Ils pourront pratiqués ce sport pour être bien dans leur peau, et ceux qui voudront faire partie des compétitions régionales et nationales pourrons le faire également.Aujourd'hui, nous souhaitons pouvoir compléter les travaux du gymnase qui permettrons à tous les bénéficiaires de s'entrainer correctement.Les travaux sont estimés à Rs.350,000. Cette somme inclue le ciment, la taule, la ferraille ainsi que la main-d'oeuvre. Pour ce projet, nous acceptons volontiers les donations de matériaux ainsi l'aide de volontaires. Cedric Olivier est entraineur et l’initiateur du projet. « Mo finn coumance la boxe quand mo ti ena 8 ans, zordi mo ena 30 ans mo form parti l’ekip national de boxe de l’ile Maurice depi ki mo tiena 19 ans, mo finn reprezante mo pays dans plizir competition international ek mo enn medayer d’or des Jeux des iles. Mo desir c’est transmet ceki monn recevoir ek surtout aide bann jeune a travers sa proze la. Mo collegue Sharvin Kumar Bedassy li aussi dans lekip national, li vinn aide moi en tant ki assistant entraineur. »   Les trainings ont lieu les samedis matin de 9h a 11h30 à Ville Noire. Les jeunes sont des filles et garçons (à partir de 10 ans) habitant Mahebourg, Beau valon, Ville Noire et Residence la chaux. Les sessions d’entrainement sont gratuites et nous donnons le transport à nos bénéficiaires pour qu’ils puissent être sûre d’avoir les moyens pour venir au cours. Nous avons actuellement 23 inscrits et nous prévoyons d’ouvrir l’inscriptions au jeune de Bois des amourette, Rivière des créoles, Anse jonchet et Grand port. Eco sud à travers un appel a projet nous a aider à lancer le projet, nous avons pu avoir des équipements pour 20 jeunes. Nous voulons avoir plus de jeunes donc il nous faut plus d’équipements mais surtout nous avons besoin d’un endroit fixe pour nos sessions d’entrainements car nous sommes souvent confrontés à des refus de centre communautaire pour X raisons. Nous jeunes ont besoins de s’engager, mais il nous faut aussi pouvoir nous engager envers eux. Nous nous rencontrons en petit comité sur un terrain de foot actuellement et nous avons pour projet de construire un endroit pour nos sessions de training. Nous vous invitons à faire parti de cette belle aventure et de participer à la réalisation de ce beau projet.Merci pour votre soutien !
  69. Overseas Cancer Treatment
    Overseas Cancer Treatment
    Gyanisha Ramah
    We need your support and help in my elder's sister, Sikha Panchoo, in her fight against cancer.She suffers from "Acute Myeloid Leukemia" and is expected to undergo a bone marrow transplant in the coming weeks.Mother of two young children, she is a Hindi teacher by profession and lives in Forbach Road, Fond du Sac. She was diagnosed with cancer 'acute myeloid leukemia' in 2019. - She subsequently underwent chemotherapy at Candos Hospital, Mauritius. - Following a relapse last year in September, she was advised to undergo further treatment in India, including salvage chemotherapy followed by an allogenic transplant.- In October 2021, at Apollo Hospital in Navi, Mumbai, she had multiple sessions of chemotherapy but was unable to complete them due to lung complications.Now, in two weeks, she will leave for India where she will be able to complete the sessions and undergo the allogenic transplant.The full treatment will cost about Rs 2,000,000 which will be done at Appollo Hospital in Mumbai, India. We thank you in advance for your support.
  70. FMMH - Fund raising for athletes with disabilities for competition in Reunion Island
    FMMH - Fund raising for athletes with disabilities for competition in Reunion Island
    Fraternité Mauricienne des Malades Handicapés
    La Fraternité Mauricienne des Malades Handicapés (FMMH) a été fondée par le Père Henri Souchon en 1976. Nos objectifs sont:  - De promouvoir le bien être et l'intégration des personnes porteuses de handicap dans la société tout en participant à la l'économie mauricienne - De lutter, en sollicitant, récoltant et utilisant de manière appropriée les aides provenant d'un réseau d'agences gouvernementales et d'entreprises privées - De faire un plaidoyer pour une société juste et inclusive où les personnes porteuses de handicap se sentent accueillies   Notre club sportif, crée en 1980, soutient nos membres dans les disciplines individuelles et collectives. Certains de nos membres se sont avérés des athlètes brillants, et se sont démarqués les des compétitions nationales dans plusieurs disciplines (athlétisme, tir à l'arc, le boccia, le tennis en fauteuil, la natation entre autres). L'équipe de basketball a été championne de l'océan indien en 2019.   Depuis l'inclusion du tennis de table parmi les disciplines handisportives au niveau paralympique, en 2020, nous avons mis en place une équipe regroupant étudiants et adultes (debout et fauteuil). Le progrès de nos pongistes, mené par notre coach, Ruqqayah Kinoo, championne nationale de tennis de table, a été une réelle motivation pour viser plus haut.  La FMMH a été récompensée en 2020 dans cette discipline, lors d'une compétition qui ne s'est pas tenue depuis la Covid.    Nous avons récemment reçu une invitation d'un club réunionnais de tennis de table, La Cressonière, pour participer à une compétition qui se tiendra entre le 12 et 16 mai prochain. Cette compétition nous permettra:  - d'avoir un échange avec d'autres clubs de tennis de table au niveau régional  - d'evaluer nos progrès  - de motiver nos athlètes à se surpasser  - d'acquérir de l'expérience et ainsi être à un meilleur niveau   Nous faisons, par la présente, un appel à nos compatriotes pour parrainer les frais de déplacement de 6 pongistes (3 debout, 3 en fauteuil), 1 entraîneur et 1 responsable. Un montant de Rs. 123,200 a été estimé, soit, Rs. 15,400 par personne.  Nous avons pu récolté Rs 50,000 par nos propre moyens et grace a l'aide de sponsors. Nous solicitons donc l'aide du publique pour collecter la somme restante: Rs. 75,000. Nous comptons sur votre générosité et bienveillance afin de nous aider à atteindre ce montant pour le financement de ce déplacement.     
  71. Monkeys Shelter
    Monkeys Shelter
    L'Arche de Noé
    L’Arche de Noé, située dans le parc de Loisirs de Gros Cailloux, héberge une centaine d’animaux dont 90% sont issus de rescues. Nous avons 2 missions : Faire un maximum de sauvetages animaliers. Nous récupérons des animaux qui sont abandonnés, qui ont été trouvés blessés dans la nature ou dont les propriétaires ne peuvent plus s'occuper.  Sensibiliser les personnes à la cause animale. Nous sommes ouverts au public et leur proposons des visites guidées leur permettant de connaître l'histoire de chaque animal et expliquer les bonnes conditions de vie nécessaires.  Il est commun de voir des personnes adopter des bébés singes qui au bout d'un an souhaitent s'en séparer se rendant compte que leur comportement n'est pas adapté à une vie parmi les humains. Ces singes ne peuvent pas être remis dans la nature de par leur passé.   L'objectif de ce projet: Nous avons régulièrement des demandes de sauvetages de singes et actuellemet 4 en attente. C'est pour cela que nous souhaitons construire une grande volière avec des arbres dedans, un bassin, et suffisemment d'espace pour pouvoir réunir tous ces singes et leur offrir une vie meilleure. Mais pour cela nous avons besoin de votre générosité afin de faire aboutir ce projet qui nous tient tant à coeur. L’enclos sera fabriqué avec du double fencing soit Rs 150 000 de matériaux. Il y aura un sas de sécurité. Il faudra bétonner une partie du sol et des contours pour fixer le fencing afin d’éviter que les singes creusent et s’échappent, organiser un bassin pour eux pour qu’ils puissent boire, se laver ou jouer tout simplement. La construction de petites maisons en béton pour qu’ils puissent s’abriter en cas de fortes pluies ou cyclone est indispensable. Tout cela coute dans les Rs 200 000. 4 personnes travaillent sur ce projet : Noémie Barragan, qui est à l’origine de l’Arche de Noé.  Célia Joubert, qui est la manager du parc de loisirs de Gros Cailloux. Estelle De Sornay, notre responsable de l’Arche de Noé. Sand Audrain, qui a proposé d'offrir son expertise en communication à l'équipe du refuge : photo, vidéo, contenu digital, dossier ed presse, peinture, etc...  Chaque don nous permettra de soutenir notre cause afin de faire un pas ensemble vers un monde meilleur pour nos amis les animaux.
  72. Otrement Kapab - Services à la personne dédiée tant aux bénéficiaires qu'aux accompagnants
    Otrement Kapab - Services à la personne dédiée tant aux bénéficiaires qu'aux accompagnants
    Valentin Halbwachs
    Je m’appelle Valentin, j’ai 24 ans et je suis étudiant en master à Lille.Depuis 6 ans, j’ai relevé le défi de quitter l’île Maurice, ma terre natale, pour me former à l’étranger et pouvoir vivre en totale autonomie. C’est ainsi que j’évolue à plus de 10 000 km de mon foyer familial avec le soutien d’une équipe d’auxiliaires de vie à domicile qui intervient 24 heures sur 24. J’arrive à vivre mon quotidien selon mes convenances et c’est alors que germe une idée.Ce projet vient d’un constat empirique des nombreux manquements et limites des services à disposition des personnes à mobilité réduite, ainsi que les véritables challenges auxquels nous sommes confrontés pour vivre une vie autonome.  Aujourd’hui, mon souhait le plus cher est de voir d’autres personnes pouvoir se dire que oui, tout est possible ! Otrement Kapab est une structure d’aide de vie à domicile qui veut valoriser les relations entre les auxiliaires et les “autrement capables", ou le handicap n’est plus formalisé mais humanisé.La qualité est l’idéologie de notre structure avec des prestations soucieuses du bien-être de ses bénéficiaire et des conditions d’intervention de ses salariés. L'objectif de cette collecte de fonds et de constituer une base financière solide pour obtenir l'avale du SAP (Services à la Personne) en région Hauts-de-France.Cette approbation est le point de départ officiel de ce projet qui permettra à l'entreprise "Otrement Kapab" d'être officiellement reconnue afin de pouvoir lancer ses opérations en France.
  73. Patyatann New Album
    Patyatann New Album
    Support Patyatann's new album! The sun sets on our first album 'Sanpek ’ and a new moon rises on our second project. This time we’re inviting you to join us on a ‘Mystipik’ journey (Mystik ek tipik / mystical and typical) :) If you want to help us accomplish this project, you can purchase the album in pre-sale !    The project  We have about fifteen new tracks that we can’t wait to share with you ! Mystical songs, tinted with legends and stories full of imagery and dreams. On this project we will collaborate with mauritian artist Kim Yip Tong for the artwork of the album and booklet. Her imaginary and magical universe totally resonates with our music! The booklet will take the form of a mini illustrated book, filled with stories and adventures... The recording will take place in the studio of Makacoustics, with sound engineer Natesh Makhan. stay tuned to discover all the musical collaborations and surprises awaiting you on this album!   You can already discover some of the songs that will be part of this new opus: Lakshmi  Kosmos  Mersi bondye  Dime    How can you help? There are several ways to support us: You can pre-order the album either in its digital or physical format, or have access to even more bonuses, the more you contribute ! Check out the perks ! Rs 300: Digital album Rs 800: Physical album: a beautiful illustrated book + CD and digital link. Rs 1,500: Physical album + poster of the album cover illustration autographed by the band  Rs 5,000: Physical album + poster + name in acknowledgments as a contributor in the booklet Rs 25,000: An afternoon with the members of Patyatann to discover their instruments, discuss, “bwar enn dithe” + intimate acoustic concert (max 20 to 30 people) Rs 85,000: Physical Album + the original painting of the cover illustration by Kim Yip Tong ** ** For this reward please contact us directly on .   Sharing and talking about the project around you is also a great way to help us! Sponsoring If you want to collaborate as a sponsor and have your logo featured, please contact us directly on   What is the fundraising for? Studio recording and equipment rental Mixing / Mastering Artwork & Design Booklet printing Pressing CDs Remuneration of musicians/guest musicians Photo / Communication Logistics Distribution / Management If we exceed the target, the funds raised will be used to develop our project and offer you even more videos clips and surprises! We are planning for a release of the album in september 2022 depending on the crowdfunding results.   Patyatann ? Patyatann is a musical project from Mauritius, which today includes five versatile musicians: Sarasvati Mallac, Anthony Bouic, Kan Chan Kin, Nitish Boojhawon and Stephan Paul.   The group was formed in 2012 and was subsequently selected to represent Mauritius at the World Event Young Artists in England, a festival organized in the wake of the Olympics. In 2013, the band performed at the Indian Ocean’s Music Market (IOMMA) in Reunion Island and was also the first Mauritian band to come 3rd in a contest for the award of the Prix Musiques de l’Océan Indien. It was acclaimed for its “originality” and “freshness”.   In 2016 they released their first album Sanpek, which was successfully received, and allowed them to tour in Mauritius and internationally in France and Switzerland in 2018. ”Patyatann” is a composite word in Mauritian Creole, which literally means: It was not expected. This word was chosen because it chronicles the extraordinary journey of the band and its singular musical style. Patyatann’s repertoire is built upon the cultural diversity of Mauritius by incorporating elements of traditional Mauritian music, but also sonorities from the Indian Ocean and beyond. The band brings together elements of eastern (including African, Chinese and Indian) and western influences, which are part of the Mauritian identity and resonate in other parts of an increasingly multicultural world.   Patyatann experiments with different traditional instruments that can be found in Mauritius, including the erhu, the bobre, the sanza, the tabla, the didgeridoo and of course the ravanne. Their music is also characterized by its vocal harmonies or polyphonies, sung in different languages: Creole, French, English, Sanskrit or Bhojpuri.   Patyatann’s music, lyrics and melodies aim to inspire and convey strong values by addressing themes such as the respect and love for nature, generosity, spirituality, relationship with others, and the importance of being open to the diversity of this world.    Many thanks for your support! Lekip Patyatann    
  74. Fund needed urgently for eye operation
    Fund needed urgently for eye operation
    Mrs Priyanka Sohun
    I am Mrs Priyanka Sohun needing help about a serious problem concerning my father in law Mr Sooryadeo Sohun, residing at Schoenfeld Road, Riviere du Rempart, suffering from a serious eye problem since 2015 : Atypical Pleomorphic Adenoma Left Lacrimal Gland. He is still doing his treatment at SSRN and Moka hospital every week. Arrangements have been made for overseas treatment in Chennai. Everything was settled to go abroad but an unexpected additionnal cost of Rs. 270,000 was added to the bill, which we can unfortunately not afford. We received help from the ministry of health and Rs. 248,000 remains available. We were able to find Rs. 75,000 but still need to collect Rs. 270,000. We are middle class people and it is impossible for us to gather the needed funds in due time. On behalf of my father in law, I request you to help us in any way you can. It is very painful for his family to see him suffering everyday knowing that a treatment is available. Thank you for your understanding.    
  75. Mom's surgery
    Mom's surgery
    Preetisha Oodith
    Pour Mme. Pratima Rungloll 63 ans ek Retraite. Moi, Preetisha Sambhoolaul (Oodith),Mo traivaille comme Guest Relation Officer at The Ravenala Attitude. Habitant Robert Kennedy Trois Bras Petit Raffray. Le 22.02.22 mo mama ine admet lopital SSRN li ti p gaie doulere latete attrose, vertiz, vomie ek faible. Line admet dans salle 2.1 apres CT SCAN pour latete.Docter inn dire ki mo mama inne gainye "diffuse subarachnoid hemorrhage in the basal system, sylvan fissure and anterior interhemispheric fissure". Apres sa, li ti faire enn brain Angiography ki finn revel 2 Aneurysm droit ek gauche.Malheuresment pena so traitement moris bisoin alle dehors: INDE.Mo mama so case medical ti refer MOH cote noun gainye ein grant pour vine en INDE. Grant de RS. 800,000 cote Rs 200,000 li pour straicher, docter ek aide medical plus billet avion. Noune gainye Rs600,000 pou traitement dan l'hopital l'Inde. Le 12 Mars noune arrive APOLLO Mumbai kot mo mama inne admet direct dan ICU, so traitement ine cumence ek so latete droit inne opere.Samedi dernier administration inform mwa ki grant la ine fini ek maintenant ce nous ki bizin paye pour so traitment ek deuxieme operation. Cote MOH ti dire ki apres traiement (Inclu les deux operations) tous additional cost si inne depase sa grant la nous paie.Mo ti sipoze faire payment lundi cote li ti difficile pour mo arrange sa totalite de Rs.850,000. Dimanche 20.03, monn lance ein aide lor reseau sociaux.Monn gainye aide ek largent ki mo ti ena r mwa monn faire ein payment de Rs. 270,000 lundi ek lot Rs. 270,000 hier.La totalite de Rs 540,000. Avek l'aide de tou mo ban famille,camarade ek tous ban moriciens. Ein Grand Merci ,Humanite encore la. Le 22.03 mo mama ine transfer dan ward avek mwa. So deuxieme operation ki ti sipoze faire lundi ine postpone pour mercredi. Nous sipoze retourne Moris le 15 Avril.Li pa encore faire so deuxieme operation. Li pou admet dan ICU encore. Apres operation, so ban test, medicines, scan sa pour fini depase budget disponible. Mo nepli connais cumen pu fer. Mo tousel dan ene pay etranger ek mo compte lor zott aide pour ressi trouve enn solution.Merci. 
  76. Caritas Ile Maurice - Centre de Formation Canne en Fleur
    Caritas Ile Maurice - Centre de Formation Canne en Fleur
    Caritas Ile Maurice
    Le Centre de Formation Canne en Fleur Caritas, lancé en novembre 2015, est situé à Pointe aux Piments. Il a pour mission de former en Pâtisserie et Boulangerie, toute personne, n’ayant pas les moyens financiers ou les qualifications requises pour rejoindre les institutions de formation hôtelière dans le pays. Le but est de les rendre employables dans le secteur hospitalier et aussi de leur donner la possibilité de se lancer dans l’entreprenariat. A ce jour, plus de 300 personnes ont pu bénéficier de nos formations. Après 6 ans d’existence, un besoin de diversification de nos formations a été identifié. Aujourd’hui, nous souhaitons proposer un programme plus complet et adapté, incluant des formations de pâtisserie; de boulangerie; de cuisine et d’entreprenariat. Des formations de remise à niveau et de développement personnel seront aussi proposées simultanément. Afin de pouvoir mener à bien ce projet, un aménagement d’espace supplémentaire est nécessaire pour augmenter notre capacité d'accueil. De ce fait, nous prévoyons d’optimiser l’espace disponible dans le bâtiment en le rendant plus fonctionnel et accessible à tous. Objectif principal du projet : La redynamisation de nos formations de manière à ce qu’elle touche plus de personnes. Public ciblé : • Les femmes au foyer ou mères célibataires qui ne peuvent être sur le marché du travail à cause de leurs responsabilités familiales. • Les jeunes chômeurs, ne pouvant répondre aux critères d’éligibilité des institutions élites. Pour achever ce projet, nous comptons sur le soutien et la générosité de tout un chacun. Merci.
  77. Kindly help me for my Bilateral Hip replacement surgery
    Kindly help me for my Bilateral Hip replacement surgery
    Benazheer Alladeen
    Hello everyone,  My name is Benazheer Alladeen, I am 27 years old. I was living a normal life when an ugly turn happen where I saw myself bed ridden for 4 months in February 2020. My life was baffled with this tragedic situation. I started my treatment at Jeetoo hospital, after doing several blood tests and radiography, doctors have found out that I have been diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis which has affected both my hips with limited mobility and no cartilage left. I will have to undergo a bilateral hip replacement surgery as both hips has been affected. I humbly request for your help for this crucial surgery as the surgery is costing approximately Rs.600,000 with extensive therapy after the surgery and hospital stay. I hope that you will consider my plea and give me a positive response, you can also find attached of some  important documents and radiography plus a video which was done by  "MBC - Tous Egaux" as proof of the health issue I am suffering from. Thank you in advance for your kind contribution and help. Sincerely yours,  Benazheer Alladeen. 
  78. Il faut sauver la  soldate Rebecca
    Il faut sauver la soldate Rebecca
    Michel Soneea
    IL FAUT SAUVER LA SOLDATE REBECCA.  Ma nièce,Rebecca, orpheline de père , 25 ans, célibataire  est atteinte de Leucémie (AML.. Un cancer du sang très agressif). Quand le docteur nous a annoncé la dévastatrice nouvelle en Novembre 2021, elle nous a dit que durant sa chimiothérapie, elle peut y laisser la vie "Sa leucémie la zordi li la demain li pa la" Mais Rebecca a été résiliente. Sa foi en Dieu et son attitude positive à fait d'elle une héroïne. Malheureusement un mois après sa chimiothérapie au Cancer Centre de ex Med Point, ses tests sanguins ont démontré que le cancer est réapparu. Son médecin a alors recommandé qu'elle parte  en Inde pour une chimio plus intense, suivi d'une greffe de la moelle osseuse. Elle est Inde depuis Février 2022 avec sa mère. Le Gouvernement lui a accordé Rs 1 Million pour ses frais de billets d'avion et dépenses médicaux pour la chimio. Elle est sortie victorieuse de sa deuxième chimio, mais avec quelques séquelles comme perte de ses cheveux. Elle a eu sa decharge de l'hôpital depuis le 10 Mars et elles résident actuellement dans un guest house dont les frais d'hébergement est de Rs 2,000 indien par jour, montant qu'elles doivent encourues à leurs propre frais. Maintenant il nous faut trouver au minimum Rs 1,5 Million pour la greffe de la moelle osseuse qui va commencer dans 2 semaines.Son frère va les rejoindre la semaine prochaine puisqu'il est un donnneur compatible. La greffe de la moelle osseuse doit être fait au plus vite pour éviter que le cancer réapparaît, étant de nature très agressif. Nous avons l'autorisation de la police pour une levée de fond et à ce jour nous avons récolté presque Rs. 600,000. Il nous faut trouver la somme de Rs. 900,000 additionel. Il faut sauver Rebecca, elle a la rage de vivre et elle a tout son avenir devant elle. Elle ne peut pas mourir à cause d'un manque d'argent. La générosité des Mauriciens est exemplaire. On ne va pas la laisser tomber. Toute contribution , si minime soit-elle sera accueillie comme une bénédiction. MICHEL SONEEA /////  ENGLISH  ////// SAVE REBECCA.   My niece, Rebecca, fatherless, 25 years old, single, has Leukemia (AML.. A very aggressive blood cancer).When the doctor told us the devastating news in November 2021, she told us that during her chemotherapy, she could die but Rebecca was resilient. Her faith in God and her positive attitude made her a hero!Unfortunately a month after her chemotherapy at the Cancer Center at ex Med Point, her blood tests showed that the cancer had come back. Her doctor then recommended that she go to India for more intense chemo, followed by a bone marrow transplant. She has been India since February 2022 with her mother. The Government granted her Rs 1 Million for her costs of air tickets and medical expenses for the chemo. She emerged victorious from her second chemo, but with some after-effects such as hair loss. She has been discharged from the hospital since March 10 and they are currently residing in a guest house whose accommodation costs are Rs 2,000 Indian Ruppee per day, which they must incur at their own expense.Now we need to find at least Rs 1.5 Million for the bone marrow transplant which will start in 2 weeks. Her brother will join them next week as he is a compatible donor. The bone marrow transplant must be done as soon as possible to prevent the cancer from reappearing, being of a very aggressive nature. We have permission from the police for a fundraiser and so far we have raised almost Rs. 600,000. We need to find the sum of Rs. 900,000 additional. We have to save Rebecca, she has the rage to live and she has her whole future ahead of her. She can't die because of a lack of money. The generosity of Mauritians is exemplary. We're not going to let her down. Any contribution, no matter how small, will be welcomed as a blessing. MICHEL SONEEA
  79. Help feed and catch stray dogs for sterilisation
    Help feed and catch stray dogs for sterilisation
    RASHILA Ramchurn
    I am Dr Rashila Ramchurn and I need the support of public to help me feed around 200 stray dogs daily. For the last 8 years, I've been feeding them alone.  I daily cook 1 "bal of ration rice" Rs.270, I mix 20kg pellets Rs.1,300, I bol 12 mixi i.e Rs.30x12, and I put Rs.500 fuel in my car to travel and feed from khoyratty to Darruty and go to Marre D'Australia. Along the road and in sugarcane fields there are around 200 strays which wait for this daily meal. I also need the support of public so that I can pay people to catch all the strays which I feed and bring to veterinary. Alone I can't do this. I have got 2 generous ladies who are sponsoring sterilisation. As I can't catch the dogs myself, I have decided to pay people to catch them for me and then bring them for sterilisation.Alone I can't do this,Together we can!
  80. Moving Mountains For Maretha
    Moving Mountains For Maretha
    Friends of Maretha Hill
    Maretha Hill has a dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and funds for CANCER patients. She is a hill-seeker, a mother of 3 (Kelly 26, Gareth 18 and Joshua-Aaron 5), she was listed among the top10 female trail runners in Mauritius for 2020, even though she could only participate up until June.  She is Fierce. She is determent.  She is a WARRIOR! Her dream to climb the highest mountain in Africa is still part of who she is, even though she faces the toughest climb of her life-journey;  During August 2020 at the age of 46 Maretha was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a fast-growing type of tumour in the brain.  She underwent her first surgery in Cape Town followed by deep radiation.  During August 2021 she suffered a set back and had to undergo a 2nd surgery followed by aggressive chemotherapy. Recently she has been in and out of ICU due to ongoing seizures after the detection of a large mass tumour on her periphery. She has been hospitalized twice over the past month for recurring issues and blood clots. Her Medical Cover, up to a mere Rs500 000 limit, completely exhausted after her 2nd operation. In addition, medical bills in excess of Rs500 000 paid out of the family-pockets. Leaving her family in dire need of financial assistance to pay her past medical bills, cover future treatment expense and nursing assistance at home. "The Man Who Moves A Mountain Begins By Carrying Away Small Stones” - Confucius  Please open your heart to help us in moving this mountain, one small stone at a time, for Maretha and her family! "Rocks Are Falling, The Broken Calling, To The ONE That Moves The Mountains” - Friends Of Maretha Hill -  
  81. Medical Help & chance to walk again
    Medical Help & chance to walk again
    Karrimbuccus-Doomun Nusrath
    I am Nusrath K-Doomun from Pailles, 36 years old and primary school educator. I am married with 2 children, a daughter of 17yrs old and a son of 14 years old soon. I was living a normal stable life till my life got bashed in a single second. A car hit our scooter at Mont Est Coromandel, impacting half of my body. At first rendering me bedridden bur with efforts and surgeries, I am now confined to a wheel chair.  Following my accident on 9th May 2017, I suffered a polytrauma (  a broken ulna, a distal femur fracture and open fracture in tibia). I was hospitalized for 6 months in Jeetoo Hospital and 2 months in Candos Hospital for my post accident treatment where I underwent nearly over 25 surgeries.Then in 2018, since there was no further treatment for my leg at hospital as there were persisting non union, I started a private treatment at Darne clinic where I underwent several surgeries again for uniting the bones. But unfortunately infection and non union persisted where both my hospital doctors and clinic doctor decided to send me abroad for further treatment in September 2019. I went for further treatment in Artemis New Delhi where the first phase of my treatment was done with multiple surgeries. After that the bones finally united. But now to be able to walk again I need to go for the  second and hopefully last phase of my treatment to be able to walk and be independent. I humbly request for your help for my surgery as only the surgery will cost approximately Rs650000 excluding flight tickets, my stay for 2 months in India (guesthouse), and post surgical treatments such as dressings and home care for injection and antibiotics administration as main expenses. I sincerely hope you will consider my request and give me a positive reply. Please find attached my documents. The last 2 scans show the surgery I should do to be able to walk again and be independent. I also attached my bank documents in case ull need.  Thanking you in anticipation  Sincerely yours,  Nusrath Karrimbuccus - Doomun K150385381154G    
  82. Help for my wife
    Help for my wife
    Feroze Kadall
    Hello friends, my name is Feroze Kadall I live at 15 cantons Vacoas from Mauritius and I am 55 years old. I have 2 daughters at the age of 23 and 16. I don't work as I have to look after my wife who is suffering from Myasthenia Gravis, thymoma with Tracheostomy and peg for the past 4 years. It is my daughter who is working to meet our daily expenses. For these 4 years my wife's situation has not been improved at all. Also, we have been feeding her with nutrition products which cost Rs.3,200 per week it is quite difficult for us as only my daughter is working. Now we have decided to take my wife in a hospital in india (Fortis Memorial Research Institute) for her treatment but it is costing around Rs.800,000 for all the expenses. I am therefore making a request for help from everyone so that we can give my wife a good treatment. It would be of great help if everybody could participate in this project. Thanking you in advance for your help.  
  83. Assistance aux familles victimes de Batsiraï à Madagascar
    Assistance aux familles victimes de Batsiraï à Madagascar
    Association de Volontaires pour le Droit Humain
    Grace a votre soutien, nous avons préparé un pack de produits de première nécessité (PPN) se composant de : 1 sac de riz de 25kg, 2 litres d’huile, 6 boites de sardines, 3 kg de grains, 1 kg de sucre, 500g de sel, et 1 kg de lait  Les dons reçus à ce jour nous ont permis de préparer 125 packs. La distribution a commencé ce matin et nous avons déjà touché directement 20 familles. Un total de 50 packs a été remis au Chef de District de la commune urbaine de Vangaindrano afin d’assurer une distribution via le canal officiel des 8,000 familles nécessiteuses enregistrées à ce jour. Cela fend le coeur de voir la foule qui vient vers nous lors d'une de devoir les refuser car ils ne sont pas prioritaires... c'est a dire qu'eux peuvent encore attendre la prochaine distribution ...ils ont probablement 1 sur 10 (en PPN) pendant que les autres autres ont eux .... 0 sur 10. Malgré tout, vous avez les remerciements les plus sincères de la communauté de Vangaindrano et ne pouvez pas imaginé le bonheur que ce petit pack apporte à ces familles dans le besoin extreme.
  84. Running to save lives
    Running to save lives
    Loren d'Arifat
    Hi! My name is Loren - 38 years old - Wife and mom of 2 living in Tamarin. I've been running for many years now but haven't completed my bucket list dream of a full Marathon. Now having been given the opportunity to run the Paris Marathon on the 3rd April 2022, I knew I had to give back in some way or other. So I chose two causes very close to me. I will run for ALOPECIA AWARENESS. 147 million people worldwide have or will develop alopecia areata (an auto immune disease) at some point in their lives but still this disease is so unknown to many. I want to show those suffering from the disease that although it is emotionally heart breaking to go through you can rise above it and still accomplish your dreams. Dig deep. Find the person you are within. And Shine. I will also run for SACIM – Society for Aid to Children Inoperable in Mauritius. This NGO was founded in 1967. To date they have treated 907 children - 11 locally and 896 abroad. This NGO is close to my heart because my son James was born with a rare heart condition called tetralogy of fallot. We were one of the lucky ones when his life was saved via open heart surgery in India by a team of amazing medical staff on the 17th October 2018. As a mom of a heart baby I know first-hand the medical expenses needed so I would like to raise as much funds as possible for SACIM so they can continue to help the children of Mauritius and Rodrigues. All funds will go directly to SACIM so let’s go for Rs10,000 a Kilometre! *A special thanks to Tom Armstrong for making this dream a reality! *A special thanks to Tailwind Nutrition Mauritius for fuelling me through my training and race day!
  85. Soutenir Anne Lise 2.0
    Soutenir Anne Lise 2.0
    Jocelyn Amadis
    Bonjour à tous, Le premier CrowdFund pour Anne Lise a atteint la somme de Rs.152,159/- et les dépenses pour la Clinique Darné du 12 au 28 février 2022 ont coûté Rs.435,212.42/- . Nous voulons remercier DE TOUT COEUR TOUS CEUX QUI NOUS SONT VENUS EN AIDE JUSQU'ICI. Rentrée à la maison le 28 février, Anne Lise a fait une rechute d'infection aux poumons le 9 mars et a dûe être admise à nouveau en clinique ce jour là. A hier la facture était arrivée à Rs.146,185.15/- Elle a du mal à respirer même avec l'aide d'oxygène et a besoin d'être assistée par une machine "VPAP". Les mèdecins pensent pouvoir la renvoyer à la maison probablement le weekend prochain A CONDITION qu'on ait ce matériel chez nous, sinon elle devra rester en clinique jusqu'à ce qu'elle puisse respirer uniquement avec l'aide du cylindre à oxygène - chose qui ne semble pas être pour bientôt, à cause de son état. Nous sommes très limités financièrement en ce moment et nous essayons de trouver la solution la plus adéquate pour elle et pour nous. Nous pensons louer le matériel "VPAP" pour pouvoir la ramener à la maison. Anne Lise a la chance d'avoir des bienfaiteurs à travers nos amis et parents (que nous remercions beaucoup) mais nous rendons quand même compte que nous aurons besoin encore de l'argent pour pouvoir financer le tout. De ce fait nous ouvrons ce nouveau CrowdFund pour Anne Lise pour nous aider à couvrir les dépenses de son deuxième séjour en clinique, pour la location de matériel médical pour elle et pour l'achat des médicaments. MERCI de partager avec vos contacts le lien de ce CrowdFund et de contribuer selon vos moyens svp - chaque contribution aussi minime soit - elle aura son importance! Cordialement, Jocelyn AMADIS         
  86. Music for Changing Lives of young people in Deprived Areas
    Music for Changing Lives of young people in Deprived Areas
    Music Mauritius Foundation (MMF)
    Dear Music Lovers, It is a proven fact that Music brings people together and the Magic Bond stays forever.  The vision of Music Mauritius Foundation (MMF) is to create the possibility for deprived children to learn music and an instrument and to play in various types of ensembles. The overall goals are; 1. to foster, by way of music, a positive personal development of struggling children and  2. to enable widespread, high quality and sustainable music tuition in Mauritius.  MMF therewith aims at fighting poverty, unemployment and drug abuse and towards contributing to a flowering and rich music culture in Mauritius. Our mission is to convey music skills with special pedagogical focus by an internationally supported “three-point programme”: MENTOR teach TEACHERS teach CHILDREN. This allows high standard educational skills be conveyed in the most effective way. The programme relies both on digital and physical tuition and shall meet the standards of ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). Music Mentors will be from Mauritius and Overseas- Germany initially. Who are we?  MMF is a team of Mauritian and German origins, musicians and music lovers who joined hands to put up this project led by Antoine Goorshaye, Simone Strohmeier, Shyam Roy, Martin Hollmann, Rechad Chummun, Paul Olsen & others.    We want to bring back musical education to Mauritius in a systematic way and free of charge for children and youth in deprived areas.    How do we use the Funds  Most of the funds will be used for payment of salaries for Mentors and Teachers which will grow with time. Some funds will be used for purchase of instruments. Annual costs estimated for 2022  will conservatively be around Rs1,5M.  Short Term Goals  We need to build up MMF and its infrastructure, set up the resources in terms of Music Mentors and Music Teachers and set up schools of music across the island  Long Term Goals  Have around 3000 young people with knowledge of music and learning music by 2023  and  One day, we hope to have a National  Youth Orchestra in Mauritius.  More info on  
  87. Solidarité pour Ti-Rodrigues à Cité la Cure
    Solidarité pour Ti-Rodrigues à Cité la Cure
    Marie Doralice
    Bonjour à tous, Un nouveau lien de cagnotte a été créé et sera consacré UNIQUEMENT à TI RODRIGUES, en collaboration avec Anabelle Savabaddy. Un projet de collecte de fond qui s'étendra du 18 février au 5 mars. Voir la vidéo via le lien ci-dessous, realisée par Anabelle Savabaddy, lors de sa visite sur le terrain: Nous voulons réunir tous les moyens nécessaires pour lutter contre la précarité, la pauvreté et l'injustice dans cette cité. Qui plus est garde les sequelles du cyclone Batsirai. Nous lançons un appel de don et des demandes d'aides, que ce soit au niveau financier et sous toutes formes: aide au niveau matériels scolaires, vêtements, vaisselles, matelas, lits, armoires et des paniers de repas. Toute aide est la bienvenue. "L‘entraide est inscrite à l‘intérieur de chacun de nous, car nous savons tous intérieurement que nous sommes les êtres que nous sommes devenus, grâce à la participation de centaines de personnes: parents, famille, amis, professeurs, idoles et d‘autres modèles de toutes sortes" Nous comptons sur votre générosité et solidarité exemplaire, travaillons main dans la main, afin d'aider cette cité à se relever de sa misère, ils en ont vraiment besoin. Aidons les à avancer et voir cette lumière au bout du tunnel, signe d'espoir pour eux. Soyons cette lumière de bienveillance et d'espérance. En vous remerciant de tout cœur pour votre soutien. Que dieu vous bénisse. Groupe Solidarité Mauriciens d'Ailleurs ( Marjo DORALICE, Annabelle SYLVIO, Vanessa NAGAPILLAY, Marie-Anique OOZAGEER, Delphine LAFON et Jean-West AZIE, les 6 administrateurs du groupe)
  88. UKRAINE WAR - Need help to bring my son Home
    UKRAINE WAR - Need help to bring my son Home
    Yannick Parfait
    My name is Yannick Parfait currently living in Mauritius for work as a Medical Doctor at Candos Hospital. My wife is from Ukraine and my family is living there since 2019.  My son is following some medical treatment in Kyiv Ukraine. Back in 2019 after an MRI, we noticed that he has a problem with speech and behavior. We found out that due to a Trauma at birth, he has Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, in simple words no oxygen to the brain which causes brain damage. Then we decided to move our kids to Ukraine for better treatment as my wife lost all faith in medical institutions in Mauritius The treatment he is following there is to help reconnect his neuron so that he can have a normal life. One Ampoule is $100 which he needs every day and with a speech therapist.  Since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, they had to flee for shelter due to the bombarding and firing which make the environment unsafe. We have decided to move to the south of Ukraine next to Romania so that they can cross borders and fly from Romania to Mauritius. We are raising funds for my wife and myself to fly to Romania and take our Son back to Mauritius. This campaign will help us pay for 2 return tickets and our son's ticket. Currently, the Moscow and Berlin Embassy is already helping, Ministry of International affairs also informed. They have some people at the borders of Romania waiting for all of us. Our goal is just for them to reach Mauritius Safe.    
  89. Appel @ L'aide aux familles- Post-cyclone Batsirai et current Emnati
    Appel @ L'aide aux familles- Post-cyclone Batsirai et current Emnati
    Sarepta Social Outreach
    YOUR HELP IS NEEDED.  Many families with kids lost their houses during cyclone Batsirai  and with Emnati now at Cite Tole Ti lumiere , Bangladesh Tranquebar 2 and Montagne Pouce.  We have an urgent need for construction materials and food packs to help these families. As you are aware the cost of basic and essentials provision and hygiene items as well as construction materials has increased. For each family one Food pack costs Rs 1800.  Thus for 17 families we need    Rs 1800 x17 = Rs 30600 For construction materials we need Rs19300 per family. Thus for 17 families we need Rs 19300 x17 = Rs 328100 We also need lorries and vehicles logistics to pick up materials and carry materials to the various families on the mountains. 4 trips at Rs 4000 each will cost Rs 16000. Hence the total budget is Rs 374700. We rely on your generosity and support to make this happen and help our Mauritian brothers, sisters and children in distress at this stage. You can also contribute to packs in kind and register as a volunteer as well for pick ups and drop offs at Each food provision pack per family should comprise of the following:  1 Rice pack. 1 milk pack. 1 butter or margarine. 2 pack of cheese. 5 Tuna or sardines cans, 2 cans of tomato. 3 cans of pulses or sachets grain sec. 1 sugar. 1 salt. 1 box of tea or coffee. 1 pack flour. 3 soaps. 3 toothbrushes. 2 toothpaste. 2 pack of biscuits or cakes for children. 1 paquet couche pour bebe 16-24 mois. Lingette bebe.  1 boite lait bb 12 mois ou 16-24 mois. 'Do not let the role you play in life and at work make you forget that you are human' This situation could happen to anyone. We rely on your support and solidarity. THANK YOU WITH GRATITUDE.  
  90. Avinash Imrit: Requesting and pleading you to help me get my health back please - Part 2
    Avinash Imrit: Requesting and pleading you to help me get my health back please - Part 2
    Avinash Imrit
    Dear All,               My name is Avinash Imrit.  Since November 2020, I have been feeling sick and getting a belly ache. After a consultation, I went through 2 surgeries in January 2021, and this is where I was diagnosed with a rare disease: abdominal wall paralysis. This caused severe bloated and distended tummy, leading to breathing difficulties and unable to go to the toilet without the need of medecines. This horrible pain has been going on for a year and everyday, the pain grows unbearable. I was once a fit guy, working as a nursing assistant and helping out people and today I am the one in need of help. In June 21, I attended treatment in Apollo in Mumbai, I was diagnosed having lot of complications with a divaricating recti 3 cm, dehiscence wound, abdominal distension bloated and an abdominal wall inflammation. My case has been deteriotating and doctors have requested an urgent treatment in Delhi for my surgery and treatment. I live alone and rent a house with the social aid of Rs.2,800 and unable to work anymore, I cannot fund my own treatment.Due to financial constraint ,I am also unable to obtain a loan from financial institutions either.I have made an application to the commissioner of police for public collection, due to the pandemic the procedures are taking time and it will very difficult to collect with public on road.I've been fighting for my life and the more time it takes, the more critical my health will be and I may not see a brighter future anymore. As soon as I get the money for the treatment, accomodation fees and plane tickets, only then I can consider flying to Delhi, but with no money, everything is stuck. This campaign is the only way I can find the right funds to proceed with my treatment. Pleading you to help me please.Thanking you in advance, Imrit Avinash.
  91. Ascension du Kilimandjaro - Défi Solidaire Des DunienZîl
    Ascension du Kilimandjaro - Défi Solidaire Des DunienZîl
    Les DunienZîl
    Le nouveau défi solidaire des DunienZîl : l’ascension du Kilimandjaro pour soutenir la lutte contre le cancer et lever des fonds pour l’association Link to Life.   Qui sont les DunienZîl ? La famille D’Unienville, plus connue à présent sous le nom de leur blog : DunienZîl est une famille de 4 personnes : Laurent, super papa de 42 ans, Amélie, 35 ans, maman speed et pleine d’idées et deux garçons, Victor, 9 ans, doux rêveur blondinet et Raphaël, 11 ans, l’adolescent assoiffé de découvertes. En janvier 2022, l’Île Maurice ayant assouplit ses mesures d’entrées sur le territoire, les DunienZîl ne perdent pas une seconde pour reprendre la route du voyage, cette fois ce sera un mois au Kenya pour ensuite aller en direction de la Tanzanie afin de réaliser leur défi en famille. Accompagnés de leurs deux jeunes enfants, Amélie et Laurent tenteront cette fois, toujours au profit de la lutte contre le cancer ... l’ascension du KILIMANDJARO !!! Du 12 au 19 février 2022, Laurent, Amélie, Raphaël et Victor s’apprêtent à tenter l’ascension du Kilimandjaro en 8 jours. Le choix de cette expédition sur le toit de l’Afrique, c’est s’approcher de son sommet à 5 895 mètres en faisant face, au delà de la pénibilité de la marche, à la raréfaction de l’oxygène et ainsi mettre son corps à l’épreuve pour contribuer à leur manière à la lutte contre le cancer, le tout guidé par une démarche de sensibilisation écologique.   Link To Life Une levée de fonds pour “Link to Life” association à but non lucratif dont l’objectif principal est de fournir des conseils et un soutien psychologique aux patients atteints de cancer et à leurs familles.Créée en 2002 par un petit groupe de bénévoles incluant des survivants du cancer, elle a été dûment enregistrée auprès du Registrar of Associations en Novembre 2003. Link to Life est membre de MACOSS et de l’Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (UICC). Leurs missions : • Fournir informations, conseils, soutien et soins à toute personne (sans distinction de sexe, d’ethnie ou de croyance religieuse). • Favoriser la compréhension du public, sur les causes et la prévention, ainsi que l’importance du diagnostic précoce et des progrès réalisés dans le traitement du cancer. La lutte contre le cancer est une lutte que les DunienZîl ont dû mener. En effet, en 2015, on annonce à Laurent qu’il est atteint de ce “fichu” mal, de cette terrible maladie, fléau du 21ème siècle, tout leur monde s’écroule, ils sont terrassés. À qui s’adresser? Comment faire face? Que faire? Comment être soigné? Où et par qui? Quel montant pour financer cela? Ils étaient effondrés et atterrés. Et puis le bouche-à-oreille a opéré et de fil en aiguille ils ont été pris en charge et donc soulagés de ce si grand malheur. Laurent est aujourd’hui en rémission mais pas question d’oublier et de relâcher le combat. Il est important pour eux de permettre à tous d’avoir accès à l’information, d’être dépistés, et enfin d’être soignés et accompagnés psychologiquement et même financièrement. C’est tout ce qu’offre Link to life pour qui ils relèvent désormais des défis ambitieux afin de récolter des dons. Soutenez et Partager cette initiative La période post Covid est peu propice à des surplus de finances, mais nous croyons que l’union fait la force et qu’une avalanche de petites sommes peut engendrer une belle levée. Tout le monde peut participer même peu. Aujourd’hui c’est un voisin mais demain c’est peut être nous. Et Laurent et Amélie sont très bien placés pour en témoigner. Le Covid fait beaucoup parler de lui mais il n’a pas permis de mettre le cancer en pause. N’oublions pas cette cause importante et soutenons cette association qui apporte soins et soutien.
    Sarita BHUGAWN
    Dear friends, relatives, family and all, I am Sarita and I started this page to help my niece Anju Bhugawn-Chooromoney, 42 years old, married. She is very sick since some years now. She has liver issues that had brought some other illnesses and discomfort. Before Covid, she was lucky to be able to go to Reunion island to seek for some kind of cure and bring her some relief. Unfortunately, as for many people in the world Covid has done many collateral damages. Since 2 years now, she is managing with local solutions (just some medicines) but it was not enough. Recently, her health has seriously deteriorated and she is now at the clinic. She badly needs a liver transplant which can only be performed in India. We managed to get some funding but we still need Rs.250,000. After surgery, she will need to stay there for 3 months and her husband will be accompanying her. We always see those kind of fundraising on facebook or internet and it seems to us that such things happen to others. But no, it can happen to any of us. So, people, open your heart and please give whatever you can to save a life. Thank you.
  93. Save ALBY  / Sauvons ALBY
    Save ALBY / Sauvons ALBY
    ENGLISH VERSION Hello, I am a farmer Michel-Henry Chauvineau with my wife based in Chamouny in the south of Mauritius, and over time I have become the savior and defender of farm animals in distress. Today I am asked to save the lives of a young albino deer and his girlfriend because they are attacked by numerous wild dogs on the island. Today they are safe but in a temporary enclosure. They need an enclosure with plenty of surface area and shade to protect them. To achieve our goal, we need; - 250 posts at around Rs 1000 each- 600 meters of fence for Deer at around Rs 11,000 per roll of 100 metersThanks to our network we have already been able to collect and install 60 posts and 200 meters of fence. Help us save Alby by providing him with a more comfortable living space. A visit to the farm is possible upon reservation of a minimum of six people. Thank you in advance for your help and support. VERSION FRANCAISE Bonjour, Je suis avec ma femme agriculteur basé à Chamouny dans le sud de l'ile Maurice, et avec le temps je suis devenu le sauveur et défenseur des animaux d'élevage en détresse. Aujourd'hui je suis sollicité pour sauver la vie d'un jeune cerf albinos ainsi que sa copine des attaques de nombreux chiens sauvages présents dans l'ile. Aujourd'hui ils sont en sécurité mais dans un enclos provisoire, Il leurs faut un enclos avec beaucoup de surface et d'ombrage pour les protéger. Pour atteindre notre objectif, il nous faut;- 250 poteaux à environ 1000 Rs Pièce- 600 mètres de clôture pour Cerfs à environ 14.000 Rs le rouleau de 100 MètresGrâce à notre réseau nous avons déjà pu collecter et installer 60 poteaux et 200 mètres de clôture. Aidez-nous à sauver Alby en lui procurant un espace de vie plus confortable. Une visite de la ferme est possible sur réservation de six personnes minima.D'avance, Merci pour votre aide et soutien.  
  94. Nicolas's Radiotherapy  in India
    Nicolas's Radiotherapy in India
    Jessica Lacourt
    Dear all, On behalf of Nicolas, I Jessica Lacourt, am writing to you for a financial support to finish his treatment. My name is Jean Nicolas Lacourt, 42 yrs. from Pointe aux Sables. I worked at IBL for 20 yrs., married and father of two daughters. I like spending time with family and riding my scooter. Unfortunately, my health started to get worth in 2009 and I have been diagnosed a rare tumour called pheochromocytoma with high diabetes and high hypertension, I’ve done 2 surgeries in Mauritius, but my health did not improve.  In 2020, they found a metastasis of the tumour in my spine it causes me a lot of pain and prevents me from walking, and it cannot be treated in Mauritius. I flew to Delhi Fortis Memorial Hospital with my wife from 26th Dec 2020 and return on 27th April 2021 with the financial help of family and friends. I did an « MIGB » therapy. It costs me Rs.800,000 + accommodation including air tickets. After the treatment, as soon as I returned to Mauritius, the tumour broke my spine and I had to do an urgent surgery « vertebroplasty » at clinic Muller, it cost me Rs. 400,000… I still can’t walk properly. My doctor advised me to return to Delhi to complete my « MIBG » therapy. On 25th November me and my wife returned to Delhi.I must undergo more tests and radiotherapy with 5 sessions this will cost me Rs.505,267.I will need Rs.150,000 to finish my treatment and walk again without pain and return by 31st December. My daughters are looking forward to seeing us since we’ll miss Christmas. We would be grateful if you can help by contributing any amount you feel and share with friends. Thank you for your kind contribution and help.
  95. To raise funds for bladder augmentation surgery
    To raise funds for bladder augmentation surgery
    Laetitia Armand
    I am Laetitia Armand from Grand Bay, 21 years old and a student at Open University of Mauritius. I was living a normal life until my life got bashed in December 2020. I was suffering from atrocious and severe pain situated at my spine and my lower abdomen. At first, I thought that it was menstrual cramps because I was on my period at that time. But It continued in January 2021. So, I was hospitalized for 5 days in January 2021 in a hospital. On the 5th of February 2021, it was by an acute crippling pain, vaginal bleeding and vomiting along with an intense fever that my parents and I decided to go to a clinic. It was on that same day that I started putting catheter due to urinary problems and that I knew from what I was suffering from, Cauda Equina syndrome. It is a rare syndrome where nerves at the end of the spine situated at the sacral regions are compressed and that is what triggered my bladder to become neuropathic. Thus, I urgently got operated at my spine and I also underwent a cystoscopy because my bladder haemorrhaged. Thankfully, by the help of God, my friends from my former college Pamplemousses SSS, acquaintances and relatives, my church , Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and my family who supported me financially and who came to visit me, my surgery was a success, but I still need the urinary catheter because my bladder is still small, and it becomes smaller day by day. Now I need to undergo a bladder augmentation surgery or else it will affect my kidneys. So, I humbly request for your help for this crucial surgery as the surgery itself will cost approximately Rs 325,000, plus my stay for almost 1 week at the clinic and post surgical treatments such as dressings and antibiotics administration.  I hope that you will consider my plea and give me a positive response. You can also find attached of some pictures of how the surgery will be proceeded and the important documents as a proof of the problems I have mentioned above. Thank you in advance for your kind contribution and help Sincerely Yours, Armand Laetitia  
  96. Help Madhu Overcome Left Side Paralysis
    Help Madhu Overcome Left Side Paralysis
    Madhu sooriah
    Hello, I am Madhu Sooriah aged 26 years and I live in Roches Brunes.I am here to explain my situation; Since I was vaccinated by the second dose of sinopharm on the 3rd July 2021, I have been paralyzed and my left part side does not function anymore.I remain on bed as I cannot move and even more I am pregnant. My situation is very difficult. I have three children aged of 9years old, 8 years old and 2 years old. My husband cannot work as he has to look after me and my children.We have financial obligations as we rent a house. Unfortunately, I lost my job and we remain without any income for an undefined period.I am therefore requesting support on this platform to have some help with the public as my situation is difficult. If the financial goal of Rs.200,000 is reached, it will allow us to cover our expenses for the upcoming months and give us some extra time to find a solution to our situation.Thank you, Madhu.
  97. Giving Back to Juanito
    Giving Back to Juanito
    Friends of Juanito
    Juanito, a trained social worker, has a heart for vulnerable groups of society, particularly children.  Although a motorcycle accident resulted in a leg amputation, he resumed life with strength and courage, supervising and training the youth. Currently Juanito is president of the NGO, Club Cycliste, helping the youth fight drugs with sport.  He is also a board member of the I61 Foundation which is a charitable organisation assisting in sourcing funds for NGO projects. Juanito’s current prosthesis hurts him considerably and he has not had a new one since his accident 10 years ago. As a community that has received so much from Juanito, we would like to give back to him by raising funds for him to have a new prosthesis which will be considerably more comfortable and allow him to be even more active! Thank you for helping us make this happen through your generous donations.  
  98. Fund Raising for our Mauritian sister Sabine  Lagaillarde
    Fund Raising for our Mauritian sister Sabine Lagaillarde
    Sukhoo Aurelie
    Hi to everyone, On Behalf of Sabine Lagaillarde, I, Aurelie Sukhoo, am creating this crowdfunding campaign to help Sabine, currently in India, come back to Mauritius. Thanks in advance to all of you reading this request and those who will contribute. Sabine Lagaillarde, young girl of 22 years old, actually in India for treatment for Acute Leukemia treatment needs our help to pay for her medical expenses to be able to leave the hospital and come back to Mauritius. Sabine left Mauritius on the 3rd of December. Time is limited for her as she just received the legal documents to proceed to collection and settle the amount due. Her deadling is close and she will be charge another big amount if she stay more in the hospital: Rs.100,000 / week.  Her family settled a payment of Rs.88,000 on the 5th of January 2022 but Rs.300,000 are still needed to settle the amount due to the hospital and allow her to move to a guest house until she can get back to Mauritius.   Kindly support and share this project so that our Sister can come back. Thank you all for your kind support.
  99. New house for a new life
    New house for a new life
    Collectif Jeunesse Curepipien
    Appel à solidarité : aider cette famille en difficulté à rénover leur maison Après la séparation des parents, Ziad et son frère ont dû déménager dans une maison familiale hélas en piteux état. Leur père lutte pour avoir une meilleur vie ,maçon il travaille le matin pour nourrir ces enfants le soir, et a du mal à rejoindre les deux bouts. Le projet :Reconstruire une maison décente afin de permettre à cette famille d’accéder à une meilleur vie .Ce projet vise à faire les travaux de maçonnerie, d'électricité, de plomberie, de crépissage, d'installer le wc, la peinture, changer les fenêtres, leur acheter des meubles, des utencils de cuisine etc...Ceux qui souhaitent aider pour les travaux sont les bienvenus. Pourquoi :Afin de réaliser leur rêve de vivre comme les autres enfants de leur âge et vivre en toute sécurité notre objectif est de terminer ce projet avant la fin de décembre avant l’arrivée de la saison des pluies. Notre équipe tient à cœur ce projet et consacre beaucoup d’énergie afin d'essayer de trouver de l'aide, des sponsors qui peuvent soutenir ce projet. Les coûts de la rénovation Maçonnerie                                                                          125,000 (crépissage ,dallage,achat et pose de carrelage etc..)             Électrique                                                                             85,000 Installation électrique (Câblage,retard CEB,prise de courant interrupteur,disjoncteur etc)                                      Plomberie                                                                              60,000   (Fourniture et pose d'une alimentation d'eau froide pour les WC, douche , cuisine, Tuyauterie,achat et pose de wc et douche etc...) Peinture                                                                                10,000 Autres                                                                                     20,000 Achat de meuble ,d'électroménager, portes ustensil de cuisine,uniforme,matériel scolaire,etc..)                    Collectif Jeunesse Curepipien est une association ayant pour but de promouvoir les loisirs sains pour éviter que les jeunes ne connaissent les fléaux tels que l'alcoolisme et la toxicomanie. Aujourd’hui notre motivation est aussi de sensibiliser les gens à une pauvreté qui existe dans notre région et qui n'est pas toujours visible aux yeux de tous Nous souhaitons avant tout aider les jeunes à connaître leurs valeurs et leurs talents sportif, musicale, artistique et aussi environnementale entre autres.
  100. Maxillary sinus cancer
    Maxillary sinus cancer
    Neha Domun
    I'm writing this on behalf of my mom Neela Domun. She’s a housewife and we’re from Belle Rose. In November 2020 my mom has been diagnosed with maxillary sinus invasive carcinoma.Following this diagnosis, she had done chemotherapy for at least 3 months in Mauritius. But now she has been advised to go to India for more treatment and we need your help. A "high risk" surgery was proposed (hemi maxillectomy with right neck dissection). But she will first do chemo and radiation cycle for 7 weeks in order to avoid the surgery.The approximate amount required is Rs 600,000.We expect to collect Rs.50,000 to Rs.100,000 from friends & family and rely on this campaign to help us collect the remaining.I have included copies of the medical report and the cost of the treatments.We would be grateful if you could contribute any amount. Do pray for her so that everything goes well. You can also help us by sharing the link of this project.Thank you for your contribution and help,Neha. 
    Luchmaya Vrinda
    Ecole spécialisée I CAN a été  fondée en 2013 et se trouve à Beau-Bassin dans un bâtiment de location. Nous accueillons des enfants avec différents types d’handicap léger, moyen et sévère, ainsi que des enfants avec troubles d’apprentissages. Après 8 ans d’opération dans ce bâtiment, nous devons maintenant rendre ce local à la demande du propriétaire. Un nouveau local de 2947 pieds carrés d’une superficie de 250 toises a été loué mais étant été inoccupé  pendant un moment, il y a des rénovations à faire dans plusieurs domaines notamment : Electricité Plomberie Les portails pour la sécurité des enfants et pour l’accès aux vans scolaires Les briques (pour l’espace du parking) Certains espaces aménagés pour la thérapie et classes Certaines portes et fenêtres et antivols pour la sécurité des enfants. Le gazon synthétique pour le terrain de jeu L’aménagement de 5 toilettes Etant un ONG, le Ministère de l’éducation n’est pas directement concerné par le financement de ce  projet de « déménagement » et nous luttons depuis mars 2021 pour rénover le nouveau local afin de le rendre plus approprié à une structure d’école qui respecte les critères et normes obligatoires des différents institutions et partenaires concernés tels que le Ministère de l’éducation, Ministère de la santé, Municipalité, Parents, Élèves et Enseignants. I CAN a pour but d’accompagner ses bénéficiaires sur le plan académique tout en visant le développement holistique de l’enfant et l’encadrement des parents. Objectif principale du projet *:  Une Ecole decente pour nos enfants aux besoins speciaux Bénéficiaire du projet* : 55 enfants aux besoins speciaux leger, moyen et severe frequentant cet ecole et 20 employes qui y travaillent. Pour achever ce projet, nous comptons  sur le soutien et la générosité de tout un chacun. Merci.
  102. She believe she can help a woman
    She believe she can help a woman
    She Can Association
    Helping to build a small decent house for an old woman Who we are? SheCan is a NGO registered with the Register of Association. It aims is to shape the community where women are able to access livelihoods with dignity, generate wealth for their family and contribute to the social welfare of women in the country. SheCan has set a strong commitment to stand up for women from the most marginalized society and aims at building wider solidarities for the benefit of the most vulnerable. SheCan has been active in helping women especially during this pandemic period where the association distributed sanitary masks and food pack to those in necessity. What is the Project about? SheCan is presently, dedicated to raising funds to assist a 72 old women living in a very hard condition at Comlone road, Pont Colville, Nouvelle France. The aim is to contribute financially toward construction of a small house so that the old lady can have a safe and decent place to live.  Other associations are also participating in this noble cause by contributing in terms of materials and labour. The project is budgeted to be around 200,000Rs. She Can is projecting to raise 100,000Rs for this noble project to support the lady. How we can Contribute? In order to maximize our fundraising outreach, a crowdfunding platform is being created. This will help generous contributors to donate fund for this cause through internet banking or juice system. Crowdfunding is a safe and efficient platform to donate. We intend to launch this project during the first week of November 2021 and the campaign will continue up to the 30 November 2021. Your contribution to this fund will allow one woman to get the a decent and safe place to stay. When we support each other, wonderful thing can be realized!
  103. Arty and holistic development educator for SEN students
    Arty and holistic development educator for SEN students
    La Fraternite Mauricienne des Malades et Handicapes
    FMMH runs an SEN school officially registered with the Ministry of Education and has students with multiple disabilities and 8 who are wheelchair users. Our SEN school aims to develop the SEN students' fullest potential in emotional skills, vocational, physical, and artistic aspects. We do not focus on the disability the student is firstly considered as a human being and needs to use all the resources available to nondisabled students to grow and mature into productive citizens of Mauritius. We want to empower the SEN students, so their voices are heard by everyone in Mauritius. This goal starts at the level of school through education that is child-centred and wants the holistic development of the person. Hence, FMMH needs an educator who can deliver this program. An educator versed in Arts including drama, dance, songs, sport, and in adapted and functional academy. Our vision of an educator is someone who thinks outside of the box and is highly creative. We have this person, unfortunately, we do not have the means to retain her services, and this is why we are appealing to the public. We are innovating in the domain of SEN education whereby the whole brain is stimulated, and we can apply Gardner 9 intelligence to benefit the SEN students' real needs. The person we want is an artist, poet, and singer and would help to develop interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, kinaesthetic intelligence of the SEN students.
  104. BLUER Ocean Project - Rodrigues
    BLUER Ocean Project - Rodrigues
    Benoit, Reshad, Jerome, Fifi and Hory
    About UsAs all similar small tropical island states, Rodrigues Island is completely dependent on the quality of its surrounding coral reefs. This complex and rich eco-system performs several crucial roles: biological, chemical, structural, social and educative. Our corals are dying like many others around the world, suffering various threats such as rising ocean temperatures and acidity and traumatic traditional fishing practices... Bluer Ocean Project proposes to generate a dynamic to increase our coral reef resilience by restoration, transplantation, nubbying, nursering, in accordance with the United Nations for Marine Environment sustainable development Goals. The Project BriefTo fight our coral reef extinction, we are in a race for successful propagation of resistant coral species, but the clock is ticking. To date we are proud to have planted in excess of thirteen thousand coral nubbins on fourteen sites around the island, but this is still far away from our goal. Using a simple but fastidious transplantation technique to ease the affects of nature and human on the areas that have seen the highest rate of destruction, we also want to complete a series of « framed » nurseries that will become submarine paths to prevent re-occurrence of the worst damage and educate people on corals. The Team, Our Company, Our Technical SupportOur motivated team is staffed by diversity: scientists, divers, skippers, life savers. We work as a company, unlike the traditional NGO structures, giving us the flexibility and most importantly the accountability to perform to set goals and responsibilities. We are supported and advised by Reefscapers, a coral reef restoration leading company in the Maldives for past fifteen years. Utilizing its foundation in France will allow a tax rebate to any companies or individuals wishing to support our endeavors. Become a financial partnerOur goals are achievable, but we need financial partners to help us get there. We propose this assistance in the following manner:Reward 1. Rs.200 > Colony  Reward 2. Rs.3,600 > 1m2 of Corals on frameReward 3. Rs.17,500 > 5m2 of Corals on frameReward 4. Rs.150,000 > 50m2 of Corals on frame* 1m2 / 1 Colony = Coral Planting Certificate + Picture + GPS Positioning1 Frame or More = Personal Update (Mail) every 6 months + Pictures & Videos  How will we internally sustain our projectWe are basing ourselves on a circular economy business model where all funds are re-injected in the project. Our business plan covers the following commercial activities: - SUBMARINE TOURS- CORAL PLANTING FORMATION SALE OF BRANDED PRODUCTS- REEF AND SENSIBILIZATION INTEGRATED PACKAGE FOR HOTELS IN RODRIGUES ISLAND- SPONSORSHIP DEALSHow much do we need?Learning by our own endeavors through trial and error we have devised the most cost-effective way to coral propagate. Simply said 60€ or 80€ creates 1m2 of planted Coral, the more capital raised the more we are able to plant!////FRANCAIS//// Merci de prendre du temps pour jeter un œil à notre excitant projet et ce que nous avons réussi à faire en si peu de temps. On dit que des opportunités apparaissent dans l’adversité. L’économie de notre petite Ile Rodrigues au milieu de l’Océan Indien a été durement touchée par la diminution drastique de l’activité touristique dont beaucoup d’entre nous dépendions pour vivre. Ce temps a été utilisé pour faire le bilan de l’état de santé de notre plus grande richesse naturelle : notre récif corallien.Il prend soin de nous et nous protège ainsi que notre immense et paisible lagon des houles océaniques dévastatrices. C’est à notre tour de prendre soin de lui, renvoyer un peu la balle, l’aider à se protéger contre les maux d’origines humaines et naturelles qui l’assaillent. La discussion entre amis sous un palmier est devenue un véritable éveil environnemental aux retombées étonnantes et pleines de promesses. PrésentationL’ile Rodrigues comme tous les petits états insulaires tropicaux est hyper dépendante de la qualité de son récif corallien. Cet écosystème complexe et très riche joue de nombreux rôles : biologique, chimique, structurel, social et éducatif. Nos coraux se meurent, comme partout dans le monde, ils souffrent de différents maux, réchauffement et acidification des océans ainsi que des méthodes traditionnelles de pêches traumatisantes. « Bluer Ocean Project » propose de relancer la dynamique initiée par l’Assemblée Régionale de Rodrigues en permettant d’augmenter la résilience de notre récif corallien par la restauration, la transplantation, le bouturage et l’élevage de corail, en phase avec les objectifs de développement durable des Nations Unies pour l’environnement marin. Le Projet Pour contrer la disparition annoncée des récifs coralliens, une course à la propagation d’espèces de coraux « plus résilientes » face aux futures menaces est engagée. Dans l’immédiat « Bluer Ocean Project » poursuivra la mission de transplantation par bouturage déjà initiée depuis 6 mois par notre équipe (+ de 13000 coraux plantés à ce jour sur 14 sites autour de l’ile), Nous procéderons également à la transplantation sur cadres pour favoriser le contrôle et la variété des sites de repousse et proposerons par la suite des sentiers sous-marins de sensibilisation pour les habitants de l’ile et les touristes. L’Equipe, Le fonctionnement et les partenaires« Bluer Ocean Project » est composée d’une équipe d’intervenants compétents et motivés, de plon- geurs, de scientifiques, de skippers, de sauveteurs en mer... « united colors of Rodrigues ». Un fonctionnement en société, à la différence des organisations non gouvernementales classiques, garantira la constance des fondements du projet ainsi qu’une responsabilité accrue dans les buts recherchés et les moyens engagés. Bluer Ocean Project est épaulée et conseillée par « Reefscapers », société leader de la restauration de récifs coralliens aux Maldives depuis 15 ans et sa fondation « The Coral Planters Foundation » en France, garantissant un abattement fiscal officiel aux donateurs désirant bénéficier de ce système. Votre participationPour réaliser nos objectifs nous avons besoin de soutiens financiers. L’aide pourra prendre différentes formes : Contrepartie 1. Rs.200 > Colonie  Contrepartie 2. Rs.3,600 > 1m2 de coraux sur structureContrepartie 3. Rs.17,500 > 5m2 de coraux sur structureContrepartie 4. Rs.150,000 > 50m2 de coraux sur structure* 1m2 / 1 Colonie = Certificat d'installation de la structure+ photos + Localisation GPS+ 1m2 de structure = Notifications personalisé via email tout les 6 mois + photos et videos Comment BLUER OCEAN project atteindra l’equilibre financierNous adoptons un « business model » d’économie circulaire où tous les fonds seront réinjectés dans le projet, un équilibre financier autonome pourra à l’avenir se réaliser également avec les revenus liés aux activités commerciales suivantes : - ENCADREMENT DE « SESSIONS DÉCOUVERTE » - PROPOSITION INTÉGRÉE RÉCIF ET PROGRAMME DE SENSIBILISATION POUR LES HÔTELS DE RODRIGUES  - VENTE DE STAGES DE FORMATION SUR LA PLANTATION DE CORAUX - VENTE DE PRODUITS DÉRIVÉS De combien avons nous besoin?D’après notre expérience et celle de nos partenaires, nous essayons de définir les méthodes les plus efficaces de propagation : en d’autres mots, pour les restaurations classiques, entre 60 et 80 euros = 1m2. Plus nous lèverons de fonds plus nous pourrons planter!
  105. Help little Ziya for her medical treatment(liver transplant)
    Help little Ziya for her medical treatment(liver transplant)
    Qadir Mahamoodally
    On behalf of my cousin Reaz Mahamoodally and  his wife Farzana Bodhy,I am raising fund for their little 10 years old daughter Ziya who is having some medical complication. Since the age of 5 years old,she was having different health issue which have affected her Liver. She now need to do a Liver transplant. She will be doing the surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi. She already went twice for treatment. According to her treating Doctor,she need to do the transplant as soon as possible becasue as days are passing,her liver is increasing in size,which is very dangerous. The approximate cost of the surgery is USD46500. (Kindly find attached a copy of detauls of the surgery cost) We would be grateful if you can help by contributing any amount you feel lile and also to share this among your network. Together lets help bring back the smile of this little angel. thank you for your kind contribution and help.
  106. Ensemble, offrons un Noël magique au parc Casela
    Ensemble, offrons un Noël magique au parc Casela
    Monad Charity
    Ensemble, offrons un Noël magique au parc Casela Pour 45 enfants issus de régions vulnérables et en situation de handicap Date: Entre le 19-25 Décembre   Au programme: Une sortie éducative et découverte au “Casela Nature Parks” Déjeuner Activités pour le développement Distribution de jouets et matériel pédagogique   Together, let's give a magical Christmas at Casela Park   For 45 children from vulnerable regions and with disabilities Date: Between December 19-25   Activities: An educational and discovery outing at the “Casela Nature Parks” Lunch Development activities Distribution of toys and educational material   Le nombre d’enfants et la date dépendra de la totalité de la somme récoltée The number of children and the date will depend on the total amount raised   Video presentation of the project NGO presentation Presentation of the NGO on MBC TV Find us on Facebook Check our videos on YouTube Find us on Instagram     Rough estimation: Snack and drinks = MUR 5,000 Specialized transport = MUR 10,000 Lunch = MUR 14,000 Distribution of toys and educational materials = 17,000 Entrance (including accompanying professional persons) MUR 18,000
  107. Extinct Mauritius: le Livre
    Extinct Mauritius: le Livre
    Extinct Mauritius
    Extinct Mauritius fête ses 7 ans en publiant un livre photographique! Depuis sa création il y a 7 ans, Extinct Mauritius a parcouru son petit bout de chemin pour devenir la photothèque historique mauricienne la plus suivie d’Instagram. Avec sa page Facebook créée quelques années plus tard, elles regroupent à elles deux plus de 50 000 followers. Pour marquer ce 7ème anniversaire, Extinct Mauritius souhaite vous partager ses photos trouvées aux quatre coins d’un monde où l’on ne peut plus voyager et vous inviter, ainsi, à un voyage dans le temps. 115 clichés rares du XIXème siècle Provenant d’Europe, d'Australie ou encore des Etats-Unis, les 115 clichés reproduits dans cet ouvrage datent d’entre 1862 et 1901 et représentent les photos les plus rares de la collection d'Extinct Mauritius. Vous ne les trouverez pas sur les réseaux sociaux, cela ne leur aurait pas rendu justice. Extinct Mauritius vous propose ce livre photographique qui n'a aucune prétention historienne, si ce n'est qu'il comprend la narration d'un visiteur de passage dans l'île entre 1860 et 1861 et qui dépeint Maurice aussi bien que les photos elles-mêmes. Une prévente réussie! Le succès de la prévente organisée à travers (plus de 300 exemplaires vendus) permet au projet de se matérialiser comme prévu d'ici Noël 2021, faisant donc une merveilleuse idée cadeau pour les fêtes de fin d'années. Désormais, le livre est disponible à l'achat sur le site au prix public. Dépêchez vous de commander votre exemplaire car le tirage sera limité en nombre. Premier arrivé, premier servi! ATTENTION: - Le livre ne sera pas disponible en librairie car vendu uniquement en ligne. - Pas de livraison à l'étranger! Pour en savoir plus sur Extinct Mauritius: - Page Facebook - Page Instagram Historiquement vôtre, Extinct Mauritius
  108. Help Santa Claus for the children of Le Morne Village
    Help Santa Claus for the children of Le Morne Village
    ADM - Action Développement Le Morne
    How about helping Santa Claus?  To celebrate Christmas with children aged 3 to 12 from Le Morne Village, we need your help! One hundred and sixty children from the village are invited to an afternoon full of magic, for a gifts distribution  on December 23. Without you nothing will be so beautiful and magic. Give them a gift by contributing to this celebration by making a donation! Who are we ? We are an NGO based in Mauritius at the foot of Le Morne, a mountain symbol of the struggle for the freedom of slaves. We are developing social action for the benefit of the population of Le Morne Village, in connection with an ambitious project for the economic development of the territory. Because Christmas remains a moment of magic for children that not all families can offer them, we are counting on your generosity. Each donation will help support this action. Thank you The ADM team _______ Et si vous aidiez le Père Noel ?  Pour fêter Nöel avec les enfants de 3 à 12 ans du village du Morne, nous avons besoin de votre aide ! 160 enfants du village sont invités à un après midi plein de magie, pour une distribution de cadeaux le 23 décembre. Sans vous rien ne sera aussi beau. Offrez leur un cadeau en contribuant à cette fête par un don ! Qui sommes nous ? Nous sommes une ONG implantée à l'Ile Maurice au pied du Morne, montagne symbole de la lutte pour la liberté des esclaves. Nous développons une action sociale au bénéfice de la population du village du Morne, en lien avec un projet ambitieux de développement économique du territoire. Parce que Noel reste pour les enfants un moment d'émerveillement que toutes les familles ne peuvent pas leur offrir, nous faisons appel à vos dons. Chaque don contribuera à soutenir cette action.  On compte sur vous et eux aussi  Merci L'équipe ADM
  109. Share Your Joy This Christmas!
    Share Your Joy This Christmas!
    I love my City (individual volunteers)
    Share Your Joy This Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year is drawing near and it is the perfect time to bring joy and show love to people around us. I am Didier Zephir and together with a group of young volunteers (I love my city), we are trying with what we can to support the wonderful people of Coteau Raffin. Over the past 2 years, we have been regularly visiting and supporting around 15 – 20 families by visiting them, counseling, and helping in ways we could. Where is it? Cotteau Raffin is situated in Africa, Mauritius, its geographical coordinates are 20° 26' 2" South, 57° 20' 43" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Coteau Raffin. The economic history of this region as for the rest of Mauritius is intimately linked to the history of slavery and indenture. It is on both these labour systems the economic prosperity of the island depended, in particular, the availability of cheap, plentiful, and docile labour. Today the main activities of the people of Coteau-Raffin are mainly based on fishing. The squatters in Coteau-Raffin live in deplorable conditions. Without electricity and without water, these are families to whom life is not an easy thing to do. Over 50+ families squatting on state land at Coteau Raffin are arming themselves with patience in order to see their situation regularized. They are installed on wasteland, accessible only by a dirt road located at the end of the asphalt road. Some of them have lived here for decades. They erected their houses from sheets of tin and wood. What we will be doing this Christmas 2021? However, for many families, the joy of the season can be overshadowed by the personal struggles they may be facing. This Christmas we want to go the extra mile and share our joy with all these families with a Christmas dinner pack containing the following: 1 Roasted Chicken, 2 French Baguettes, soft drinks, salad, chips, and 1 ice cream. Together, let’s spread Christmas cheer and make a difference. "When you look at a city, it's like reading the hopes, aspirations, and pride of everyone who built it." Hugh Newell Jacobsen Together hand in hand for a better tomorrow.
  110. Help Jiyaan Mundil - 4 years old - Bone Marrow Transplant - Part 2
    Help Jiyaan Mundil - 4 years old - Bone Marrow Transplant - Part 2
    Yashoda Auchombit
    Jiyaan Mundil needs your help for his Bone Marrow Transplant.  Last August, Jiyaan and his family went to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India for treatments. Thanks to your generosity, we successfully raised 453, 041 MUR, which have been used to pay for his medical expenses at Bangalore Hospital. However, his state was not improving and the advice was to shift him to another hospital.  Jiyaan is now admitted to Fortis Memorial Institute, Gurgaon, Delhi, where he will be undergoing the Bone Marrow Transplant under the supervision of Dr. Vikas Dua.  The total costs will be around 2,000,000 MUR (evaluation pre-transplant, Bone Marrow transplant, post-transplant follow-up for 3 months). Invoice attached.  On behalf of Alwyn and Anisha Mundil, parents of Jiyaan, I am asking you for your support and generosity to reach the target of 500,000 MUR. You may contribute any amount you wish to.  Any little amount counts to support his treatment. Create awareness by sharing the URL of this project with your network as well. Let's all join our efforts together to help Jiyaan to have his transplant and follow-ups to allow him to return to a normal childhood and life with all of us.  Thank you for your contribution and kindness. Yashoda Auchombit (Ms)  
  111. Exposition
    Le bien-être psychique et la spiritualité à travers l’art  Exposition «Un voyage intérieur» par YOM 02.12.21- 10.12.21 au Caudan Arts Centre Suite aux récents évènements inattendus, nous faisons face à de nombreuses incertitudes. Il devient de plus en plus difficile de contrôler certains évènements. Nous sommes dans une période où le lâcher prise nous ait appris. Il ne s’agit pas d’une résignation mais de ne pas chercher à tout contrôler, de se recentrer sur soi pour commencer son voyage intérieur afin d’être de plus en plus à l’écoute de notre intuition. Il paraît difficile d'éclairer sa traversée sans alimenter sa lumière intérieure. Ce voyage permet de se mettre en position d’écoute de notre ressenti et de notre intuition pour prendre la bonne direction au moment propice.    YOM « Your Own Messages » Cela fait plus de 4 ans que j’ai découvert qu’il était possible de faire un voyage intérieur. J’ai commencé avec des retraites de méditations qui m’ont permises de vivre des expériences marquantes me donnant la possibilité d’avoir une autre perception de l’existence. J’ai par ailleurs continué à pratiquer la méditation et cela fait parti de mon quotidien à présent. Aujourd’hui, j’aimerais partager mes ressentis et les messages de mon voyage intérieur à travers cette exposition.    « Un voyage intérieur » du 02/12/21 au 10/12/21 au Caudan Arts Centre Une vingtaine de tableaux (allant de 297x 420mm à 2400 x 1200 mm) des textes et des vidéos y seront exposés.  Durant cette exposition ces œuvres inviteront les visiteurs à se centrer pour commencer leur propre voyage intérieur alimentant cette lumière commune. L’entrée sera gratuite et certains tableaux seront en vente.   Qui est YOM? Derrière l’artiste YOM il y a Yoann Monty, j’ai 29 ans. J’ai travaillé dans le domaine sportif en tant que préparateur physique et dans le domaine éducatif en tant qu’enseignant et accompagnateur pédagogique (en parallèle de mon art je poursuis aussi cette direction à travers mon projet Zanfan Zetwal). Aujourd’hui j’ai l’opportunité de faire ma première exposition « Un voyage intérieur » tout en permettant à chacun de prendre soin de leur lumière intérieur, de leur santé psychologique.    Demande de sponsoring ou crowdfunding  Je suis à la recherche d’aides financières, de contributions ou de sponsoring pour me permettre de faire naître et vivre cette exposition.  Je souhaite investir dans la communication à travers des panneaux publicitaires (6m x 6m), des flyers, des brochures et de la publicité sur les réseaux sociaux. Chaque personne ou organisme qui aura apporté une pierre à l’édifice apparaîtra à travers leur logo sur des panneaux publicitaires, des flyers, et des vidéos et photos sur les réseaux sociaux ainsi qu’à l’entrée de la salle d’exposition au Caudan Arts Centre.   Pourquoi m’aider pour ce projet? Il ne s’agit pas seulement d’une exposition artistique, mais d’une possibilité de prendre soin de sa vie intérieur.  C'est un évènement qui propose aux spectateurs des outils (tableaux, textes, vidéos) pouvant les accompagner dans une remise en question, leur donnant la possibilité de se mettre « en pause » et d’observer où ils en sont de leur « traversée ». Les sponsors souhaitant contribuer à cet évènement auront l'occasion de montrer leur soutien à un artiste local et émergent tout en aidant chaque spectateur à nourrir leur bien être psychique.   Items nécessitant une aide financière Prix Location de la salle d’exposition au Caudan Arts Centre 23 000 rs Flowerads sponsorise cet évènement en offrant la location de deux panneaux publicitaires de 6m x6m durant un mois. L’impression reste à être réglée. 30 000 rs Impression des textes accompagnants les tableaux (panneaux acrylique) / Encadrement des tableaux 30 000 rs   Vous trouverez en pièce jointe les devis correspondant à ces demandes d’aide financière.  Si vous souhaitez participer à la mise en œuvre de cette exposition "Un Voyage Intérieur" n'hésitez pas à me contacter.     Y.O.M  Your Own Message
  112. To raise funds for overseas cancer treatment in India
    To raise funds for overseas cancer treatment in India
    Lovenabye MAHADOO
    Dear All,My name is Sadeho Luximon, I am a police officer of 49 years old from Coromandel.During my career, I worked 10 years at CID, 10 years at ADSU and 4 years at ICAC.In my free time, I enjoy jogging, swimming, gym and spending time with my family. I'm a big Premier League and Liverpool Fan. Since August 2019, after going through a surgery at Dr. Jeetoo hospital I was diagnosed suffering from Cancer - and referred to candos hospital for chemio therapy. In March 2020, I attended treatment at Manipal Hospital Bangalore India and after a new diagnosis they found that I suffer from a Tumour at my liver with 6 lesions. In November 2020, I attended 2 treating cycles at Bangalore. I have to do my 3rd circle of treatment since April 2021 but due to financial constraints, I was not able to go. As my health is deteriorating, I am unable to obtain loans from financial institution.My sister Lovenabye MAHADOO made an  application to commissioner of police for public collection since early November but due to the pandemic, it becomes difficult to collect funds from the public on the road. My sister is helping me setting up this campaign as well.I am looking for other means of assistance and I hope that this crowdfunding campaign will help me save my life in order to go to India and receive the remaining treatment.Thank you, Sadeho.  
  113. Moon Bar'k
    Moon Bar'k
    Laetitia Tennant, J.C & Nat Galey, Guyom Ballu
    Qu’est-ce qu’une nutritionniste, une éco-activiste engagée, un artiste de cirque et un instructeur de kitesurf ont en commun? 

L’envie de créer un lounge flottant au milieu des lagons de l’Ouest, tout en respectant l’environnement, en sensibilisant les gens aux enjeux climatiques, environnementaux et énergétiques. Plusieurs low-techs seront utilisée pour fournir le catamaran en électricité, le propulser… Des conférences, ateliers, stages sur ces thèmes seront organisés. Plus qu’un bar-restaurant sur l’eau, Moonbar’k est conçu comme un lieu hybride et innovant qui suscitera l’envie de vivre différemment des expériences simples et authentiques. Premier du genre dans l’océan Indien, le catamaran MoonBar’k représente une initiative innovante tout en mettant fortement l’accent sur la protection de l’environnement marin.                        - Un lieu hybride et varié -  La plateforme sera un concentré d’innovations techniques et technologiques simples, durables, résiliantes et équitables : c’est
 la philosophie portée par le concept des Low-Techs, duquel MoonBar’k prend son inspiration (énergie solaire, récupération d’eau de pluie, propulsion aux huiles de fritures recyclées, toilettes sèches, biogaz, etc.) Vous pourrez venir y boire un apéritif entre amis, dîner dans un cadre incroyable ou simplement venir boire un café à la fin d’une partie de pêche! Outre un véritable lounge flottant, MoonBar’k souhaite devenir un catalyseur en offrant au public des expériences nouvelles, éducatives et disruptives, le tout dans un décor hippie-chic (conférences/talks, projections de films et documentaires, campagnes de sensibilisation à la préservation des écosystèmes, etc.)
  114. Maudrigosa - Un collectif de 60 auteurs plasticiens universitaires répond à l'appel de Carl De Souza
    Maudrigosa - Un collectif de 60 auteurs plasticiens universitaires répond à l'appel de Carl De Souza
    Carl de Souza
    Dans la grisaille des années 2020 2021, échouement du Wakashio, embrouilles politiques tant au niveau local qu’à l’international, pandémie et décès, pertes d’emploi et de repères, 60 VOIX s’élèvent pour dire notre pays. 60 voix d’écrivains, de plasticiens, d’universitaires pour faire obstacle à la désespérance, au processus de morcellement de ce que nous considérons un archipel, ou mieux, un continent océanique. « Maudrigosa ! » (pour Maurice-Rodrigues-les Chagos – Agalega) procédant d’un cri d’indignation, se transforme au fil de l’élaboration du projet en appel et en une formidable déclaration d’amour et d’espoir pour les habitants. Ceux et celles qui sont physiquement présents sur nos îles, déplacés ou pas. Mais aussi tous les autres qui habitent notre pays dans leur tête et dans leur cœur, même si physiquement éloignés. Diaspora, comme en poste ailleurs de par le monde. Le collectif comprend 60 talents confirmés ou plus jeunes et insoupçonnés. Qui ont pris le risque de s’investir personnellement et d’émettre des opinions qui convergent en ce qui concerne l’attachement pour notre pays. Mais aussi heureusement différenciés dans leurs propos par les personnalités des contributeurs. Ceci permettra une lecture variée, possible à partir de n’importe quel point du livre, une promenade dans le paysage varié « maudrigosien ». Et occasionnera, au final, nous l’espérons, réflexion et débat. La présente opération de crowdfunding a deux objectifs : tout d’abord rassembler des fonds pour l’impression par Précigraph d’un beau-livre de 250 pages intitulé « Maudrigosa ! », collectif de textes et d’œuvres artistiques. Ensuite, rendre ce livre – indispensable pour nos jeunes et adultes et qui vaut certainement beaucoup plus - accessible au plus grand nombre de par son prix. Ainsi, 450 exemplaires du livre « Maudrigosa ! » seront mis en prévente sur le marché local au prix de Rs. 875, et seront livrés par la poste ou autre moyen pendant le mois décembre avant Noel, en faisant une superbe idée-cadeau pour les fêtes. 50 exemplaires seront réservés aux intéressé(e)s vivant à l’extérieur. La somme de Rs. 2000 de frais postaux devra être ajoutée au coût de Rs 875 (donc, Rs 2875= au total) Vous pourrez suivre l’évolution de la vente du livre, lire les commentaires (et y ajouter les vôtres) sur la page Facebook Maudrigosa à partir du 15 octobre 2021.  Liste des participants : Shane Ah-Siong | Jean-Renat Anamah | Ananda Devi | Sharvan Anenden | Pierre Argo | Issa Asgarally | Sedley Assonne | Michael Atchia | Azhar Badulla | Vaco Baissac | Stina Becherel | Reza Bhoyroo | Catherine Boudet | Tristan Bréville | Vinod Busjeet | Keivan Cadinouche | Sabah Carrim | James Castel | Manoj Chowa | Lindsey Collen | David Constantin | Henry Coombes | Sylvio de Lapeyre | Jean-Claude de l’Estrac | Carl de Souza | Lisa Ducasse | Michel Ducasse | Marie Magdalena Edouard | Stacy Février | Guilhem Florigny | Robert Furlong | Axelle Gaillard | Gillian Geneviève | Aqiil Gopee | Alain Gordon Gentil | Marie-Thérèse Humbert | Bruno Jean-François | Patrick Jean-Louis | Kama la Mackerel | Kavinien Karupudayyan | Pramila Khadun | Danielle Lagesse | Pascal Lagesse | POV | Michael Lalljee | Doralie Lebrasse | Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio | Alix Le Juge | Françoise Lionnet | Eileen Lohka | Krishna Luchoomun | Yvan Martial | Nicholas Natchoo | Khalid Nazroo | Shafick Osman | Mélanie Pérès | Christiana Perrine | Rama Poonoosamy | Barlen Pyamootoo | Sraddha Shivani Rajkomar | Emmanuel Richon | Danilo Sanassee | Ariel Saramandi | Amal Sewtohul | Umar Timol | Julia Waters | Gabrielle Wiehe | Didier Wong Chi Man | Kim Yip Tong  
  115. Solidarité pour Dany
    Solidarité pour Dany
    Marie DORALICE
    Bonjour à tous, je m'appelle Marie Doralice et je fais cette demande de fonds pour venir en aide à Dany, ce monsieur de 37 ans qui présente des complications de santé.   Pour ajouter à tous les problèmes medicaux que subissent Monsieur Lecluse, maintenant il doit faire face à une insuffisance respiratoire sévère sur une destruction pulmonaire avec des bulles d'emphysème au stade d'insuffisance respiratoire. Il nécessite une ventilation nocturne par bipap et oxygène tous les jours. Il a besoin de médicaments et de soins tous les jours et chaque traitement coûte très cher.  Toutes ces complications ont eu un très mauvais impact sur sa santé et actuellement il nécessite urgemment l'intervention chirurgicale d'une hernie ombilicale. A vous qui avez pris le temps de lire ce temoignage, je fais appel à votre génerosité pour aider Monsieur Dany Lecluse à pouvoir réaliser cette intervention pour qu'il puisse voir grandir sa petite fille qui a encore besoin de lui.   Ci-joint, une video de Monsieur Lecluse avec plus de details sur la maladie. Pour faire un don, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien vers ma collecte de fonds ci-dessous. Dans la section  "documents" de ce project, vous trouverez la cotation de son intervention, la lettre du médecin, l'ordonnance. Cela m’aiderait aussi beaucoup si vous pouviez partager mon lien avec vos connaissances et votre entourage! J’apprécie vraiment votre soutien et votre aide. Merci du fond du coeur et soyez béni!
  116. Aidons nos jeunes !
    Aidons nos jeunes !
    Zeness Soleil
    Ensemble, aidons nos jeunes ! L’exigence scolaire ou la crise actuelle font que nos jeunes font face à des pressions constantes. Nous devons entendre et répondre à leur détresse. Offrons aux jeunes un espace pour grandir, complémentaire de la famille et de l’école. Offrons-leur les armes pour affronter les épreuves de la vie, qui leur apporteraient de la confiance en eux, de la créativité et de quoi s’épanouir. Nous souhaiterions mettre en place des activités périscolaires pour aider les jeunes à s’épanouir dans des animations tout en leur apprenant des valeurs, des activités artistiques ou des métiers que nous n’apprenons pas à l’école (menuiserie, jardinage, couture, pâtisserie...). Des discussions seront aussi organisées pour parler de différents sujets afin qu’ils puissent s’exprimer, poser des questions et partager. En dehors du cadre scolaire, sans compétition et en confiance, les enfants découvrent et vivent la solidarité. Parce qu’il n’y a pas d’enjeu particulier, les enfants développent, de manière apaisée, un intérêt pour l’autre, et apprennent à se connaître eux-mêmes. Nous avons alors créé Zeness Soleil ☼ Les actions mises en place ont pour but de redonner aux jeunes une chance de se construire un avenir serein ! Aujourd’hui, nous avons plus de 40 jeunes inscrits entre 7 et 18 ans ! Pour mener à bien ce projet, nous avons besoin de vous ! Chaque samedi, les jeunes se retrouvent au centre communautaire de la Cité La Chaux pour découvrir ces activités, se cultiver, se confier et s’apaiser. Nous avons besoin de fonds pour chaque activité (ingrédients pour la pâtisserie, matériaux pour la couture ou le jardinage, etc..) mais aussi pour leur offrir de la nourriture et des boissons lors de leurs journées au centre. Nous avons besoin de 25,000.00 Rs mensuellement afin d’offrir aux jeunes le cadre dont ils ont besoin ! Afin de lancer les quatre premiers mois, nous avons besoin de 100,000.00 Si notre projet vous touche, si vous voulez aider les jeunes de la Cité La Chaux, n'hésitez pas à contribuer et à partager !   Merci  ♥   Le projet ‘Zeness Soleil’ a été créé par la Miss Mauritius actuelle, Angélique Sanson. Celle-ci s’envolera très bientôt pour le concours international Miss Monde qui aura lieu le 16 décembre 2021 à San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lors de sa participation, Angélique présentera ce projet dans le cadre de « Beauty with a Purpose » (« La Beauté pour une Bonne Cause »). Cette initiative est au cœur du concours Miss Monde, l'organisation travaillant sans relâche pour lever des fonds pour de nombreuses bonnes causes. Cette démarche est également au cœur de l’Organisation Miss Mauritius. Depuis 1970, la présidente, Madame Primerose Obeegadoo donne ainsi l'occasion à ses Miss d'utiliser leurs capacités et leur beauté pour apporter une contribution réelle et durable à notre île. Le projet selectionné par le comité de Miss Monde recevra une aide financière afin de développer le projet. Si nous sommes sélectionné, nous souhaiterions continuer le projet dans d’autres villes du pays afin d’aider un maximum de jeunes !
  117. Boutique Solidaire
    Boutique Solidaire
    Caritas Flacq
    Background   Flacq et les villages  alentours comptent environ trente-trois mille habitants, avec plusieurs poches de pauvreté (Poste de Flacq, Belle- Mare, Poste La Fayette, Argy, Camp Ithier, Bramsthan, Riche- Mare, Saint Rémy entre autres).  Caritas de Flacq vient déjà en aide à une centaine de personnes à travers l’aide alimentaire, don de vêtements, aide au logement, l’accompagnement  pour les démarches administratives, soutien financier pour la scolarité des enfants, alphabétisation pour adultes etc. Avec la pandémie de la Covid-19 et la crise financière qui l’accompagne, beaucoup de personnes ont perdu leurs emplois, d’autres ont vu leurs salaires réduits parfois à moitié et avec l’augmentation du cout de la vie, beaucoup subissent une diminution drastique du pouvoir d’achat. Des familles de plus en plus nombreuses s’adressent à nous pour être accompagnés et soutenus. C’est dans ce contexte, pour répondre aux besoins vitaux des personnes et dans un élan  de solidarité, que Caritas a décidé de porter une assistance aux personnes en difficultés en mettant sur pied une «  boutique solidaire ».   Le But du Projet.   « One human family, food for all. »   S’assurer que les familles les plus vulnérables jouissent de leur droit à se nourrir sainement en leur offrant des produits de la première nécessité à 30%, 40%, 50% moins cher que sur le marché. Créer un élan de solidarité et de partage.   Les personnes concernées.   Les personnes qui sollicitent de l’aide  seront d’abord visités par les membres de Caritas afin de mieux connaitre la famille, le nombre d’enfants, leur situation de vie et leurs besoins. Un dossier sera établi pour chaque famille. Seules les personnes éligibles auront accès à la boutique Solidaire. Ils devront être munis  d’une carte d’accès délivré par Caritas. Les personnes qui auront accès à la boutique solidaire seront accompagnés par les membres de Caritas jusqu’à ce qu’ils deviennent autonomes et puissent se passer de cette aide  alimentaire.  Nous ne voulons pas faire de l’assistanat.         Fonctionnement.     La boutique sera tenue uniquement par les volontaires et sera ouverte seulement deux fois par mois, le 15 du mois et à la fin du mois. Le nombre d’articles vendu aux familles sera limité en fonction du nombre de personnes par famille afin d’éviter que des articles ne soient revendus.   Approvisionnement   Etant donné que les produits seront vendus à moitié prix, il faudra que l’achat des produits soit sponsorisé : Par les donateurs  individuels, Par la communauté, Le projet commencera avec 25 familles,  et pour atteindre notre objectif, il faudra trouver la somme de Rs 360,000.= annuellement. Comme le nombre de famille à aider va certainement accroître la somme espérée est de Rs. 400,000 pour une année.   Lieu   La Paroisse  de Sainte Ursule dispose d’une petite maison de quatre pièces qu’elle met à la disposition de ce projet. Cette maison demande à être aménagé pour les besoins de ce projet. Un certain nombre de travaux doivent être entrepris au niveau de l’étanchéité du toit, de la peinture, de la plomberie et de l’électricité. Il faut prévoir également des équipements, étagères, congélateur, tables, etc. Il faudra aussi trouver un financement soutenu pour les frais d’électricité, eau, téléphone, et éventuellement caméra de surveillance.
  118. Help Arshi for her  medical treatment in India
    Help Arshi for her medical treatment in India
    Arvind Kumar Taucoory
    I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Mokshita Luxmi Taucoory (Arshi) aged 8. She is a bundle of joy in any other day. Unfortunately, fate has decided otherwise, as my daughter health has drastically deteriorated within a short period of time. She started having high fever followed by vomiting and loss of appetite. We have noticed that she had developed an unusual lump on the left side of her abdomen. After consulting with different paediatricians, doing echographies, blood tests and finally being admitted at hospital we were informed that she has left adrenal mass (diagnosed with neuroblastoma). This is a tumour that occurs in the sympathetic nervous system or closely associated adrenal glands. She has suffered for more than one month in the hospital doing various echographies, X-Rays, CT scans and daily blood tests which has affected her not only physically but also morally. Imagine being so young and not realising what is happening and the detrimental effects on your health. Upon medical recommendation, a biopsy was done but still the report is not clear enough for the doctors to start her treatment immediately. The hospital informed us that further investigations would be required which would not be possible in Mauritius. Since her case is getting pretty urgent, she needs to fly to India on 27th August 2021 for her tests and treatments. 28th August 2021- Admitted at Teynampet Apollo Children's Hospital 30th August 2021- PET SCAN results reveals adrenortical cancer rare disease caused in adrenal glands 4th September 2021- Succesful Surgery 17th September 2021- Chemo sessions 1 of 6 cycles 08th October 2021-Chemo sessions 2 of 6 cycles 29th October 2021-Chemo sessions 3 of 6 cycles 19th November 2021-Chemo sessions 4 of 6 cycles 10th December 2021-Chemo sessions 5 of 6 cycles 31th December 2021-Chemo sessions 6 of 6 cycles  We would be very grateful if you could contribute any amount you wish. Any contribution and your support will be a ray of hope towards bringing her back to her happy childhood. The target amount of fundraising now is said to be Rs. 800,000 due to chemo charges. Your contribution matters to bring back the smile of our little sunshine.  Sincerely, Taucoory Arvind Kumar  
  119. Run 4 Mental Health - October Awareness Month
    Run 4 Mental Health - October Awareness Month
    Diaspora Mauritius Foundation
    THE PROJECT   In the context of World Mental Heath day which is commemorated on the 10th October, Diaspora Mauritius Foundation is organising a Virtual Run / Walk of 4 km for Friends In Hope in NGO in Mauritius who works in the mental health field for the past 24 years.   Diaspora Mauritius Foundation Involvement   As an awareness campaign, the DMF Team, is calling to action to all the Mauritian Expat, their friends and families to participate in the Run / Walk for for the campaing and also help those whose lives is impacted by Mental Health.   Objectives   All Funds collected will be generously donated to the NGO in Mauritius - Friends In Hope.   Awareness and Fundraising Campaign   Join us in the 4 km Run / Walk during the month of October, and participate in this fundraising for the rehabilitation programs and other services that the NGO Friends In Hope offers to its beneficiaries.   How to Participate   From 4th to 31st October, You can walk or run 4 km and send us a picture of you completing the 4 km.   Also donating to the cause which will go directly to the NGO Friends In Hope - Mauritius to continue delivering the service they have been doing for the past 24 Years.   Please visit our website and that of Friends in Hope for more details.  
  120. Need help to complete my studies
    Need help to complete my studies
    Julia Vitry
    Hello everyone, I am Julia Vitry, and I am currently studying towards an MSc in Environmental Management at the Open University UK. I am passionate about scuba diving and especially about the beauty and peace of the underwater world. I have recently created an Instagram account to freely share with the world the incredible underwater wildlife of Mauritius.  Having at heart the need for a more sustainable Mauritius, I have written a few articles (attached pdf) in one of the local newspapers to sensitise people about the importance of caring for our environment.  With the desire to have a more active contribution to the sustainability domain, I enrolled for the MSc in Environmental Management in 2019.  As a means to finance my studies, I have been working as a secondary school Biology teacher while studying this online course.  After a lot of hard work, I have successfully completed three modules and am currently completing the fourth one (as per the attached document); and have the final dissertation (research project) left to complete the qualification.  However, due to the pandemic and the depreciation of the Mauritian rupee, I am unable to pay for the research project (latest registration date for the module being the 25th November 2021).  I provide here a link to the module details:  The sum collected includes the module fee (document attached) + the transfer fee (rupee to pounds). Your support will be much appreciated in helping me complete my studies.    Thank you
    Karavann Events Ltd / KOMIKO
    Nous savons que ces moments sont difficiles pour vous tous. Pendant des années, KOMIKO a été à vos cotés, en salle, au théâtre, dans les rues, et aussi en ligne. Merci de nous avoir accueillis si chaleureusement et donner autant de place dans votre vie. Nous avons dû et su nous réinventer, pour vous et grâce à vous. Même si cela n’a pas toujours été évident, pour vous, nous avons continué car le rire reste une thérapie qui soulage le corps et l’âme. KOMIKO c’est plus qu’un projet, c’est plus qu’un rendez-vous, c’est plus que des acteurs. Au fil des années, nous sommes devenus une famille, votre famille. Nous nous sentons aimés et soutenus de partout par les Mauriciens d’ici et d’ailleurs.    La Covid-19 est venue destabiliser cet équilibre que nous avions pu atteindre avec beaucoup d’efforts et de sacrifices. Cependant, aujourd’hui sans votre soutien, il serait impossible de s’en sortir et de continuer à vous faire rires. Ce sont les larmes plein les yeux et le coeur gros que je vous écrit mais au fond, je ne perds pas espoir qu’avec votre soutien, tout est possible.    Nous continuons d’y croire, comme nous y avons cru depuis le premier jour.   MERCI! Merci pour toutes ces belles années de rires aux éclats et de larmes de joie.   C’est grâce à vous que nous existons et continuerons d’éxister!   ENGLISH   We know that this is a difficult time for all of you. For years, KOMIKO has been by your side, in theatres, in the streets and online. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly and giving us so much importance in your life. We have had to reinvent ourselves, for you and with you. Even if it has not always been easy, for you, we have persevered because laughter is a therapy that soothes the body and the soul. KOMIKO is more than a project, it is more than a rendez-vous, it is more than just actors. Over the years, we feel like we are a family, your family. We feel loved and supported everywhere by Mauritians from here and elsewhere.    Covid-19 has destabilize this balance that we were able to achieve with much effort and sacrifice throughout the years. However, today, without your support, it would be impossible to get out of it and to continue to make you laugh. It is with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that I am writing to you, but deep down, I do not lose hope that with your support, everything is possible.    We continue to believe, as we have since day one.   THANK YOU! Thank you for all these beautiful years of laughter and tears of joy.   It is thanks to you that we exist and will continue to exist!
  122. Remember Future Art Exhibition by Cielenfeu
    Remember Future Art Exhibition by Cielenfeu
    L’artiste local Cielenfeu prépare depuis 3 ans une série de collages inspirée par plusieurs thèmes dont majoritairement la biophilie, le cosmos, la spiritualité, et la technologie. Cet événement est bien plus qu’une simple exposition. C’est une experience immersive, un voyage au travers des dimensions et des mondes imaginaires qui a pour but d’inspirer en nous une relation symbiotique à la terre et toute vie et qui marquera le coeur de chaque participant. Nous faisons appel à votre contribution et votre enthousiasme dans la réalisation de ce projet prévu pour le mois de novembre 2021 pour une durée de 3 semaines. Votre support signifie également le development du domaine de l’art et la culture de notre île ! Due à cette crise globale, les entreprises peinent à pouvoir sponsoriser de tels projets, ce qui retarde l’avancement et le lancement de celui-ci. Cette situation est certes un challenge, mais nous restons plus que jamais motivés pour VOUS, car ce qui nous anime, c’est de vous offrir une expérience riche, colorée et memorable. Pour comprendre l'essence du projet plus en profondeur, vous trouverez le document support dans l’onglet “Documents” :) Merci! Notre compte Instagram, c'est par ICI! /// English /// Since 3 years, the local artist Cielenfeu has been preparing a series of collages inspired by several themes. Mainly biophilia, the cosmos, spirituality, and technology. This event is more than an art exhibition. It is an immersive experience, it is a journey between dimensions and imaginary worlds designed to inspire in us, a symbiotic relationship to the Earth and all of life and that will impact the heart of each participant. Scheduled for November 2021 for a period of 3 weeks, we call forth to your contribution, curiosity, enthusiasm and participation in bringing this project into fruition. Your help means a lot, not only to us, but to the artistic and cultural diaspora of our island! Due to this global crisis, local enterprises find it difficult to financially support such projects which in turn is slowing the organisation and the launching of our project. Although this situation is challenging, we are as motivated as ever to provide you a rich, colourful and memorable experience. You will also find the supporting document in the “Documents” tab to inner-stand the essence of the project with more depth. Thank you! Instagram : Facebook : Click here to check out our Instagram Page !
  123. Art for a Chance- Skills for Life
    Art for a Chance- Skills for Life
    Foyer Monseigneur Leen
    Project Overview : Foyer Monseigneur Leen is an orphanage for young girls located in Rose-Hill, Mauritius, which is committed to cultivating life opportunities for its residents despite having a rough start in life. The orphanage strives to give young girls under their care the skills they need to become happy, autonomous, and active citizens. This fund-raising is undertaken with a view of providing educational possibilities to the girls of Foyer Monseigneur Leen via art therapy sessions, the setting up of a vegetable garden, and culture-centered classes.  Challenge :  Children who struggle with interpersonal and professional skills have a higher chance of ending up begging, living on the street and unfortunately fall into patterns of prostitution, drug use and trafficking. As girls, the children of Foyer Monseigneur Leen are even more exposed to such risk given that they belong to a vulnerable minority. Additionally, they have been taken from their family home following abuse or have never had the opportunity to benefit from a parental figure, depriving them from the habitual love, care, and affection that is so crucial to the development of a child. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to give them the opportunity every child should have: to build themselves back up and learn skills that will allow them to break the cycle. Solution :   The funds accrued through this project will allow Foyer Monseigneur Leen to provide for art therapy sessions, the setting up of a vegetable garden and culture-centered classes to be held at the orphanage three times a week with a special event held each month. Allowing girls to participate in sessions that include dance, theatre , pottery, mosaic-making, collage, sculpture, photography and planting will have a three-fold effect: 1. It will give girls the opportunity to develop their creativity, autonomy and social skills by learning new things they were unable to do before. This will result in a boost in their self-esteem, and will make them feel valued. 2. Interacting with the facilitators and the other children will teach them how to recognise and manage their emotions, something with has proven highly difficult in the past considering their background. 3. It will allow girls to heal from their trauma through art, and to grow into active citizens without being held back by the rough start they had in life which they had no control over.  Long-term impact : Providing the girls of Foyer Monseigneur Leen with the possibility to learn new skills will not only help them grow into responsible, creative and autonomous teens, it will also allow them to enter adult life with valuable professional skills with they can monetise by the time they leave the shelter at the age of 18. Therefore, the long-term impact of the project is that the girls of Foyer Monseigneur Leen will no longer be in dire circumstances and unable to provide for themselves by the time they become adults: they will have managed to build themselves back up, will know how to manage and work through their emotions and interact with others, and will have acquired enough skills to avoid falling into toxic environments of drug-use and prostitution. Through this project, Foyer Monseigneur Lean will be able to help girls become strong, independent women, who can be active citizens in their community and hopefully, help others achieve the same.  
  124. Zom res zom? Photographie et son
    Zom res zom? Photographie et son
    Le projet Porté par l’association Médium, Zom res zom? est un projet pluridisciplinaire qui mêle photographie et son. Entre juin et novembre 2021, quatre artistes réalisent une série de photographies et d'interviews sonores dans les rues des îles de l'océan Indien. Ces œuvres questionnent la notion de masculinité dans ces sociétés contemporaines.   Exposition En novembre 2021, le site web de l'association Médium devient la galerie virtuelle de plus de 50 œuvres audio-photographiques. Chaque photo et interview se tiennent individuellement, plongeant ainsi le visiteur dans une expérience unique et immersive.  Simultanément, des posters des photographies sont exposés en public, dans les rues des villes où les œuvres ont été réalisées. Grâce à un code QR, les visiteurs ont accès aux interviews sonores correspondant à chacune des images. La rue devient ainsi le second site de diffusion des œuvres. Troisièmement, les œuvres seront projetées et le projet ainsi valorisé lors d'une édition des rencontres photographiques, Parlons Photo (date à confirmer).   Budget Nous sommes à la recherche de financement pour la réalisation des oeuvres. Le budget total comprend: Réalisation des œuvres Rs62 000 Gestion & communication Rs50 000 Frais d'exposition / Parlons Photo Rs72 000 Total Rs185 000   L'équipe   David Rogers David Rogers est artiste plasticien, entrepreneur, graphiste et directeur artistique. Plus connu pour ses peintures visionnaires, il met également en place des initiatives culturelles et explore plusieurs pratiques artistiques telles que la photographie et le dessin. David contribue au projet en tant que directeur artistique et graphiste. Stéphane Huët Journaliste de formation, Stéphane Huët réalise les interviews sonores de Zom res zom? et la rédaction des retranscriptions des interviews. Après avoir exercé en France, à Madagascar et au Népal, Stéphane s'investit dans des projets artistiques à Maurice, dont Parlons Photo depuis 2020. Il est également président de l'association Porteurs d'Images et le rédacteur du blog 26 rue du Labrador, hébergé sur Mondoblog, la plateforme de Radio France Internationale (RFI). Karl Ahnee Karl Ahnee est photographe, graphiste et artiste plasticien. Il explore comment l'art et la photographie peuvent nous permettre de nous engager écologiquement et socialement vers une existence plus inclusive et régénératrice. Il questionne les structures du capitalisme et de l'oppression. En 2017 Fragments invite l'artiste à contribuer à la quatrième édition de sa revue de photographies, réalisée dans la ville de Rose Hill. Karl est le réalisateur des images de Zom res zom? Mathieu Pigeot Gestionnaire de projets culturels, curateur et photographe, depuis 2018, Mathieu Pigeot collabore à de nombreux projets culturels à Maurice tels que Dock 13, Mama Jaz et Parlons Photo. Il est également secrétaire de Porteurs d'Images, association pour le développement du cinéma indépendant mauricien. Il est le producteur et curateur de Zom res zom?
  125. Build a sanctuary for rescues
    Build a sanctuary for rescues
    Shamitha Allet
    My name is Shamitha Allet, founder & president of Healing Hearts Animal Sanctuary. When I first came to Mauritius,  I was shocked at what I saw. Everyday animals were being abused & neglected.  I couldn't pass anywhere without seeing sick, pregnant or injured dogs & cats. So I decided to do something about it by creating an association to try to help these poor souls. We are a small  group of  committed animal lovers focusing on rescuing injured, abused,  paralysed, handicapped & special needs dogs & cats . We are a registered animal NGO with BRN A20000050 since 21/03/2020, though we've been rescuing for many years before. Our goal is  to improve animal welfare in Mauritius.  As the amount of animals that we rescue are increasing daily , we saw that we needed a bigger place. We have acquired a plot of land at Flacq  to construct a haven for these unwanted animals to live a peaceful life away from the abuse that they are subjected to daily. We are in desperate need of donations to fence the land, 2 container houses, water tanks & plumbing material as well as  building materials for kennels( blocks, cement, rocksand etc). Upon receiving our first 25%, we will start with fencing the land thereafter we will proceed with containers & purchasing building materials Someone once said, rescue is pain, rescue is joy, rescue is worth it because they are worth it. And that's the honest truth. Please help us to make their lives better. Thank you in advance Shamitha
  126. Anna Uckiah a besoin de votre aide pour lutter contre son cancer
    Anna Uckiah a besoin de votre aide pour lutter contre son cancer
    Jessica Elie
    28/08/2021: Dure réalité, Après 3 mois de lutte et tout plein de tests, le diagnostic est tombé : c’est un cancer. Rien que ce mot fait frissonner. Cancer situé dans les canaux biliaires. Les métastases sont déjà apparues sur le foie. S’en suivra la chimio. Malheureusement la chimiothérapie ciblée ne peut être faite dans le public. Étant retraitée et toutes nos économies parties dans les frais de clinique je fais appel à votre générosité svp. Votre contribution, peu importe ce qu’elle est, nous aidera pour ses soins, ses médicaments, pansements, sa nutrition par sonde, sa chimiothérapie etc…Aidez maman afin qu’elle puisse passer encore du temps auprès de nous. Merci du fond du cœur.Anna c’est son petit nom… Marie-Anne Uckiah c’est son nom complet… et elle, c’est ma maman. Agée de 67 ans et retraitée, c’est une maman gâteau, grand-mère gâteau. A chaque anniversaire elle nous fait des gâteaux, et dès que l’occasion se présente elle nous prépare des plats délicieux car la cuisine c’est son passe-temps favori. Une maman toujours prête a aider, et aujourd’hui c’est elle qui a besoin d’aide. La fête des mères 2021 restera gravée dans nos mémoires, car la veille nous avons appris que maman était gravement malade. Tout a commencé par des vomissements, des douleurs abdominales, et une jaunisse. Elle n’arrivait plus a manger. Un test sanguin et une échographie révèlera que le pancréas a doublé de taille. Pour faire court, le lundi 31 Mai, elle sera admise a la clinique et une série de tests commença : IRM, CT Scan, Gastroscopie, Gastrografine, tests sanguins, échographie et j’en passe. Résultat : calculs biliaires, gonflement au pancréas, obstruction complète du duodénum. S’en suivra 2 interventions : la première sera la pose d’un stent au foie pour évacuer la bile, et la deuxième sera ablation de la vésicule biliaire, déviation de l’estomac vers les intestins, biopsie du pancréas et jéjunostomie. (Sonde alimentaire) Deux semaines plus tard, la biopsie révèle qu’il n‎’y a pas de cancer au pancréas. Dieu merci ! Nous sommes tous soulagés, mais nous ne savions pas encore que la route serait longue. Le médecin nous informe qu’elle a une pancréatite aigue. Des complications surviennent et le traitement est long. Quand pouvoir manger 2 cuillères de yaourt sans vomir devient une victoire, vous voyez la vie autrement.  A aujourd’hui elle est toujours hospitalisée et a perdu plus de 20kg en 6 semaines. Les frais médicaux sont couteux. Son assurance médicale a couvert les frais a hauteur de rs 300,000 et nous sommes a plus de rs 1,000,000 depuis le début de son hospitalisation. Nous prions tous pour sa guérison et elle a hâte de rentrer à la maison et ensuite de continuer son traitement. Elle continuera à être nourrie par la sonde alimentaire. Nous comptons sur la bienveillance de tout un chacun afin d’aider ma maman à continuer son traitement et retrouver sa santé. Je vous remercie pour votre précieuse contribution et je garde le sourire pour elle. Jessica
  127. Need a transplant for kidney disease
    Need a transplant for kidney disease
    Robert Laurent Sadou
    Bonjour, moi c'est Stephania Sadou et avec mon mari Robert Sadou, nous habitons à morcellement napal floréal depuis 9 ans. En 2014 on travailler tout les deux pour terminer notre maison et j'ai donner naissance a notre fils Logan. Nous avons fait de gros sacrifice pour bien vivre, Robert travailler comme soudeur dans une enterprise et moi comme coiffeuse. Mais en 2017, tout bascule quand Robert tombe malade, il est alors obliger d'arrêter de travailler. Après beaucoup de visites à l'hôpital et beaucoup de tests, les docteurs lui on dit que son taux de créatinine était trop élever. Nous sommes parti voir un docteur en clinic privé et après des tests aprofondis, il nous à tout de suite référé à l'hôpital pour que Robert commence à suivre un traitement sous dialyse car son rein était complètement abimer, ce fût un choc pour notre famille. Lorsqu' il a commencer sa dialyse, c'était très dur pour lui comme pour moi car j'ai du quitter mon travaille pour m'occuper de lui et ma famille. Pour pouvoir arréter les dialyses, la seule solution c'est de faire une transplantation rénale. Nous cherchons alors dans la famille mais nous ne trouvons pas de donneur et c'est la que je décide de lui donner mon rein car pour moi c'est la seule solution pour que mon mari retrouve sa santer. Les tests commencent en 2018 et à notre grand surprise je suis compatible et en bonne santé et je peux lui donner mon rein. Après de très longues démarches, le ministère à enfin decidé de nous envoyer en Inde pour cette transplantation rénale à Apollo Hospital à Chennai. Le ministère paye pour nous deux mais on doit être accompagné d'une persone de notre famille car on va tout les deux etre opérer mais les frais pour cette personne est à notre charge. Il nous faut environ Rs.300,000 pour le billet d'avion et les 3 mois que nous passerons sur place. Nouriture et frais d'hotel : Rs.2,500/jours. C'est donc pour cela que nous sollicitons votre aide pour pouvoir partir faire cette opération en Inde qui n'est pas disponible à Maurice. Nous vous remercions d'avance pour votre soutient, Stephania et Robert Sadou.
  128. Restauration
    Mrs. Margelenne Raboude
    Hi, my name is Margelenne Raboude, I live at Anse Jonchee vieux grand Port. I have 3 children and I'm dreaming of becoming a small entrepreneur. Therefore, I need your support. The context I have a small business situated at Anse jonchee in the district of vieux Grand port which is a snack / coffee place. My small village is a place where tourist travel every day and there is no other place in the surrounding where they can stop and eat something. My project will also contribute to other active people of my village. There’s a lot of potential in my village: breeders, fisherman and vegetables planters. It will be easy for me to obtain fresh food by giving the best quality  to my client.. Why I want people to support my project? Being a widow and a single mother is not easy. This project is very important to me because it will help me fund my kids education. You can do anything by doing sacrifices and being motivated. My project will be very benefit to the economy of the village However, to succeed, I’ll need your support. It's not easy to start up a business and if you have no income it's not easy to fulfill your dream. My project has a lot of potential and I hope to receive support in order to succeed. What is your story?   I have twenty years of experience as I've worked at le Barachois Restaurants and happiness coffee as barmaid, waitress, guest relations and supervisor experience also. I want to give to my children's a small heritage which will benefit to them. I'm a widow mother of three children I want to fulfill my dream to open my bussiness I've twenty years of experience I've worked at le Barachois  Restaurants and happiness coffee as barmaid, waitress, guest relations and supervisor experience also. I want to give to my children's a small heritage which will benefit to them. When I will not be  there this is why I want that you support my business and give to me an opportunity! Thanking you for your support. Margelenne.  
  129. Help Jiyaan Mundil - 4 years old - for his medical treatment
    Help Jiyaan Mundil - 4 years old - for his medical treatment
    Yashoda Auchombit
    On behalf of my cousin Alwyn Mundil, I am raising funds for his 4 years old son Jiyaan Mundil. Jiyaan is suffering from Chronic Immuno Deficiency Syndrome since his 7months and has been on treatment since then. The child has been admitted several times to the local clinics and hospitals, unable to enjoy a normal childhood and play around as a kid of his age should.  His case has been referred to the Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India. Jiyaan has to undergo a bone marrow transplant. The approximate amount required for transplant will be Rs. 2,000,000 (MUR). I have included copies of his medical reports for information.  What can you do to help? We would be grateful if you could contribute any amount you wish to. Any little amount counts to support his treatment. Create awareness by sharing the URL of this project with your network as well. You can help us by sharing the link with your network and raise awareness of this case.  Together join me to save this little bundle of joy, Jiyaan's life and bring back the happiness in the lives of father Alwyn and mother Anisha.  Thank you for your contribution and kindness. Yashoda 
  130. Aidez Julian pour son traitement en Inde
    Aidez Julian pour son traitement en Inde
    Marie Christelle Davina Maunick
    Bonjour, Je vous présente mon fils Julian, agé de 9ans, depuis sa naissance le medecin avait constaté qu'il avait un (CONGENITAL HEART BLOCK). Son traitement a commencé en 2014 ou son Coeur ne battait qu'à 50% seulement et a 43% en 2018. Les medecins ont dis qu'il vaut mieux qu'il porte un pacemaker, l'intervention s'est déroulé le 04 Septembre 2018 et tout c'est bien passer. Arrivé 2020, il s'avère qu'un abcès s'est developpé au niveau du boitier ou se trouve le pacemaker et par la suite ca crée une cloque d'eau. Il a du subi une autre intervention mais en Inde le 13 novembre 2020. De retour a Maurice le 7 janvier 2021, sa blessure avait fait d'après le medecin un (OVERGROWTH) c'est a dire le surdéveloppement de la chair sur la blessure et il a subi encore deux autres interventions une en Fevrier et l'autre en Juin pour ce meme cas. En sus de ca le fil du pacemaker se voit aussi. Pour que cela ne se reproduise pas et comme c'est assez grave, il devra se rendre encore une fois en Inde le 16 septembre 2021 pour une autre intervention. Julian, voulant une vie normale et vivre comme tous les autres enfants, sollicite votre aide financière d'un montant de Rs. 250 000 seulement. - Le coût de son traitement est de Rs 400 000. - Le gouvernement nous donne Rs 250 000 de ce qui reste du montant de l'année dernière et nous devons trouver Rs 150 000 pour les frais de traitement, Rs 53 000 frais des billets et Rs 40 000 frais de logement ce qui peut varier pour le nombre de temps que nous serons en Inde. - Avec l'aide de la famille et des amis, nous constituons les frais des billets d'avions. Le montant cible pour la collecte de fond est désormais de Rs 250 000 et susceptible de changer une fois arriver en Inde. Votre générosité et contribution seront très appréciées. Merci d'avance de votre collaboration. Sincèrement, Christelle Maunick. Opérateur de saisie de données Cité la Caverne, Vacoas.
  131. Northen stray dogs welfare
    Northen stray dogs welfare
    Rashila Vigneshwari Ramchurn
    Dear members of the public,  I am Dr. Rashila Vigneshwari Ramchurn, I live at Khoyratty and I am educator in a state college from last 16 years and I am a pioneer of Street Art in Mauritius. I believe that education does not just happen at school.From year 2014, I have come out of my canvas and feed stray dogs daily in the northern rural landscape where I see over 150 skeletic stray dogs. This is the most modern conceptual artistic trend in art for the cause of animals in distress. I have identified these strays in the following areas: khoyratty, Ilot, Camp des Embrevades, Cantonancy, Mongoût, Pamplemousses, Mount, Calbas, Arsenal, Rosalie, Ville Bague, pont Praslin, Marre DAustralia, Forbach and Darruchi.This is not a passion but an innovative approach to bring my contribution in society to enable skeletic stray dogs who forage for food in rubbish, who live on kids shit in pampers pad which people throw in garbage by road side, to get a decent meal.On daily bases for the past 7 years I cook:- 1 bal of ration rice which costs Rs.270- I mix 1 bal pongo 20kg which cost Rs.1075- I cook Rs.400 chicken carcas- I put Rs. 500 fuel in my car and travel to these regions and feed the stray dogs and sterilise as much as I can With approximately Rs.50,000, 150 strays can be fed for a month including all expenses (fuel & food) I have myself adopted 25 at home and saved them from sugarcane fires when they were still new born as they would have been burnt in the fire.Daily at night it takes me 3 hrs to cook 1 bal of rice for them. Its very tiring but I do it as no one feeds them apart me.My project aims at reinventing, rethinking, reevaluation and reconceptualising the welfare of these stray dogs which I have identified. Your precious donations will enable me to buy strays food, achieve food security, pay treatment of sick strays, sterilise them and I also plan to build small shelters in their natural habitat where possible to shelter them from rain and cold.I cannot continue the journey alone as its too costly and I cannot give them quality. Together we can provide a better welfare for the strays!
  132. Help pay Welkin and other medical expenses for Gaetan Beeharry
    Help pay Welkin and other medical expenses for Gaetan Beeharry
    Emmanuelle Piany
    Ma famille et moi faisons un crowdfunding car nous ne pouvons assumer les dépenses relatives à l'hospitalisation de mon père, Gaetan Beeharry, dans le privé.En urgence le lundi 16 aout, ne pouvant plus voir mon père souffrir, j’ai décidé de l’emmener voir un médecin du privé : Docteur Suleiman Shimjee. Celui-ci a prescrit des examens médicaux car l’état de mon père était critique. Le jeudi 19 aout, ne pouvant plus supporter la douleur qu’il ressentait à l’abdomen, je l’ai conduit aux urgences de l’hôpital Welkin a Moka ou il a été admis de justesse. Diagnostique : Jaunice, Cirrhose du foie / cancer au stade avancé, varices à l’œsophage et de l’eau en abondance dans l’abdomen, ce qui l’empêchait aussi de respirer correctement et de s’alimenter. Mon père, ex policier, n’a pas d’assurance car il bénéficiait de la Police Welfare fund quand il travaillait encore. Papa ayant été diagnostiqué d’un cancer en phase terminale, il aura besoin de traitements médicaux une fois de retour à la maison;- Aide soignante- Lit médicalisé- Médicaments pour traiter son cancer et l’aider à vivre une hospitalisation à domicile plus confortable. Nous ne pourrons malheureusement pas assumer toutes ces dépenses seuls. Ma mère, âgée elle-même et atteinte de forte douleurs aux os, ne peut s’occuper seule de mon papa et n’a pas les moyens financiers non plus de le faire. Nous vous remercions tous de votre soutien et aide.
  133. Overseas tumor treatment
    Overseas tumor treatment
    Vengadasalon Jason
    Dear All, My name is Melita and my husband Vengadasalon Jason is 30 years old. He is a driver and he can't work from now and we've been married for 2 years now. Unfortunately, he's been diagnoses with a brain tumor on the left side of the brain. The doctor thinks that it is a malignant tumor. The treatment is dangerous and is not available in Mauritius. He may be paralysed and language can be affected, his situation could also lead to death. He urgently needs overseas treatment for a biopsy. We will be proceeding to France as he has an aunt who can help us with accomodation. His biopsy will cost around EURO 5,200 and further treatment will be needed, and social government aid is only available when you go to India which is not the case for us.  I am grateful to anyone who can help us. We got Rs.10,000 meanwhile with the family. Therefore, I seek for help.  With your donation we can save his life. Please help me, Thank you. Version FRANCAIS Cher amis, je suis Melita, mariee a Jason Vengadasalon depuis deux ans. Mon epoux est age de trente ans et travaille comme chauffeur. Actuellement, il est dans l'incapacite de travailler. Malheureusement, on lui a diagnostique une tumeur du cote gauche du cerveau. Les docteurs pensent que c'est une tumeur maligne. Le traitement est tres lourd et n'est pas disponible a maurice. Le langage peut etre affecte, il risque d'etre paralyses et sa condition medicale peut meme etre fatale. Il a urgemment besoin de se rendre a l'etranger pour une biopsie. Nous souhaitons nous rendre en France ou un membre de la famille peut nous heberger. Sa biopsie coutera environ 5,200 euro et d'autre traitement seront necessaire. Les aides sociales ne sont disponibles que lorsque l'on se rend en Inde, ce qui n'est pas le cas pour nous. Je serai reconnaissante de tout aide que vous pourriez nous apporter. Nous avons recu deja Rs 10,000 de la famille. Avec votre donation nous pourions lui sauver la vie. Aidez-nous, s'il vous plait. Merci a vous tous. 
  134. Abusé(e), et après ?! Le choix t'appartient !
    Abusé(e), et après ?! Le choix t'appartient !
    Valentine de Froberville
    PROJET DE LIVRE  Et si notre rapport à la vie était une question… de choix ?   Je m’appelle Valentine et j’ai été victime d’abus sexuels. Et contre toute attente… j’ai choisi d’être heureuse. J’ai choisi d’utiliser cette blessure comme une force pour mieux me connaître, mieux m’aimer. J’ai choisi de croire en moi.   À travers mon combat, plusieurs certitudes se sont imposées à moi :   Celle que les ex-victimes d’abus sexuels sont sevrées d’informations, mais pas tant de solutions concrètes pour laisser le traumatisme derrière soi. Celle que, malgré tout, notre avenir n’est pas tracé. Nous seuls avons le pouvoir de décider ce que nous voulons vivre, qui nous voulons être. Et ainsi, celle que tout traumatisme peut être transformé en opportunité.   Et si la possibilité d’un avenir heureux existe vraiment, malgré le traumatisme vécu ?   Mon point est le suivant : il est possible, aussi difficile que ça puisse le paraître, d’en faire une force pour se créer une vie meilleure, d’être libéré de ce traumatisme. Je veux dire VRAIMENT LIBRE, pas seulement la liberté qui vous fait regarder dans la bonne direction tout en ayant un poids qui vous empêche d’avancer !     Et si seul notre choix d’être heureux pouvait tout changer ?   Aujourd’hui, je souhaite écrire un livre pour partager des outils qui m’ont aidée dans cette voie et offrir d’autres perspectives à tous ceux et celles qui choisissent d’avancer. Des outils qui, à mon sens, peuvent contribuer à réveiller une nouvelle énergie, reprendre possession de sa personne et de son corps.   Ce que j’espère vous aider à réaliser à travers ce livre, c’est qu’une autre voie est possible. Mais ça, vous le savez déjà au fond de vous, n’est-ce pas ? C’est réellement possible, et j’ai vraiment hâte de vous embarquer sur cette voie.   ______________   Parlons peu, parlons bien.   Futur lecteur, ex-victime, proche ou sensible à notre cause : j’ai besoin de vous ! Grâce à vous et vos contributions, ce projet pourra faire une différence chez de nombreuses personnes.   Participez au changement avec moi !  
  135. Help me save a little baby life
    Help me save a little baby life
    Hello friends, am rishtee kokil, am here because I need help for fund raising for my niece Lovevishka Beekaree aged four she is the daughter of Bharat Singh and Ridhima beekaree of Malinga St.Pierre... She was diagnosed with baby born flat..( Congenital malformation) : single verticle( hypoplastic RV with large VSD) TGA.VSD: Aortic arch hypoplasia coration PDA At the age of 7 months she had one surgery on April 2017 for PDA, reconstruction of aortic arch, coarction repair, PA banding which was financed by the government. And on December 2017 when Lovevishka was aged 1 year 2 months she had a second surgery which consist of Glenn procedure with ligation of MPA( BD Glenn shunt (partial right heart bypass) for which fund was raised by public donation. But now at the age of four she needs to return for the third stage surgery which is Fontan which must be done at the Artemis Hospital. New Delhi India like her previous surgeries. This is the reason sm here today to help my niece for her fund raising for her last surgery...Please be generous to donate to help saving this little baby..  
  136. BRAIN STEM TUMOUR: To Help a Youth of My Age to Survive This Battle (For Ashlesh)
    BRAIN STEM TUMOUR: To Help a Youth of My Age to Survive This Battle (For Ashlesh)
    Krishna Pentayah
    BRAIN STEM TUMOUR #ForAshlesh To Help a Youth of My Age to Survive This Battle. Why do we need your help? My childhood friend is in need of our solidarity. I am mounting this crowdfunding as a bridge and platform to help his family achieve their goal. Asmita Haradan (sister of the patient) is currently going door-to-door and to some accessible places she knows, to fund raise. Unfortunately, time is running and at the current pace, the whole amount would not be reached before the deadline (20th September 2021).  “I am making a humble request to help my family and I, who find ourselves in dire straits to help fund treatment of my brother Ashlesh Haradan who is suffering from a brain stem tumour. He has undergone many other health complications which has resulted in an increase in the bills at Apollo Navi Hospital Mumbai. We had received help from state of 800,000 which was not sufficient. Any amount contributed wholeheartedly will be very much appreciated.” – Asmita Haradan, sister of the patient.  When Will the Crowdfunding Close? (Deadline) 20th September 2021 - 7 days prior the offcial deadline as per stipulated in the official document issued by the Commissioner of Police. The 7 days are kept as delay days upon which the Crowdfunding would validate and render the final amount to the Haradan family.  Permit to Fundraise Please see the "documents" part of the crowdfunding to have access to the legal permit involved in the fundraising as per approved by Miss Asmita Haradan, the Crowdfunding responsible staff and Krishna Pentayah.  Note: Krishna Pentayah is organising this fundraising on behalf of the Haradan family because they are not used to manage such technological platforms; Mr Pentayah is acting as a support system. All amount will directly go to Miss Haradan's bank account as verified by the Crowdfunding personal.  Who is the Patient? Ashlesh Haradan is my 22-year-old friend inhabiting in our small village found in Flacq district. His family’s financial situation does not permit them to afford such an amount for abroad treatment. The COVID-19 situation happened to complicate things even more. Ashlesh is an avid Nature lover and was working at the Wellkin Hospital. Amidst his young age, he is a hard worker and was amongst the primary money-earner of the family.  Treatment to Be Done in India Ashlesh Haradan is currently in Mauritius. He got back from India as his funds were over with an incomplete treatment. This crowdfunding has as goal to contribute to his expenses when he goes back to India for further treatment.  Help from the State They have received help from state of Rs 800,000 which was not sufficient. The total amount due is approximately Rs 2.8M.  Help from our Village A fund raising was done in our small village (Écroignard) as well. Nevertherless, considering the small population in here, there is a lot more to go to reach the final amount needed.  Can't See Your Name in the Supporters List? Especially when sharing at night, it might take the server several hours to make the names of the donors visible. If after a day, your name is still not visible, please do contact us! Help from Crowdfunding  Since we are in a race against time, I thought to create this crowdfunding on behalf of my childhood friend to support the the Haradan family who're already struggling. Hopefully the message shall reach out to speed things up for them; for our faith in humanity. For me, two of the main purposes of human beings and of this crowdfunding to uplift what scientist Carl Sagan (Humanity - Carl Sagan) said: To me, the distant image of our tiny world underscores the responsibility to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, our only home.  A Message to the Kind Contributers "We’re all humans. And we all just want a chance. A chance at life, a chance at an education, a chance at a future, really. As I stare out in my beautiful wall full of people, I see optimism, hope, I see the future. I know that each and every one of us have the opportunity to help someone else. All we need to do is help one person expecting nothing in return. To me, that is humanity. You don’t have to be rich to help somebody, you don’t even have to be famous. It starts with your neighbour; the person next to you.” The real war is up to him but we can help him to win the small battles through our kindness and generosity. He is going through the real pain, shared by his family.  Please help me to make this “miracle” achievable; to give my childhood friend a new chance to life. Help us to decrease a whole family’s pain. Our Mauritianism is one of the most beautiful things we have; please let it prevail once again.  Ashlesh, to wherever you are; however difficult it might seem for you right now, if you’re reading this, DO NOT GIVE UP MAN. KEEP FIGHTING. WE ARE ALL WITH YOU.  - Krishna, Your childhood friend.
  137. Manque de fonds traitement de cancer
    Manque de fonds traitement de cancer
    Jocelyn Bassa
    Hello everyone, I, Shamneez Trevedy, am writing to you on behalf of my father-in-law, Mr. Jocelyn Bassa. Mr. Bassa is 63 years old. He is a loving husband and caring father of five children and grand father of nine grand children. He worked for more than 30 years as a milling fitter in the Ex-Sugar State of Mon Desert Mon Tresor. After his retirement, he continued to work as a lorry driver to be able to cater for the needs of his family. He likes going to the beach, cooking, gardening and helping others. Through a biopsy in October 2020, Mr. Bassa was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer. He did multiple blood tests and scans like MRIs. He even started hormone therapy. The therapy was working but it had side effects on his body, and it was advised by his doctor that a surgery to remove the prostate would be the best option for him. In June 2021, he undertook the surgery at Fortis Clinique Darné. During the surgery the doctor discovered that the cancer had started to spread to his pelvis and he had to stop everything because going ahead to remove the prostate would have caused more damage to his body. (Frozen Pelvis issue). Attached are his medical reports. As suggested by his doctor, we started looking for alternative treatments abroad. In these pandemic times, it is very risky for him to go to India. So, we contacted doctors at the Clinique of Saint Clothilde in Reunion Island. We were advised that the best options for him was to either do a stereotactic radiotherapy by Cyberknife (3 weeks treatment) or a Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (up to 10 weeks treatment). The cost of each treatment is about EUR 12,035. Some preliminary tests will have to be made while he will be in Reunion Island for the doctors to determine which of the two therapies will be best for him. Mr. Bassa has up to now spent more than MUR 300,000 as medical expenses. His family has been financially supporting him with the costs, but he now needs more help to be able to continue his treatment in Reunion Island. Therefore, we humbly request you to support us in this project. Relying on your generosity. Grateful if you could all share amongst your family and friends, any help is most welcome. God bless you all. Thank you. Shamneez   Bonjour à tous, Moi, Shamneez Trevedy, je vous écris au nom de mon beau-père, M. Jocelyn Bassa. M. Bassa est âgé de 63 ans. C'est un mari aimant et un père attentionné de cinq enfants et grand pere de neuf petit enfants. Il a travaillé pendant plus de 30 ans comme ajusteur et tourneur dans l'ex-état sucrier de Mon Désert Mon Tresor. Après sa retraite, il a continué à travailler comme chauffeur routier pour pouvoir subvenir aux besoins de sa famille. Il aime aller à la plage, cuisiner, jardiner et aider les autres. Grâce à une biopsie effectuée en octobre 2020, M. Bassa a malheureusement été diagnostiqué comme ayant un cancer de la prostate. Il a fait de multiples analyses de sang et des scanners comme des IRM. Il a même commencé un traitement hormonal. La thérapie fonctionnait mais elle avait des effets secondaires sur son corps, et il a été conseillé par son médecin qu'une chirurgie pour enlever la prostate serait la meilleure option pour lui. En juin 2021, il a subi l'opération à Fortis Clinique Darné. Pendant l'opération, le médecin a découvert que le cancer avait commencé à se propager à son bassin et il a dû tout arrêter parce que continuer à enlever la prostate aurait causé plus de dommages à son corps. (problème de gel du bassin). Vous trouverez ci-joint ses rapports médicaux. Comme suggéré par son médecin, nous avons commencé à chercher des traitements alternatifs à l'étranger. En ces temps de pandémie, il est très risqué pour lui d'aller en Inde. Nous avons donc contacté les médecins de la Clinique de Saint Clothilde à la Réunion. On nous a dit que la meilleure option pour lui était de faire une radiothérapie stéréotaxique par Cyberknife (3 semaines de traitement) ou une thérapie par arc modulé volumétrique (jusqu'à 10 semaines de traitement). Le coût de chaque traitement est d'environ 12 035 euros. Des tests préliminaires devront être effectués pendant son séjour à l'île de la Réunion afin que les médecins puissent déterminer laquelle des deux thérapies lui conviendra le mieux. Jusqu'à présent, M. Bassa a dépensé plus de 300 000 MUR en frais médicaux. Sa famille l'a soutenu financièrement, mais il a maintenant besoin d'une aide supplémentaire pour pouvoir poursuivre son traitement à l'île de la Réunion. C'est pourquoi nous vous demandons humblement de nous soutenir dans ce projet. Nous comptons sur votre générosité. Nous vous remercions de bien vouloir partager avec votre famille et vos amis, toute aide est la bienvenue. Que Dieu vous bénisse tous. Merci. Shamneez  
  138. Studies (Master of Art Education) for the benefits of the youths.
    Studies (Master of Art Education) for the benefits of the youths.
    Gael Gouges
    Hi. My name is Gael Gouges, and I am an Art Teacher in a secondary school in Mauritius. I have a passion for art and teaching, as I think that art could bring the youths to express themselves, be creative, have fun, find solutions, and all these while developing essential skills required today such as communication, self-management, research, and social skills. Throughout my experience, I came to realize how students, even with limitations, could learn any subjects and skills through the arts when applying differentiation. I would like to raise funds to continue my studies with a Master of Art in Art Education at "The Art of Education University". This course will develop me to become a better Art Teacher, and later, I would like to apply my gained knowledge to help children from every social background through organized workshops, art activities, and art therapy sessions. The course I would like to do from" The Art of Education University", is a U.S accreditated course and university. By donating, you are going to invest in the youths to offer them a better future. Any contribution would be welcome. For now, I have Rs75,000 from my savings to invest in the course, but still missing around Rs500,000. Thank you for your support. Kind regards, Gael Gouges
  139. Aide financiere pour mes soins medicaux
    Aide financiere pour mes soins medicaux
    Sarah Henriot
    Francais;Je me présente, je suis Sarah Henriot agée de 30 ans et j’ai deux magnifique enfants qui sont agés de 9 et 11 ans.Il y a un an de cela, le 1er mai 2020, ma vie a basculé.Suite a une érreur médicale, je me suis retrouvée avec une colostomie (un morceaux de mon intestin a l’exterieur de mon abdomen) car j’ai fait une hémoragie interne et j’ai aussi les organes collés.J’étais une femme pleine de vie mais depuis tout à vraiment changer.La dépression, le manque de confiance etc.Malheureusement, mes problemes ne s’arrettent pas la.L’hopital me fournis seulement 3 bases par mois et en moyenne je me sert d’au moins 10 bases par mois qui me coute dans les 2000 roupies mensuellement.Je percois une aide social (pension d’invalide) qui est de 9000r mais ça ne me suffit pas pour joindre les deux bout car je paie une location de 6500r + 2000r pour les bases et il me reste que 500r pour le mois.Mon fils qui est agé de bientot 11 ans et qui est orphelin de père (décedé avant sa naissance) est dyslexique. Il frequente une institution spécialisée qui est payante.Je me bat tout les jours pour faire en sorte que mes enfants ne manquent de rien.Si aujourdhui je partage mon histoire et que je sollicite votre aide c’est pour pouvoir guerir, afin de pouvoir faire l’avenir de mes enfants.J’aimerai avoir recours aux privés pour avoir un autre avis qui peut s’averer etre mieux pour ma santé et cela me coutera tres cher car je dois faire plusieurs tests comme:- CT Scan – abdomen + pelvis (Rs.9,200- 11,000 approx.)- Colonoscopie (Rs.15,000 +)- Consultation (Rs.1500)- Opération afin de pouvoir remettre mon intestion a l’interieur, plus de Rs.100,000*Ci-dessus, les prix approximatifs reçus d’une clinique locale.Je sollicite votre aide afin que je puisse guerir et avoir une vie normale afin de pouvoir faire l’avenir de mes enfants et les voir grandir. Mes enfants sont ma force et c’est grace a eux que j’arrive à tenir le coup dans cette epreuve difficile.Je vous remercie tous d’avance et que dieu vous benisse. ////English////Let me introduce myself, I am Sarah Henriot 30 years old and I have two wonderful children who are 9 and 11 years old.A year ago, on May 1, 2010, my life changed. Due to a medical error, I ended up with a colostomy (a piece of my intestine outside my abdomen) because I had internal bleeding and my organs were stuck together too.I was a vibrant woman, but everything has changed dramatically since then. Depression, lack of confidence etc.Unfortunately my problems don't end there. The hospital provides me only 3 bases(colostomy bag) per month and on average I use at least 10 bases per month which costs me in the 2000 rupees monthly.I receive social assistance (invalidity pension) which is 9000r but that is not enough for me to make ends meet because I am paying a rental of 6500r + 2000r for the colostomy bag and I have only 500r left for the month. My son, who is soon 11 years old and who is fatherless (died before his birth) is dyslexic. He attends a specialized institution which is paying. I fight every day to ensure that my children does not miss anything. If today I share my story and ask for your help, it is so that I can heal, so that I can make the future of my children.I would like to have recourse to the private sector to have another opinion which may prove to be better for my health and it will cost me a lot because I have to do several tests like;- CT Scan - abdomen + pelvis (Rs.9,200- 11,000 approx.) - Colonoscopy (Rs.15,000 +) - Consultation (Rs.1,500) - Operation so that I can get my intestines back inside which is over Rs.100,000. *The above is the approximate price of a clinic that I got. I ask for your help so that I can heal and have a normal life so that I can look after my children’s future and watch them grow up.My children are my strength and it is for them that I am able to cope with this difficult situation.Thank you all in advance and may god bless you.
  140. Etre une maman a part entière malgré ma situation d’handicap
    Etre une maman a part entière malgré ma situation d’handicap
    Marie Christine Pallany Ramma
    Bonjour,    Je suis Christine Pallany Ramma, âgée de 30ans. La vie n'a pas était tendre envers moi. Suite à une infection pulmonaire il y a bientôt 7ans. Je me suis retrouvé en situation d'handicap, je suis atteinte d'une tétraplégie.    Je suis toute la journée au lit et si je dois me déplacer, s'est mon époux qui me met sur mon fauteuil roulant pour sortir. Vous pouvez vous imaginer à quel point la situation n'est pas évidente. Nos sorties sont très limité.    En parcourant la toile je suis tombé sur des véhicules spécialisés pour personne à mobilité réduite (en France ils l'appel TPMR). Ce moyen de transport serait définitivement d'une grande aide pour ma famille et moi même. À savoir que je suis depuis 2019, maman d'un petit garçon.    Malheureusement, sans aide financière je suis dans l'incapacité de me procurer ce type de transport. Sachant qu'il coûte très cher. Après avoir fait quelques recherches, j'ai vue un concessionnaire qui a le véhicule en showroom. Et tenez vous bien il coûte rs 960,000.  C'est une super occasion là d'avoir le véhicule déjà à Maurice. Et ne pas avoir à l'importer.   Voilà, du coup je viens vers vous avec toutes ma gratitude. Si vous avez les moyens de me venir en aide, de faire une bonne action qui vous sera rendu tôt ou tard. Je vous demanderai de bien vouloir cliquer sur DONATE et d'être généreux.   J'aimerais vous rassurer. Si jamais je n'arrive pas à collecter toute la somme, le montant obtenu servira tout de mêmes à faire un dépôt et par la suite je vais trouver moyen pour continuer à payer la mensualité.   Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.   Christine             ' I don't want to just survive,            I want to truly live. '                                        Stephen Hawkins    
  141. Aidons Madame Moutousamy à combattre son cancer du sein
    Aidons Madame Moutousamy à combattre son cancer du sein
    Vanessa Nagapillay
    Bonjour à tous, je m'appelle Vanessa et je fais cette demande de fonds pour la mère de Michaëlla Moutousamy.Madame Moutousamy qui a 52 ans est atteint d'un cancer du sein de stage 4.Elle a aussi eu de l'eau dans ses poumons et elle est suivi par un medecin qui doit enlever l'eau tous les 2 jours.Pour ajouter à tous les problèmes medicaux que subit Madame Moutousamy, maintenant elle doit faire face à des problèmes de peau où des irruptions cutanés douloureuse sont apparues sur ses seins. Elle a besoin de medicaments et de soins tous les jours et chaque traitement coûte énormement.A vous qui avez pris le temps de lire ce temoignage, je fais appel à votre génerosité pour aider Madame Moutousamy à combattre cette maladie pour qu'elle puisse voir grandir ses petit-enfants et pour ses enfants qui ont encore besoin d'elle.Ci-joint, une video de sa fille Michaëlla avec plus de details sur la maladie de sa mère.Pour faire un don, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien vers ma collecte de fonds ci-dessous.Dans la section  "documents" de ce project, vous trouverez la cotation de son traitement à venir.Cela m’aiderait aussi beaucoup si vous pouviez partager mon lien avec vos connaissances et votre entourage!J’apprécie vraiment votre soutien et votre aide.Merci du fond du coeur et soyez béni!
  142. Financer l'achat d'équipements pour la confection de 'Dry Snacks'
    Financer l'achat d'équipements pour la confection de 'Dry Snacks'
    Audrey & Joël Thomas
    Qui sommes-nous?Nous sommes Audrey et Joël, victimes collaterales du COVID, car travaillant tous deux dans le tourisme. Joël est Beach Hawker, déjà avant l'avènement du COVID, il travaillait presque plus car les habitudes des touristes en matière d'achat avait  complètement changé. La pandémie est venue accentuer la situation économique catastrophique de Joël. Malgrè cela ayant en horreur le statut d'assister, il se débrouille comme il peut pour faire bouillir la marmite. Audrey pour sa part est employée d'hôtel devant l'incertitude que represente ce secteur.Que fesons nous?Mais le couple, débrouillard essaie de trouver une porte de sortie au lieu de se complaire de l'assistance de l'état. Audrey a toujours rêvé d'avoir sa propre entreprise et à partir de là, avec le moyen de bord, elle prépare des 'Dry Snacks' qu'elle propose dans un premier temps à son entourage proche et devant la réaction positive, elle élargie son champs d'action. Ses collègues trouvent les produits excellents et l'encouragent à persévérer. Notre objectif:Petit à petit, de bouche à oreille, les commandes commencent à affluer. Joel est obligé de mettre la main à la pâte. Les produits commencent même à trouver preneur dans les petits commerces de la région. D'où l'idée de se lancer dans ce projet. Le materiel  devient alors rapidement insuffisant pour répondre à la demande. Devant la situation financière déjà difficile, se procurer des nouveaux équipements pour augmenter la production et répondre à la demande s'avère très compliquée. Notre challenge:Les banques sont rétissantes à financer le projet car à leurs yeux le couple n'est pas solvable, travaillant dans un seteur précaire et ayant déjà des prêts à rembourser. Le CROWD FUND se présente comme un boué de sauvetage pour la petite mais prometteuse entreprise. Audrey et Joël comptent sur la générosité de personnes bienveillantes pour la concrétisation de leur projet.Nous vous proposons donc de nous soutenir dans cette aventure entrepreunariale avec à la clès un retour sur vos dons sous la forme de produits que nous confectionnons;- Baguette Fromage- Baguette Fromage Fines Herbes- Cravattes Sucrés Au Sesames- Cravattes Salés- Sev- Triangle Au Sesames et CuminsChoissisez entre les selections de snacks pack Rs.200, Rs.500 ou Rs.800.Pick up points: Flacq Coeur de Ville, Port Louis Caudan ou Isidore Rose Merci,Audrey & Joël Thomas
  143. Kids with dreams
    Kids with dreams
    Ryan Balloo
    Purpose: 'Kids with dreams', is the current project I am working on.  Last year, we came up with the idea of shooting dj sets in different places around Mauritius and this year we wanted to step up our game, providing you guys with something mesmerizing and mind blowing. This project will be the last one for this year due to exams.  To realise such a dream as a local artist and to provide unique content to you all, I appeal for your support. Hopefully, if we achieve our goal, 25% of the funds will be donated to a NGO. The 75% will be used to rent the required equipments(cdjs,camera gear,etc..) as well as to cover our cost for transport.   My biography: I am an 18 year old, who began my journey in the music industry at the age of 16. My projects can be found on my social media platforms which I will link below. As a DJ I work on joining the dots between tribal house, techno and mainly melodic techno.   To achieve my dream , I'll need financial aid for the funding of my upcoming project (kids with dreams). With your help, this project will be not only be a success but will simultaneously encourage other local Mauritian artists.    Thank you :)   Instagram  : Facebook: YouTube: RB!
  144. Orphanage Organic Vegetable Garden Project
    Orphanage Organic Vegetable Garden Project
    kim higgins
    The Context:Hello we are a husband-and-wife team with 5 children at school in Mauritius and one overseas working. With the children and the caregivers at SOS Childrens Villiages and our family we are going to build a vegetable garden at SOS Childrens Village Bambous in Mauritius that has over 50 children living there. We own a family run organic fertilizer business that will supply all the organic fertilizer needed for the garden annually.  Why we need support:We need funding to buy all the farming equipment such as: shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, hoses, irrigation pipes for drip irrigation systems, two water tanks, fencing, seeds, young fruit trees, organic herbicides and organic pesticides, 2 shipping containers one for storing equipment and one used as a site office and store for freshly picked produce, one fulltime gardener that has the experience and skills to teach the children about sustainable agriculture.   The Plan:The vegetable garden project aims at food self sufficiency for approximately 50 children and 20 adults.The project will be implemented in two phases. The planting of fruit tree all around the grounds of the village and the growing of vegetables eaten regularly by the children and the caregivers. SOS families will be involved in the growing of their vegetables and will learn from the experiences. The size of the vegetable garden will increase annually until enough food is grown for the children and caregivers. All excess vegetables and fruit will be sold in a market stand locally and money from the sales will be used to expand the size of the garden and for new equipment. Once the vegetable garden is at its maximum size all excess proceedings from the vegetable stand will go towards the children's needs. A very small garden at the orphanage is already there and this will be expanded by many times the size eventually growing all the food required by the children. Children that take a lot of interest in the garden project will be encouraged to learn as much as they can and should they want to have a career in sustainable agriculture we will offer them a scholarship for the 3-year sustainable agriculture degree at the University of Mauritius.  OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT (1) Provide high quality organic food full of healthy nutrients for the SOS families.      (2) Provide job exposure to young people that want to do sustainable agriculture as a career.                                                                                                              (3) Move towards food self sufficiency. People can give us their email address and we will contact them with a newsletter regularly updating them on the progress. We want the children to become totally self-sufficient with healthy nutrient rich organic food. If required, we will fund the 2nd year and supply all the organic fertilizer needed for the project and by the 3rd year we expect the garden to be able to fund itself with the excess organic produce sold at the market. The garden project will uplift the lives of the children at the orphanage with them all being involved as a community. A big thank you to all people that donate money to the Orphanage Organic Vegetable Garden Project. We look forward to meeting you! Kind regards,       Kim, Aurelie and family.
  145. Aidons nos 4 médaillés mondiaux
    Aidons nos 4 médaillés mondiaux
    Global Rainbow Foundation
    Du 26 juillet au 1er août 2021, 4 compatriotes sportifs ont brillamment défendu nos couleurs mauriciennes à la Coupe du Monde de Savate Boxe Française en Autriche. Olivier Lafleur est champion dans la catégorie -85 kg. Akilesh Bhantoo est vice-champion dans la catégorie +85 kg. Sharon Clair est quant à elle vice-championne pour les +75 kg. Didier Brasse a lui décroché le bronze dans le catégorie des -56 kg. 4 mauriciens, 4 champions, 4 raisons d’être fier de notre drapeau national. Et pourtant, ces 4 boxeurs ont du mal à trouver l’argent nécessaire pour payer une partie de leurs frais. Après une contribution partielle du Ministère des Sports pour payer 3 billets d’avion, le 4e billet a été financer à travers des sponsors et autres fonds personnels, la Fédération Mauricienne de Boxe Française se bat pour trouver des sponsors afin de soulager le fardeau financier de Sharon, Didier, Akilesh et Olivier. Il leur manque encore MUR 67,000 pour payer leur séjour en quarantaine à leur retour à Maurice le 6 août prochain. Aidons nos 4 champions à travers nos dons. Aidons le sport mauricien. Aidons notre drapeau national.
  146. Make Mylapore Cafe happen again
    Make Mylapore Cafe happen again
    DK Arts Ltd
    Greetings all, OUR STORY Mylapore Cafe is a passion driven endeavour that was started in Octorber 2019 through a cafe-resto, offering a range of authentic south indian/ pan indian and fusion cuisine inspired by the many faceted Indian culinary heritage. Mylapore Cafe is a labour of love, having at the core a drive to offer high quality, home made style, authentic food to a growing group of people wishing to experience layers of many things and travel through food.  After opening in 2019, the cafe picked up instantly and people, including many of you who might be reading this, have been hooked to the cuisine and the whole experience that the cafe provided. Reviews were many, and we are eternally grateful for that. Unfortunately, in March 2020, COVID happened we had to stop operations. At the heart of our business, were our employees whom we did not want to remain affected by the crisis and took a decision to continue paying salaries supported by the savings we had managed to make through a flowering business, with the hope that business shall pick up again after lockdown. Coupled with salary we also had other fixed costs such as rent.  Then, we reopened in July 2020 to realise that business was not the same but still happening. Our loyal customers still thronged the cafe while many new curious customers booked tables on a weekly basis. However in September 2020 we were notified that the hotel from where we were renting a space for the cafe, has just turned into a quarantine hotel and that we had to stop operations immediately. That was huge blow that we are sill struggling to recover from. Left with no space for operations, we had stop business, much to the dismay of our customers. It is only in April 2021, after re-injecting from personal funds  that we have been able to restart operations, that too doing only deliveries.  WHY WE NEED YOU NOW? We want to bring Mylapore Cafe back to the scene. We want to re create that cosy, culture infused space where anyone can escape momentarily to another dimension, through soulful  food, comforting drinks and we want to provide a healthy place for families to enjoy cosy moments of celebration. To achieve that we need your support and help. We are recreating Mylapore Cafe in a new place with a more apt setting, but funding is an uphill climb. Our personal funds can no longer support running the business and we are doing efforts to seek credit facilities. You would agree that for startups this is not an easy process. By funding this project you are: - Helping an SME get back on track in this rather adverse environment, - Helping an employer to bounce back; that also entails helping families sustain a basic, healthy and sound life. - Restore the legacy that mylapore cafe has created in the community through healthy, home-made style, authentic food.  THE PLAN The fund that we are seeking, that is the 400K MUR, is to cater to the following at opening.  - Kitchen and restaurant equipment - New location set up - Start up salaries  MUCH GRATITUDE You will always remain a special part of this project. We thank you from our hearts for your contribution and we have taken a pledge to contribute socially by providing a minimum of 10 free meals per month to needy families/NGOS as soon as we are up and running. As we grow, we hope to be able to contibute more to the community.  As a contributor you also become a special customer of the cafe. We are very keen and happy to know you. Reach out to us on Thank you. Mylapore Cafe team.  
  147. Move A Mile Mauritius
    Move A Mile Mauritius
    Le Pont Du Tamarinier
    (English version below) Move a Mile Mauritius est une campagne de collecte de fonds pour ‘Motilakaz’, un projet créé par une équipe de bénévoles en collaboration avec 2 ONG: "Le Pont du Tamarinier" et  "Kolectif Rivier Nwa" pour venir en aide à une communauté de Rivière Noire qui vit dans une extrême pauvreté dans des logements précaires. En septembre, tous les gens de cette communauté devront déménager, car la terre sur laquelle ils vivent ne leur appartient pas.   Move a Mile Mauritius voudrait encourager les enfants à trouver des sponsors pour cette collecte de fonds en s’engageant à parcourir un mile (1.6km) tous les jours pendant le mois de juin. Ils peuvent marcher, courir ou faire du vélo. Cette page Crowdfund a été mise en place afin de permettre aux familles et amis des enfants qui vont participer à ce projet de faire un don à cette cause. =========================================================== Move a Mile Mauritius is a fundraising initiative for Project Motilakaz.  Project Motilakaz was set up by a group of concerned citizens of Black River, to address a social housing problem.  It is working in conjunction with 2 NGOs: Le Pont Du Tamarinier and Kolectif Rivier Nwa.  In September, a small community is facing eviction.  Project Motilakaz is working with them to find new land, and to raise money to build new social housing. Move a Mile Mauritius would like to encourage children (an adults) to raise money whilst "moving" 1 mile a day (1.6km) for the 30 days of June.  They can walk, run, bike ride... anything, as long as they aim to complete 30 miles over the course of June.  Participants are looking for sponsor money and donations, to contribute to this worthwhile project. Please donate as generously as you can. Thank you.
  148. Help us to renovate the La Preneuse Martello Tower Museum in Black River
    Help us to renovate the La Preneuse Martello Tower Museum in Black River
    Friends of the Environment
    Help Us Renovate La Preneuse Martello Tower Museum in Black River, Mauritius   Restored from a derelict ruin into a museum by FRIENDS OF THE ENVIRONMENT, Martello Tower was set up with generous funding by private Mauritian companies and foreign embassies. The museum opened its doors in August 2000 and has since been visited by thousands of Mauritians and tourists from around the world.   Today after more than 20 years – most recently marked by a slowdown in visitor traffic due to COVID-19 (see below) – we are taking steps to refurbish the museum’s façade, and to increase awareness and recognition of its significant historical place in the Mauritian cultural landscape. To this extent, our organisation appeals to you for support in raising MRU 255,000 for much-needed repairs and innovations that will greatly enhance the site and its acquisitions. The Project ITEM PROJECTED COST (MRU) Repair and refinish the wooden flooring and staircase 55,000 Mounting of two cannons at the exterior of the tower 75,000 Replace or install signage – as required – outside the tower, and along regional roads and throughways 40,000 Replace exhibition and display panels in the museum 35,000 Replace wall map with smart screen that will offer guided tour in multiple languages 50,000 Total: MRU 255,000   The Museum’s Place in Black River   The building is a declared national monument situated at the La Preneuse Public Beach. It is an important cultural and historical site which falls under the control of the National Heritage Fund (NHF) and is operated as a museum by the non-governmental organisation, FRIENDS OF THE ENVIRONMENT, under an Agreement with the NHF.   It complements other local attractions of the west coast such as Dolphin Watching, Casela Leisure Park, the Black River Gorges National Park, and more. A museum visit is included in a package offered by a local tour operator, along with Dolphin Watching and a Picnic outing on Ile aux Benitiers. The museum received a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor where it is listed among the top ten sites based on visitor reviews.   The museum provides employment to three full-time guides and two trainee-replacement guides and encourages volunteers to partake in its activities and projects.   Martello Tower Museum plays a part in the education of Mauritian students, from pre-primary to tertiary institutions, whose schools organize numerous visits every year.     COVID-19 Impact on Martello Tower Museum The number of visits to Martello Tower Museum was dramatically impacted during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a 76% decrease in the number of visits.    Year Tourists Mauritians No of pupils (schools) Total Visitors 2019 2,972 1,960 3,188 (36) 8,120 2020 564 1,077 300 (10) 1,941     Feel Free to Share with Family and Friends Worldwide      
  149. Clubfoot Project
    Clubfoot Project
    Global Rainbow Foundation
    Who are we? The Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is a charitable organization that works for people with disabilities, mainly in Mauritius and Rodrigues. It is led by Professor Armoogum Parsuramen GOSK, and was founded in November 2011, with a team of professionals who work on different aspects to empower people with disabilities, such as advocacy, direct impact projects, rehabilitation and training for employment. ONG Step by Step, founded in August 2014, is an association that helps to screen and raise awareness for club foot, thus promoting access to care for children suffering from this congenital deformity. The professionals of the association are committed to this service and offer to share their experiences to help Mauritius and Rodrigues with the treatment of children with club foot. GRF and ONG Step by Step have signed an MOU on 09th March 2019, whereby they undertake to respect their roles and responsibilities in this protocol. Their goal is to improve the health care of children with club foot in a way to ensure a better future for them, enabling a normal life and preserving their foot anatomy in a best way. Thanks to our collaboration with the Dr P Ghurburrun Trust we have set up a club foot clinic in Petit Raffray. What is our project for? The project will involve children from 0 to 6 years old who are born with club foot deformity. Clubfoot, also known as congenital talipes equinovarus, is a developmental deformity of the foot. It can be mild or severe and occur in one or both feet. However, if your child's clubfoot is not treated, the foot will remain deformed, and he or she will not be able to walk normally. The Ponseti method is the most widely used technique which uses gentle stretching and casting to gradually correct the deformity. For older children, the method of casting is different. They keep their plaster for 2 weeks. As they are older and already started walking on the foot, the foot is stiffer and requires longer cast time to achieve improvement. Children who are older usually face relapse; this is due to the fact that they have already been treated with several casts for long duration and undergone highly invasive surgeries but due to lack of adequate braces to maintain the correction, the correction achieved is not secured and hence the child has to undergo several more casts and major surgeries followed by physiotherapy sessions to ensure a proper rehabilitation. This process can take several months before the child is able to gain a proper walking pattern.  For more information, click on or   What will come of my donation? The purpose of the donation will be to help cure more clubfoot children especially those who have financial problems as the cost of clinic and materials are high and the parents are unable to afford. The donations will also fund the materials used during the treatment process, and physiotherapy sessions that the children may need after major surgeries. A donation of Rs 10,000 will help for the tenotomy for 1 child or 20 physiotherapy sessions for 1 child. Help us reach our target goal of Rs 150,000 to help 15 club foot children. Any contribution is most welcome.   Projet de soin du pied bot Qui sommes-nous ? La Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) est une organisation caritative qui œuvre pour les personnes handicapées, principalement à Maurice et à Rodrigues. Elle est dirigée par le professeur Armoogum Parsuramen GOSK, et a été fondée en novembre 2011, avec une équipe de professionnels qui travaillent sur différents aspects pour autonomiser les personnes handicapées, comme le plaidoyer, les projets à impact direct, la réhabilitation et la formation pour l'emploi. L'ONG Step by Step, fondée en août 2014, est une association qui contribue au dépistage et à la sensibilisation du pied bot, favorisant ainsi l'accès aux soins des enfants souffrant de cette déformation congénitale. Les professionnels de l'association s'engagent dans ce service et proposent de partager leurs expériences pour aider Maurice et Rodrigues dans la prise en charge des enfants atteints de pied bot. La GRF et l'ONG Step by Step ont signé un protocole d'accord le 09 mars 2019, par lequel ils s'engagent à respecter leurs rôles et responsabilités dans ce partenariat. Leur objectif est d'améliorer la prise en charge et le soin des enfants atteints de pied bot de manière à leur assurer un meilleur avenir, en leur permettant une vie normale et en préservant au mieux l'anatomie de leur pied. Grâce à notre collaboration avec le Dr P Ghurburrun Trust, nous avons mis en place une clinique pour les enfants de pied bot à Petit Raffray. Quel est le but de notre projet ? Le projet concerne les enfants âgés de 0 à 6 ans qui sont nés avec une deformation: un pied bot. Le pied bot, également appelé pied bot varus équin congénital, est une déformation du pied de cause inconnue. Elle peut être légère ou plus grave et se manifester dans un seul pied ou dans les deux. Cependant, si le pied bot de l’enfant n'est pas traité, le pied restera déformé et il ne pourra pas marcher normalement. La méthode Ponseti est la technique la plus répandue. Elle utilise des manipulations et étirements doux et des plâtres pour corriger progressivement la déformation. Pour les enfants plus âgés, la méthode de plâtre est différente. Ils gardent leur plâtre pendant 2 semaines. Comme ils sont plus âgés et ont déjà commencé à marcher sur le pied, celui-ci est plus rigide et nécessite une durée de plâtre plus longue pour obtenir une amélioration. Les enfants plus âgés sont généralement confrontés à des rechutes ; cela est dû au fait qu'ils ont déjà été traités avec plusieurs plâtres pendant une longue période et ont subi des interventions chirurgicales très invasives. Mais faute de soutien orthopédique adéquat pour maintenir la correction, la récidive survient et l'enfant doit donc subir plusieurs autres plâtres et interventions chirurgicales majeures, suivis de séances de physiothérapie pour assurer une bonne rééducation. Ce processus peut prendre plusieurs mois avant que l'enfant ne soit en mesure de retrouver un rythme de marche correct.  Pour plus d'informations, cliquez sur ou   A quoi va servir ma donation ? Le but de la donation est de prendre en charge et de soigner le maximum d'enfants atteints de pieds bots. En particulier ceux dont les familles ont des problèmes financiers car le coût de la clinique et des matériaux est élevé et les parents ne peuvent pas assumer ce coût. Les dons financeront également le matériel utilisé pendant le processus de traitement, ainsi que les séances de physiothérapie dont les enfants peuvent avoir besoin après une intervention chirurgicale importante. Un don de Rs 10, 000 permettra de financer la ténotomie d'un enfant ou 20 séances de physiothérapie pour un enfant. Aidez-nous à atteindre notre objectif de 150 000 roupies pour aider 15 enfants atteints de pied bot. Toute contribution est la bienvenue.
  150. Support to Mauritian Dancers
    Support to Mauritian Dancers
    Jason Louis(CollecArt)
      La situation actuelle avec le COVID 19 et ses ramifications a un impact considérable sur les artistes Danseurs mauriciens et leurs moyens de subsistance, qui, en raison des contraintes sanitaires actuels, ne peuvent pas se produire et travailler comme d'habitude. Avec le nombre croissant de cas de COVID 19, il semble hautement improbable que cette situation change. Les représentations dans les hôtels, les concerts et les spectacles ne sont plus qu'un lointain souvenir et ne seront pas mis en œuvre de sitôt. De plus, le programme d'aide gouvernementale Self Employed Assistance Scheme pour les artistes n'est pas régulier et ce que nous recevons nous aide pas joindre les deux bouts. On a décidé avec sept Danseurs/Chorégraphe et Professeurs de danse de mettre tête ensemble pour trouver des solutions afin de venir en aide à la communauté des danseurs mauriciens . Ces Chorégraphe sont : Anna Patten, Jean Renat Anamah, Stephen Bongarçons, Anthony Joseph, Samuel Joseph, Mathieu Joseph et Jason Louis. Nous avons mis en place un programme afin de créer un plan pour que les danseurs puisent remonter sur scène et pour cela, nous avons eu l'aide du JnJ et Ichos Production pour leur emplacement et les logistiques. Une première date a été arrêtèe sois le 31 juillet 2021 pour un Spectacle Virtuel intitulé LA NUIT DES CHORÉGRAPHES et la suite de cet evenement, c'est de faire plusieurs autres Spectacles Virtuel avec les autres danseurs mauriciens très affectès avec la situation actuelle. Pour cela, nous avons besoin d'aide financière pour mettre ce programme en place, nous ne recevons pas d'aide concrète venant du gouvernement et le dernier budget 2021 en témoigne. Nous voulons non seulement nous aider, mais aussi apporter un sourire sur le visage de tout un chacun. Merci de votre générosité CollecArt
  151. Aidez FWH pour leur première distribution
    Aidez FWH pour leur première distribution
    Food Water Hygiene Mauritius
    COLLECTE DE FONDS!  Depuis plus d'un an maintenant, Maurice vit une période difficile à cause de la crise sanitaire. Après plusieurs confinements successifs, énormément de Mauriciens ont perdu leur travail et n'ont plus le strict minimum pour se nourrir et soutenir leur famille et leurs enfants. Toutes ces personnes sont en grande souffrance: pas d'eau, pas de lait, de légumes, d'œufs, et de produits de première nécessité comme du savon ou des produits hygiéniques. Food Water Hygiene (FWH), s'engage en cette période de crise pour aider ces personnes dans le besoin. Qui sommes nous?  Nous sommes une NGO légale porté par des jeunes étudiants! Durant l'année 2020, les différentes actions solidaires à travers Maurice nous ont inspirée à créer la notre, et après neuf mois de préparation, FWH a été lancé en Juin 2021!  Que faisons nous?  Grâce à vos généreuses donations et nos partenariats, nous récolterons la nourriture et les produits de première nécessité pour les distribuer personnellement dans les zones où vivent les personnes vulnérables et souffrantes. Pour notre première opération, nous voulons aider les quartiers pauvres de Grand Baie, et de Pamplemousses, dans le nord de Maurice.  L'année dernière nous avons récolté 120 000 (3000) rupees et aidez plus de 80 familles. Maintenant que nous sommes enregistrés, nous espérons continuer nos actions sur le long terme! Ou est ce que vos donations vont aller?  Avec l'argent récolté, nous pourrons totalement financé notre première distribution.  L'argent récolté sera utilisé pour: L'achat de la nourriture, et des biens de première necessité que nous allons distribuer La logistique de distribution: l'essence des camions, un snack pour les volontaires à l'heure du déjeuner L'achat des boites dans lesquelles nous allons distribuer les biens Aidez nous a financer notre première distribution, qui aura lieu fin Juillet 2021!  Grâce à vos donations, nous pouvons alors offrir à ces familles en détresse un peu d'espoir. Notre siteweb: Instagram:  PARLEZ EN AUTOUR DE VOUS, PARTAGEZ LE LIEN, et bien sur si vous pouvez, FAITES UNE DONATION!  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL FOR DONATIONS! For over a year now, Mauritius has been going through a difficult period due to the health crisis. After several successive lockdowns, many Mauritians have lost their jobs and no longer have the bare minimum to feed themselves and support their families and children. All these people are in great suffering: no water, no milk, vegetables, eggs, and basic necessities such as soap and sanitary products. Food Water Hygiene (FWH) is committed to helping these people in this time of crisis. Who are we?  We are a youth registered NGO created by students! During the year 2020, the various solidarity actions throughout Mauritius inspired us to create our own, and after nine months of preparation, FWH was launched in June 2021!  What are we doing?  Through your generous donations and our partnerships, we will collect food, hygiene products and relief items and distribute them  in areas where vulnerable and suffering people live. For our first operation, we want to help the poor neighborhoods of Grand Baie and Pamplemouuses in the north of Mauritius.  Last year we collected 120 000 (3000€) rupees and helped more than 80 families. Now that we are registered, we hope to continue our actions in the long run! Where will your donations go?  With the money raised, we will be able to fully fund our first distribution.  The money raised will be used for: The purchase of food and basic necessities that we will distribute The logistics of the distribution: the fuel for the trucks, snacks for the volunteers The purchase of the boxes in which we will distribute the goods Please help us to continue our initiative!  Thanks to your donations, we can offer these families in distress some hope. Our website: Instagram:  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SHARE THE LINK, and of course, DONATE IF YOU CAN!
  152. Support Rebecca (Daughter of Mr. Desire Dominique Dumas) who have lost everything due to a housefire.
    Support Rebecca (Daughter of Mr. Desire Dominique Dumas) who have lost everything due to a housefire.
    Polytechnics Mauritius
    Miss Rebecca Dumas is a 20 years old and first year student in Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management at Polytechnics Mauritius. Miss Rebecca and her family consisting of her parents and her two brothers, have lost their house and all their personal belongings in a house fire which took place on the 22nd of April. The family of 5 have lost everything they own in the house fire. They’ve been left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing that day. Thankfully everyone is safe but after what has already been a tough year due to the pandemic, this is a devastating blow. With classes being run online at the moment Miss Rebecca is encountering difficulties to follow her classes as she used to before the fire. With her parents and siblings, they are currently staying in one bedroom with other family members. Being one of our student Polytechnics Mauritius a corporate body under the aegis of the Ministry of education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology have decided to help Miss Dumas by setting up this Crowdfund page and the money collected will help the family to rebuild their home. We understand times are hard right now but anything, any help would be greatly appreciated. They are an amazing family and they work hard for everything they had! Let’s help them come back from this tragedy!
  153. Raise funds to complete treatment protocol of my son
    Raise funds to complete treatment protocol of my son
    Bilar Deepuk Raj
    Nou p compt lor zot support My name is Bilar Deepuk Raj, I am from Brisee-Verdiere, Mauritius. My son Havish Bilar is suffering from Acute  lymphoma, he is 7 years old.  Since 27th November 2020  the treatment and chemotherapies of our Son is ongoing. We spent a lot of rupees until now from loans and thanks to friends & families only((we did not benefit any grant/facilities from government )).   Havish's health has been going through ups and downs due to heavy chemotherapy and unexpected /unplanned admissions, due to infections or unsatisfactory blood results. He needs close attention especially as regards hygiene.  We thank you in advance for supporting us.  Merci infiniment a tous dimoun ki p contribuer pour havish regagn so lasanter  
  154. Protect Whales in Mauritius
    Protect Whales in Mauritius
    Marine Megafauna Conservation Organisation (MMCO)
    ENGLISH  Version FRANÇAISE ci-dessous РУССКАЯ версия ниже ITALIANO sotto   In the waters of Mauritius, you can find over a dozen species of whales and dolphins. Many of them are permanent residents of coastal waters, an integral part of the ecosystem and food chain, an important part of global biodiversity. Unfortunately, issues such as climate change, pollution (chemical, plastic and noise), by-catch and collisions with vessels pose a clear threat to these beautiful animals and cause significant harm to their populations. In addition, industrial human activity in coastal areas is increasing, requiring responsible management and planning, taking into account important cetacean habitats. Since 2013, Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization (MMСO) has been conducting research on the local population of sperm whales, together with French partners, including leading cetacean specialist Dr Michel Vély (MEGAPTERA), former member of the Cousteau team Dr François Sarano (Longitude 181) and renowned producer of underwater documentaries René Heuzey (Label Bleu Production). During these 7 years, 97 sperm whale individuals were identified, including 11 newborn calves; interesting results were obtained and amazing discoveries were made about the biology and social life of sperm whales; several documentaries were shot. The research has made it possible to trace the dynamics of the sperm whale pod, to analyze its stability and trends. Along with the understanding of the extreme vulnerability of this population, many new questions have arisen. The findings, together with recommendations on measures to reduce the impact of human activities on large cetaceans, were communicated to the Mauritian authorities and some of the recommendations were adopted. In 2020, due to COVID-19, for the first time in many years, studies were interrupted, first due to lock-down and then due to lack of funding. To this day, Mauritius remains closed. In addition, in recent months, Mauritius has faced disasters such as an oil spill from MV Wakashio and the death of more than 50 dolphins. These sad events exacerbated the need to expand the scope of MMCO research, extending it to all cetaceans, to understand the species composition and important habitats for them, with the subsequent development of measures to protect them. You can help the conservation of whales and dolphins by supporting our activities and research. Most of the cost of research is fuel, so any donated amount will be part of our whale research trip. You also have the opportunity to give your name to the sperm whale: we will name all new individuals identified in 2021 by the names of those who supported our project.   To find out more about us: visit our website follow our Facebook page   Thank you for your donation and please share!   Français Dans les eaux de l'île Maurice, vous pouvez rencontrer plus d'une douzaine d'espèces de baleines et de dauphins. Nombre d'entre elles sont des résidents permanents des eaux côtières, qui font partie intégrante de l'écosystème et de la chaîne alimentaire, un élément important de la biodiversité mondiale. Malheureusement, des problèmes tels que le changement climatique, la pollution (chimique, plastique et sonore), les prises accidentelles dans les filets de pêche et les collisions avec les navires constituent une menace évidente pour ces magnifiques animaux et causent des dommages importants à leurs populations. En outre, l'activité industrielle dans les zones côtières est en augmentation, ce qui nécessite une gestion et une planification responsables, tenant compte des habitats importants des cétacés. Depuis 2013, l'Organisation pour la conservation de la mégafaune marine (MMСO) mène des recherches sur la population locale de cachalots, en collaboration avec des partenaires français, dont le Dr Michel Vély (MEGAPTERA), grand spécialiste des cétacés, le Dr François Sarano (Longitude 181), ancien membre de l'équipe Cousteau, et René Heuzey (Label Bleu Production), producteur renommé de documentaires sous-marins. Durant ces 7 années, 97 cachalots ont été identifiés, dont 11 nouveau-nés ; des résultats intéressants ont été obtenus et des découvertes étonnantes ont été faites sur la biologie et la vie sociale des cachalots ; plusieurs documentaires ont été tournés pour les télévisions européennes. La recherche a permis de retracer la dynamique du groupe de cachalots, d'analyser sa stabilité et ses tendances. Outre la compréhension de l'extrême vulnérabilité de cette population, de nombreuses nouvelles questions ont été soulevées. Les résultats, ainsi que des recommandations sur les mesures à prendre pour réduire l'impact des activités humaines sur les grands cétacés, ont été communiqués aux autorités mauriciennes et certaines des recommandations ont été adoptées. En 2020, en raison de COVID-19, pour la première fois depuis de nombreuses années, les études ont été interrompues, d'abord à cause du confinement, puis par manque de financement. À ce jour, les frontières de l'île Maurice restent fermées. En outre, ces derniers mois, l'île Maurice a été confrontée à des catastrophes telles que la marée noire du MV Wakashio et la mort de plus de 50 dauphins. Ces tristes événements ont exacerbé la nécessité d'élargir le champ d'application de la recherche de l’organisation MMCO, en l'étendant à tous les cétacés, afin de comprendre la composition des espèces et les habitats importants pour eux, avec l'élaboration ultérieure de mesures pour les protéger. Vous pouvez contribuer à la conservation des cétacés et des dauphins en soutenant nos activités et nos recherches. La plupart des coûts de la recherche sont liés au prix du carburant, donc toute somme donnée fera partie de nos dépenses pour l’étude et la recherche sur les cétacés. Vous avez également la possibilité de donner votre nom a un cachalot : nous nommerons tous les nouveaux individus identifiés en 2021 par les noms de ceux qui ont soutenu notre projet.   Pour en savoir plus sur nous : visitez notre site web inscrivez-vous à notre page Facebook   Merci pour votre don et partagez!   РУССКИЙ   В водах Маврикия вы можете встретить более десятка видов китов и дельфинов. Многие из них являются постоянными жителями прибрежных вод, неотъемлемой частью экосистемы и пищевой цепи, важной частью глобального биоразнообразия.  К сожалению, такие проблемы, как изменение климата, загрязнения (химические, пластиковые и шумовые), прилов и столкновение с морскими судами представляют очевидную угрозу для этих прекрасных животных и наносят существенный вред их популяциям. Кроме того, все больше увеличивается промышленная деятельность человека в прибрежных районах, что требует ответственного управления и ее планирования с учетом важных мест обитания для китообразных.  С 2013 Организация по Сохранению Морской Мегафауны (ММСО) ведет исследования местной популяции кашалотов, совместно с французскими партнерами, среди которых крупный специалист по китообразным Dr Michel Vély (MEGAPTERA), бывший член команды Кусто Dr François Sarano (Longitude 181) и известный создатель подводных документальных фильмов René Heuzey (Label Bleu Production).  В течение этих 7 лет было идентифицировано 97 особей кашалотов, в том числе 11 новорожденных телят, получены интереснейшие результаты и сделаны удивительные открытия о биологии и социальной жизни кашалотов, снято несколько документальных фильмов.  Исследования позволили проследить динамику численности стада кашалотов, проанализировать ее стабильность и тенденции. Вместе с пониманием крайней уязвимости этой популяции, появилось и много новых вопросов.  Полученные результаты вместе с рекомендациями о мерах снижения воздействия человеческой деятельности на крупных китообразных были доведены для властей Маврикия, и некоторые из рекомендаций были приняты в работу.  В 2020 из-за COVID-19 впервые за многие годы исследования были прерваны, сначала из-за карантина, а затем из-за отсутствия финансирования. И по сей день Маврикий остается закрытым.  В дополнение к этому, в последние месяцы Маврикий столкнулся с такими катастрофами, как нефтяной разлив из-за севшего на риф судна MV Wakashio и смерть более 50-ти дельфинов. Эти печальные события, обострили необходимость расширить сферу исследований ММСО, распространив ее на всех китообразных, для понимания видового состава и важных для них мест обитания, с последующей разработкой мер по их защите.  Вы можете помочь сохранению китов и дельфинов, поддержав нашу деятельность и исследования. Наибольшую часть стоимости исследований составляет топливо, поэтому любая пожертвованная сумма станет частью нашего дня работы в море.  У Вас также есть возможность дать свое имя кашалоту: всех новых идентифицированных в 2021 году особей мы назовем именами тех, кто поддержал наш проект.    Чтобы узнать о нас больше: посетите наш сайт подпишитесь на нашу страницу в Facebook   Спасибо за Ваше участие. Пожалуйста, поделитесь этой страницей с друзьями.    ITALIANO   Nelle acque di Mauritius si possono trovare più di una dozzina di specie di balene e delfini. Molti di loro vivono permanentemente nelle acque costiere, sono parte integrante dell'ecosistema e della catena alimentare rappresentando  una porzione importante della biodiversità globale. Sfortunatamente problematiche come il cambiamento climatico, l'inquinamento (chimico, plastico e acustico), il bycatch e collisioni con navi rappresentano una chiara minaccia per questi bellissimi animali causando danni significativi alle loro popolazioni. Inoltre, l'attività umana industriale nelle zone costiere è in aumento e questo richiede una gestione e una pianificazione responsabili che tengano conto dell’importanza dell’ habitat dei cetacei. Dal 2013, l’Organizzazione Non Governativa “Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization” (MMСO) conduce ricerche sulla popolazione locale di capodogli insieme a partner francesi tra cui il principale specialista di cetacei Dr Michel Vély (MEGAPTERA), un ex membro del team “Cousteau” Dr François Sarano (Longitude 181) e il rinomato produttore di documentari subacquei René Heuzey (Label Bleu Production). Durante questi 7 anni, sono stati identificati 97 individui di capodoglio, tra cui 11 cuccioli; sono stati ottenuti risultati interessanti, sono state fatte scoperte sorprendenti sulla biologia e la vita sociale dei capodogli e sono stati girati diversi documentari. La ricerca ha permesso di tracciare le dinamiche del branco di capodogli, di analizzarne la stabilità e le tendenze. Insieme alla comprensione dell'estrema vulnerabilità di questa popolazione, sono sorte molte nuove domande. I risultati, unitamente alle raccomandazioni sulle misure volte a ridurre l'impatto delle attività umane sui grandi cetacei, sono stati comunicati alle autorità mauriziane e alcune delle raccomandazioni sono state adottate. Nel 2020, a causa del COVID-19, per la prima volta dopo molti anni gli studi sono stati interrotti, prima a causa del lockdown e poi a causa della mancanza di finanziamenti.  Ad oggi Mauritius rimane ancora chiusa. Inoltre negli ultimi mesi, Mauritius ha dovuto affrontare disastri come una fuoriuscita di petrolio dalla nave cargo  MV Wakashio e la morte di oltre 50 delfini. Questi tristi eventi hanno evidenziato la necessità di ampliare il campo di applicazione della ricerca MMCO, estendendola a tutti i cetacei, per comprendere la composizione delle specie e i loro habitat  preferenziali, con il successivo sviluppo di misure per proteggerli. Puoi aiutare la conservazione di balene e delfini sostenendo le nostre attività e ricerche. La maggior parte del costo della ricerca è dovuto all’acquisto di carburante, quindi qualsiasi importo donato contribuirà al nostro viaggio di ricerca sulle balene. Hai anche l'opportunità di dare il tuo nome al capodoglio: chiameremo tutti i nuovi individui identificati nel 2021 dai nomi di coloro che hanno sostenuto il nostro progetto.  Per saperne di più su di noi:
    AKNL - Nou Koste Pou Nou Lakot ! We are running out of time ! Mauritius is a very small island and there remains today only very few portions of our coastal zone that are still unbuilt. Each coastal ecosystem that we lose is a major loss. "Ase akaparman, ase destriksion!"  AKNL has set up a full-time, people-powered, registered organisation, called mru2025. Let’s set the targets for the coming 4-5 years, “Nou Koste Pou Nou lakot”. Together we can turn the tide against the relentless destruction still happening in our fragile coastal zone. For the past 6 years, we have operated during our spare time, with very little resources. Thanks to the public’s great support however, we have been able to go from one challenge to the next. But we now need to move on to an even higher level and are therefore setting up this crowdfunding campaign. These fights are not easily won. They require constant advocacy/pressure campaigns with the Government, lodging legal cases, mobilizing public opinion, producing scientific content/reports for dissemination so as to create awareness and encourage environmental stewardship amongst one and all. Our high level advocacy work has also been recently acknowledged by international bodies and environmental conventions and this has encouraged us tremendously to persevere, especially when it comes to promoting environmental rights. Our Strategic Plan focuses on environmental stewardship and on the coastal zone of the Island of Mauritius. mru2025 wants to be a catalyst for broad and effective participation of the general public, local communities and scientists in decision-making as per the established principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). mru2025’s Vision: a country where there is a sustainable management of our coastal zone that actively protects the rights of the public and preserves the natural environment while being economically viable for the community. We, as a Small Island Developing State, need to maintain the ecological balance by respecting natural sites, as well as the rights of the Mauritian public to enjoy their coastal heritage. A different approach is thus urgently called for. We need 1500 people to support us with the equivalent of 100 rupees per month to sustain our team and our actions. You may proceed as follows : 2 months donation 200 rupees 6 months donation 600 rupees 12 months donation 1200 rupees Our urgent campaigns : Conduct a national “Enn Vizion Pu Nu Lakot” campaign of consultations on the Future we want for our coastal zone. This will target specific coastal villages.Using social media and physical meetings, these consultations will be summarised into short videos and written reports that will be disseminated via social media and merged into one documentary film, and report that will be submitted to the authorities. The views of the Mauritian public in general, coastal communities in particular, and environmental experts must be integrated into key policy-making processes currently underway, such as the revision of the country’s land use masterplan by the Ministry of Housing and Land-Use. Continue AKNL’s legal battles against the construction of new hotels and villas on coastal State Lands (“Pas Géométriques”) Develop a “Pomponette model public beach experience”, a proposal that can become a national reference in terms of a public beach that is sustainably managed for quality public enjoyment Advocate for a Coastal Public Geopark on the Pas Geometriques of the South-East and South coasts, in line with UNESCO’s Global Geoparks label. A first phase would be between La Cambuse and Gris Gris. There is urgent need to provide on the coast for both more public spaces and a “Poumon Vert” that will support a high quality alternative tourism model, different to the now saturated model of beach hotels, especially after the MV Wakashio oil spill and with global awareness to climate change rising. Advocate for a “Conservatoire du Littoral” in Mauritius, inspired by the French example, to preserve and sustainably manage our Coast, so that ecosystems are protected, there are more and better public coastal areas, there is sustainable economic development for and by local communities. The actions just listed aim to respond to the following fundamental issues: Aret fer sanblan protez nou lanvironnman! It is unacceptable that Government bodies are allowing the destruction of our last few wetlands, marshes, sand dunes and functioning ecosystems on our coast. Not only are they unique treasures, they are our best barriers against coastal erosion. Aret detrir nou lakot ek beton! It is unacceptable that officially only 15% of the coastline is for the public, e.g. 48 kilometres of public beaches out of a total coastline length of 322 kilometres. It is a folly to believe that the more concrete we put on our coast, the more tourists will come to Mauritius. It was mad before the Covid-19 crisis, it is even madder now. Aret pran nou pou Second Class Citizens ! Our rights, our views, our hopes matter. It is unacceptable that Government bodies barely, if at all, listen to the wishes of the public, the concerns of citizens, the proposals by civil society and local communities. If you wish to have more details on our work, please visit our site: . Our facebook pages : Aret Kokin Nu Laplaz and mru2025 Thank you for your support. You are also most welcome to get in touch with us if you wish to help as a volunteer in activities to promote environmental stewardship.
  156. Help Shailand for his medical treatments - Part 2
    Help Shailand for his medical treatments - Part 2
    Yashoda Auchombit
    On 6 April 2021, I launched the first part of a fundraising campaign for my best friend Shailand Vedhanand Gokool (age 35) for his liver cancer - hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs). He is still in New Delhi, India and has completed 2 cycles of immunotherapies at Fortis Hospital Limited.  The money we collected from the first campaign paid for his 2nd cycle. Based on the success rate and the potentials of the immunotherapies, we hope that he would be able to fly back to Mauritius in July to continue the cycles at a local clinic. As the immunotherapy drugs are not available in Mauritius, he will have to buy the remaining 6 doses from India, which will cost around Rs. 1,500,000 (Mauritian rupees). We would be grateful if you could contribute any amount you wish to. Any little amount counts to support his treatment. The target amount of our online fundraising is now set to Rs. 500,000. Should you need assistance while making the donations, you may contact The Crowdfunding Team or myself, Yashoda. You can help us by sharing the link with your networks and raising awareness of this case and on liver cancer.  Let’s all work together to help paying Shailand’s medications and to see him soon in Mauritius with us. Many thanks, Yashoda Auchombit (Ms) 
  157. L'absence - Témoignage photo - Confinement - Île Maurice
    L'absence - Témoignage photo - Confinement - Île Maurice
    C’est quoi ce livre ?  C’est un témoignage photographique du confinement et des mauriciens. De manière spontanée, dans une île Maurice à l’arrêt, le photographe Jean Paul Mussoodee immortalise cet instant d’arrêt et de silence. Où notre monde s’est arrêté. Où notre pays s’est confiné. Une situation sans précédente qui a changé notre vie. Une expérience qui nous a marqué à tout jamais. De cette collection d’images prend naissance le livre « L’absence. » Un travail de mémoire. Une preuve de notre histoire, un instant de notre vie… Le temps du confinement et couvre-feu sanitaire du 20 mars au 15 mai 2020. À travers un périple aux quatre coins de Maurice, dans l’urgence, l’incertitude, le silence et le vide. Pour exposer un autre visage de notre île. Aujourd’hui, un an après, « L’Absence » continue de résonner à l’intérieur de chacun de nous. Après plusieurs tentatives d’imprimer ce livre, la vie nous donne aujourd'hui une nouvelle occasion d’essayer de concrétiser ce projet qui mérite d’exister. Nous voulons encore une fois croire. Nous avons comme objectif le 20 mars 2021, jour symbolique, 1 an, jour pour jour, du confinement à Maurice. Tenir entre nos mains, ce condensé de la mémoire collective mauricienne. Un objet tangible et physique. Imprimé. Disponible pour tous les mauriciens. Aujourd’hui, un an après, « L’absence » est composée de plus de 200 photographies, soutenue par des textes en français de de Stephan Rezannah, avec une traduction anglaise de Gavin Poonoosamy. Quant à Nicolas Bastien-Sylva, concepteur graphique du livre, assure la direction artistique. Comment est venu l’idée de ce livre ?  20 mars 2020. Un réveil pas comme les autres. Le pays est confiné. Notre quotidien est bousculé. On parle déjà de projets annulés. Il se pourrait que certains soient renvoyés. Nous avons peur. Peur de ne pas savoir quoi faire. Peur de ne pas savoir comment faire. Pour trouver à manger. Pour respecter nos obligations financières. Faire quelque chose de ses mains quoi qu’il en soit, pour survivre. Oser pour exister. Se ré-inventer pour subsister. Un objet, un livre. À l’image du quotidien sans précédent des mauriciens. L’auteur de ce livre ?  Jean-Paul Mussoodee (JPM) compte plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans le monde de la photographie. De la mode à la musique en passant par le photo-reportage, il est un photographe touche-à-tout. Aujourd’hui, en tant qu’un chasseur d’images au contact de l’humain, Zanpol, est sans cesse en quête d’émotions. De manière naturelle et spontanée. L’éditeur de ce livre ? A l’image de son ami photographe, Stephan Rezannah, s’aventure dans la publication culturelle et artistique sur le paysage mauricien.  Sans prétention, « Barlizour » voit le jour. Un label d’édition, symbolisant littéralement le premier rayon du soleil à l’aube. Un parallèle à ce besoin de faire face aux difficultés de la vie.   Rewards Tout est prêt. Il nous manque que l’impression pour concrétiser ce projet. A ce jour, photos, textes et mise en page sont terminés. Nous avons à ce jour, un exemplaire de la maquette du livre (Voir Video). Et nous sollicitions votre soutien pour imprimer « L’absence ». Livraison et distribution Les points de collectes seront communiqués ultérieurement. Merci de nous laisser vos cordonnés afin qu'on puisse se mettre en contact avec vous. Plus d'infos sur notre campagne, « L'Absence », 1 an apre, sur nos pages facebook : Barlizour : Twögether : Mari mersi. :)  
  158. Campagne de sensibilisation à la STERILISATION des animaux
    Campagne de sensibilisation à la STERILISATION des animaux
    Manon Luigi
    Le but de cette récolte de fond est d'organiser une campagne de sensibilisation nationale à travers l'Ile portant sur LA STERILISATION des animaux. => Cet argent servira à payer les impressions d'affiches qui seront présentes sur toute l'ile. La stérilisation est le meilleur moyen de limiter la maltraitance, la misère animale et les abandons. Nous comptons plus de 300 000 animaux errants à l'Ile Maurice. Tous les jours les activistes de la cause animale et les ONG se battent SEULS (sans aucune aide gouvernementale) pour lutter contre cette souffrance animale au quotidien. En effet, il a été prouvé que l’euthanasie ou le Catch and Kill restent inefficaces. Alors que la stérilisation est reconnue par tous les experts et en particulier ceux de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS). La stérilisation est la seule méthode efficace et éthique. Cela passe aussi par l'éducation de la population mauricienne à ce sujet. Pourquoi la stérilisation? Limiter les risques sanitaires et les nuisances En plus de stabiliser sur le long terme sa population, la stérilisation permet aussi d’enrayer les problèmes de nuisances sonores, visuelles (destruction de poubelles,..) et olfactives (marquage urinaire) principalement générées pendant les périodes de rut. De plus, un animal stérilisé est moins enclin à la bagarre. De ce fait, il sera moins exposé aux maladies souvent transmises par morsures ou rapports sexuels. Les animaux vivent ainsi plus longtemps et en meilleure santé. Limitant ainsi tout risque sanitaire pour les autres animaux et l’être humain. Une population féline et canine mieux gérée pour une meilleure cohabitation avec l'humain De plus, une population de chien et de chat bien contrôlée est toujours mieux acceptée par les habitants. Ils seront donc plus enclin à s’occuper de ceux se trouvant près de chez eux. Les campagnes de stérilisation sont aussi l'occasion de sensibiliser les habitants à la cause animale et à l'adoption responsable. Mieux informés ils pourront ainsi faire appel plus facilement aux associations en cas de besoin. Une population maîtrisée pour limiter la surcharge en refuge et les euthanasies Les campagnes de stérilisations présentent plusieurs avantages. Tout d'abord, la stérilisation diminue le nombre d'animaux qui passent de la rue aux refuges. Ce qui a un impact considérable sur les taux d'euthanasie. A l'Ile Maurice en particulier notre organisation gouvernementale (MSAW) tue les animaux sans compter et sans empathie, une raison supplémentaire d'arrêter ce masacre. Je vous remercie de contribuer, merci pour eux. Manon Luigi (activiste de la cause animale depuis 8 ans- anciennement membres de l'association de Brigitte Bardot, de SeaSheperd, de L214.)
  159. Défendre les droits environnementaux
    Défendre les droits environnementaux
    Sea Users Association (SUA)
    La SUA se bat en Cour depuis 4 ans pour protéger notre environnement marin.  (English version below) En 2017, un promoteur, Growfish, avait obtenu du Ministère de l’Environnement, un permis EIA l’autorisant à démarrer son projet d’élevage intensif de poissons dans la mer. Les centaines de cages de la ferme devaient être installées à 1 km seulement de la côte Ouest de Maurice et à une centaine de mètres de sites de plongée connus dans le monde entier. La Sea Users Association (SUA) avait alors logé une action devant le tribunal de l'Environnement demandant l’annulation du permis EIA de Growfish, car ce projet pourrait causer des dégâts irréversibles.   Nous venons de franchir une étape importante dans notre procès.  Voici un résumé de la situation et les raisons pour lesquelles nous faisons appel à vous. Le projet de Growfish avait soulevé, dès le début, des objections du public à travers le Collectif Non à Elvaz Poisson dans la mer, mais ces objections ont été ignorées par le Ministère de l'Environnement, qui a décidé malgré tout, d'accorder un permis EIA a Growfish pour son projet.  C’est pour cela qu’en 2017, avec quelques personnes, nous avons décidé de créer la Sea Users Association, pour contester ce permis devant le Tribunal de l’environnement.  Dans ce procès, nous avons travaillé à démontrer que le rapport EIA de Growfish ne respectait pas le Environment Protection Act, car il y manquait des informations cruciales sur l’impact potentiel de ce projet sur l'environnement, notamment: le risque, bien réel, pour la sécurité des usagers de la mer: nageurs, plongeurs, surfeurs et autres parce que des millions de poissons enfermés dans des centaines de cages attirent forcément les requins; les conséquences de la pollution causée par les résidus de nourriture et les excréments de poissons;  les risques de maladies que les poissons attrapent souvent dans les fermes, qui pourraient se transmettre aux poissons sauvages, qui vivent déjà naturellement en mer ici; la pollution qui affecterait la visibilité dans l’eau et mettrait en péril les activités de plongée aux alentours, sachant que la région de Flic en Flac comprend des sites de renommée mondiale comme le ‘ Rempart Serpent’; le risque inévitable que des milliers de poissons s’échappent des cages, sachant que le Cobia, que Growfish comptait élever, est un poisson de grande taille, carnivore, qui n'est pas endémique, n’est donc pas présent naturellement à Maurice.  Si ces poissons se retrouvaient en grande quantité dans la mer, cela  créerait un déséquilibre dans notre environnement marin .  Tous ces risques pourraient  avoir un impact irréversible sur la biodiversité marine; et par conséquent aussi sur tous ceux qui dépendent de la mer pour le loisir ou pour travailler.  L'AHRIM (L’Association des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs de l’Ile Maurice)  avait également contesté le permis EIA de Growfish devant le tribunal car elle craignait pour la sécurité de ses touristes dans la mer.  C’est sur la base de ces arguments que le Tribunal de l’Environnement nous a donné raison en avril 2019 et a annulé le permis EIA accordé a Growfish .   Tribunal de l'Environnement a reconnu pour la première fois, qu’une association environnementale avait le droit ( l'intérêt à agir ou  ‘locus standi’), d’initier une telle action environnementale en Cour.  Le Ministère de l’environnement, le Ministère de la Pêche et Growfish ont fait appel de cette décision en Cour Suprême en 2019.  L’audience devait avoir lieu en juin 2021, mais le lundi 17 mai 2021 ces trois parties ont officiellement retiré leur appel en Cour.  C’est une première grande victoire ! pour notre association, et pour notre environnement, mais aussi pour tous ceux qui profitent de la mer de la région Ouest de l'île.  Cependant, Il faut savoir qu’il y a plus d’une vingtaine de sites qui ont été officiellement réservés pour l'implantation de projets d’aquaculture  autour de l'île par les autorités.  Notre victoire n'empêche pas le même ou un autre promoteur de revenir plus tard avec un nouveau projet dans l’ouest ou ailleurs. Nous devons donc rester vigilants. Les actions de la Sea Users Association ne s'arrêtent pas là.  A travers nos actions, notamment judiciaires, nous souhaitons faire évoluer notre droit environnemental pour qu’il protège vraiment notre environnement et qu’il reconnaisse de manière explicite le droit des citoyens et des associations environnementales de contester certains projets en Cour, lorsqu’ils comportent un risque important pour notre environnement.  Action constitutionnelle  C’est pour cela qu’en 2018, nous avons initié une 2e action, cette fois-ci devant la Cour Suprême. Nous demandons à la Cour d’annuler les amendements apportés à nos lois  et qui violent les droit constitutionnels du public et des associations d’avoir accès à la justice  et d’avoir un procès juste et équitable. Alors qu’avant, nous aurions eu des mois pour préparer notre dossier, Depuis 2016, nous n’avons que 21 jours pour tout préparer: témoignages, expertise, et arguments juridiques. Ces délais sont  extrêmement courts et n'ont a notre avis d’autre objectif que d'empêcher les contestataires d’initier des actions devant le tribunal de l'environnement.  Ferme Marine de Mahebourg Concernant l'élevage de poissons dans la mer, la Sea Users Association aide également en ce moment un ancien plongeur de la Ferme Marine de Mahébourg.  Il est poursuivi par la Ferme pour avoir raconté ce qu’il a vu et vécu quand il était employé dans une vidéo qui a été partagée sur Facebook.  C’est d’ailleurs grâce à cette vidéo que nous avions pu attirer l’attention du public sur les risques  de ce genre de projet pour notre environnement. Projet futur Un des dossiers sur lequel nous souhaitons réfléchir à l'avenir serait celui d’actions légales contre ceux qui jettent leurs déchets, notamment dans les rivières.   Aujourd’hui nous avons besoin de vous car sans ressources financières, nous aurons beaucoup de mal à continuer ce que nous avons commencé  et continuer à protéger les droits liés à l'environnement.  Votre contribution peut nous aider à payer les frais que nous finançons pour le moment nous même, avec des moyens limités. Vous pouvez contribuer sur - le lien se trouve ci-dessous.  Merci de partager notre poste et d’encourager d’autres à nous soutenir et à aimer notre page.  Nous comptons sur vous!  Nous devons faire tout notre possible pour préserver notre environnement qui est précieux, et donc pour nous protéger nous-même et les générations à venir. Les engagements de la SUA:  Utiliser les fonds strictement pour accomplir les objectifs spécifiés dans cet article faire un usage prudent et raisonnable des fonds Faire auditer nos comptes par un auditeur garder l’identité des donateurs strictement confidentiel, sauf autorisation préalable de publier Communiquer les informations sur les affaires en cours à travers notre page Facebook: Sea Users Association Le comité exécutif:  Présidente: Virginia Lamarque, Vice Président: Brummell Laurent, Trésorier: Christopher Mc Intyre, Vice Trésorier: Laurent Maurel, Secrétaire: Juliana De Falbaire, Assistant Secrétaire: Philippe la Hausse Equipe technique et légale - affaire Growfish / Ferme aquacole: Avocate: Anne-Sophie Jullienne,  Avoué: Sheffick Sookia Chercheur juridique: Juliana De Falbaire ENGLISH VERSION The Sea Users Association has been fighting in court, for the past 4 years, to protect our marine environment. In 2017, Growfish, a promoter, had obtained an EIA licence from the Ministry of the Environment, an EIA permit authorizing it to start its intensive fish farming project in the sea. The hundreds of cages of the farm were to be installed at only 1 km away from the west coast of Mauritius and a hundred meters from world famous diving sites. The Sea Users Association (SUA) then initiated an action in the Environmental Tribunal requesting the cancellation of Growfish's EIA permit, because this project could cause irreversible damage. We have just taken an important step in our trial. Here is a summary of the situation and why we are calling for your help.  The Growfish project had raised public objections from the start, through the civil society group No to Fish farming , but these objections were ignored by the Ministry of the Environment, which nevertheless decided to grant an EIA permit to Growfish for its project. This is why in 2017, with a few people, we decided to create the Sea Users Association, to challenge this permit before the Environmental Court. In this trial, we worked to demonstrate that Growfish's EIA report did not comply with the Environment Protection Act, as it lacked crucial information on the potential impact of this project on the environment, including: the real risk for the safety of sea users: swimmers, divers, surfers and others, because millions of fish locked in hundreds of cages inevitably attract sharks; the consequences of pollution caused by food residues and fish excrements; the risks of diseases that fish often catch on farms, which could be transmitted to wild fish, which already live naturally at sea here; pollution which would affect visibility in the water and jeopardize diving activities in the surrounding area, bearing in mind that the Flic en Flac region includes world famous sites such as the "Rempart Serpent"; the inevitable risk of thousands of fish escaping from the cages, knowing that the Cobia, which Growfish intended to breed, is a large, carnivorous, non-endemic fish, therefore not naturally occurring in Mauritius. If these fish were found in large quantities in the sea, it would create an imbalance in our marine environment. All these risks could have an irreversible impact on marine biodiversity, and therefore also on all those who depend on the sea for leisure or to earn a living. The AHRIM (The Mauritius Hotel and Restaurant Association) also challenged Growfish's EIA permit in the Tribunal because it feared for the safety of its tourists in the sea. It was on the basis of these arguments that the Environmental Court ruled in our favor in April 2019 and canceled the EIA permit granted to Growfish. The Environmental Tribunal recognized for the first time that an environmental association had the right (the interest to act or locus standi), to initiate such environmental action in court. The Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Fisheries and Growfish appealed the ruling in the Supreme Court in 2019. The hearing was scheduled to take place in June 2021, but on Monday, 17th May 2021 these three parties formally withdrew their appeal in court. This is a first big victory for our association, and for our environment, but also for all those who benefit from the sea of ​​the West region of the island. However, one should bear in mind that there are more than twenty sites that have been officially reserved for similar aquaculture projects around the island by the authorities. Our victory does not prevent the same or another promoter from coming back later with a new project in the West or elsewhere. We must therefore remain vigilant. The actions of the Sea Users Association do not end there. Through our actions, particularly legal ones, we wish to develop our environmental law so that it truly protects our environment and that it explicitly recognizes the right of citizens and environmental associations to challenge certain projects in court, when they involve a significant risk for our environment. Constitutional action This is why in 2018, we initiated a second action, this time before the Supreme Court. We call on the court to cancel amendments to our laws that violate the constitutional rights of the public and associations to access justice and to a fair and equitable trial. Whereas before, we would have had months to prepare our case, Since 2016, we have only 21 days to prepare everything: testimonies, expertise, and legal arguments. These deadlines are extremely short and, in our opinion, have no other objective than to prevent the protesters from initiating actions in the Environment Tribunal.  Mahebourg Marine Farm Regarding fish farming in the sea, the Sea Users Association is also currently helping a former diver from the Ferme Marine de Mahébourg. He is being sued by the Farm for recounting what he saw and experienced when he was employed, in a video that was shared on Facebook. It is also thanks to this video, that we were able to draw the public's attention to the risks of this kind of project for our environment. Future project One of the issues we want to think about in the future would be legal action against those who dump their waste, especially in rivers. Today we need you because without financial resources it will be difficult for us to continue what we started and continue to protect environmental rights. Your contribution can help us pay the costs that we are currently financing ourselves, with limited means. You can contribute at - the link can be found below. Please share our post and encourage others to support us and like our page. We are counting on you! We must do all we can to preserve our precious environment, and therefore to protect ourselves and future generations. SUA's commitments: Use funds strictly to accomplish the goals specified in this article make prudent and reasonable use of funds Have our accounts audited by an auditor keep the identity of donors strictly confidential, except with prior authorization to publish Communicate information on current cases through our Facebook page: Sea Users Association The executive committee: President: Virginia Lamarque, Vice President: Brummell Laurent, Treasurer: Christopher Mc Intyre, Vice Treasurer: Laurent Maurel, Secretary: Juliana De Falbaire, Assistant Secretary: Philippe la Hausse Technical and legal team in the Growfish / Fish Farming Case: Lawyer: Anne-Sophie Jullienne Attorney: Sheffick Sookia Legal Researcher: Juliana de Falbaire    
  160. Helping Disabled People to move freely despite their disabilities
    Helping Disabled People to move freely despite their disabilities
    Vibhesh Santoo
    ABOUT ME: I present myself, I am Vibhesh Santoo, 23 years old from Mauritius. I do have a physical disability but always wanted to help people with disabilities who are in the same situation as me. Thanks to Crowdfund, I am getting the opportunity to raise funds and bring a positive change in people’s lives. MY PROJECT People with Disabilities have difficulty in managing a normal car as it is not adapted for them This situation creates an additional mobility barrier to them especially for persons with physical disabilities. My project is to provide persons with mobility impairment with an adapted electric trike so that they can drive and move freely without any assistance.   With the money raised, I will bring a model Z1 Electric Trike or S1 Electric Car from China,  which is costing around 75-150K. To start off, I am aiming to raise a fund of 100k to cover the cost of the vehicle and other associated costs for one sample vehicle only. Où est venu l’idée de venir de l’avant avec ce projet ? À Maurice, je constate que les personnes qui ont un handicap physique ne sont pas capable de conduire une voiture normale car elle n'est pas adaptée pour elle. Alors je me suis dit qu'elles avaient le droit de conduire sur la route et d'obtenir un permis de conduire. J'ai eu l'idée de chercher un véhicule qui est facile à conduire. En faisant des recherches,je suis tombé sur ce trois modèles de véhicule qui sont le Z1 Electric Trike, S1 Electric Car et MOB 33 Electric Car de la Chine. Je vois qu'ils sont faciles à conduire, ils sont petits et confortables pour les personnes en situation de handicap. Comment je procéderai pour développer mon projet ? Apres avoir importé mon propre transport, je vais lancer une campagne d’informatisation afin que les personnes en situation de handicap à Maurice puissent connaitre les facilités de ce véhicule. L’idée a déjà être coqueter avec mon équipe, qui est constituée de mes proches et amis. Par exemple, nous allons monter des vidéos démontrant le confort et les bienfaits de Z1 Electric Trike, S1 Electric Car et le MOB 33 Electric Car. Les vidéos, vont aussi introduire les nouveaux modèles de transports spécialement adaptés pour les personnes ayant des différents handicape physique. Comment je choisirai les bénéficiaires ? Comme j’ai mentionné on a déjà monté un projet afin d’informer les personnes en situation de handicap. Il y aura une plateforme sur les réseaux sociaux spécialement dédiés à ces personnes-là. Sur cette plateforme elles vont devoir fournir des détails sur les points suivants : A. Leur handicape. B. Leur situation financière. C. Leurs conditions de vie. D. Leurs ambitions. Cela étant dit il y aura un panel pour étudier les cas des personnes en situation de handicap qui veulent bénéficier de ce véhicule.    THANK YOU! I will be very grateful if you could please help me to empower the disabled community in Mauritius I count on your generosity to make a contribution according to your means.
  161. Lack of funds to continue cancer treatment in India
    Lack of funds to continue cancer treatment in India
    Sandrine Joseph
    I am writing this on behalf of my cousin,  Jean Vony Enzo Estazar, who is currently in India. My name is Sandrine Joseph. He is a 25 year old tele agent who loves playing football and playstation. Despite him being family, what also motivates me to help him is that I am in the same age group as him. It would be hard on anyone, especially at this young age, to get diagnosed with cancer. He started getting headaches, and since it did not stop for some weeks, he went to a public hospital. They told him that it was migraines. But the headaches continued, so he decided to go to the Wellkin Hospital. They made him get an MRI, which is how they diagnosed him with pinealoma and told him that he needed a biopsy. Both the Wellkin Hospital and the public hospital informed him that this would not be possible in Mauritius and that his case was pretty urgent. This is why he decided to go to India with his father on the 9th of April 2021. His family and friends gathered around Rs 800, 000 to send him for his treatment in India. Before leaving Mauritius, he applied for financial aid from the government. But with his situation being urgent, he had to leave Mauritius, before they could send the financial aid money. In order to get the government financial aid money, he will have to first return to Mauritius. But in his state, he cannot come back to Mauritius, at the moment. Especially since he'd need to go through quarantine, and we are unsure if he will receive the right treatment here. So he decided to not return and continue to the next stage of his treatment in India. His situation improved by around 74%. But he lacks Rs 300,000 to continue the needed treatment in India. Again, with the help of family we raised some money but the target is hardly reached. Please donate, if you can. We believe that with this treatment, he will be able to return to us in a better condition around the start of August 2021. Details concerning treatment in India Clinic Name - Fortis Memorial Research Institute (India) Past expenses in India Details of past expenses in India Detail Cost (MUR) Biopsy 250 000 Chemotherapy 250 000 Scans/MRI 70 000 Blood Tests 30 000 Accomodation 100 000 Remaining expenses Details of pending treatment in India Detail Cost (MUR) Radiation 250 000 Accomodation 50 000  
  162. Gary Mach Projects
    Gary Mach Projects
    Gary Mach
    GARY MACH - THE MUSIC I MAKE IS MY DNA As a Mauritian artist, it has been very tough for me during the past few years to find funding to produce my music and upgrade my music equipment and I have a few music projects that am quite sure Mauritians who understand music and are passionate about their culture will love. I have been working on the future of Mauritian music (NOT MAINSTREAM MUSIC - pa sega) for a few years now and am planning to take a step forward into bringing that evolution soon. All of this is interpreted through an amazing website to make you enjoy a unique experience.  With your help I will be able to speed up the work and deliver my projects a bit faster and provide you with a different kind of artistic entertainment. This project funding is for people who really understand and value music and culture. Your donation makes you my patron. WHAT IS A PATRON? A patron is more often fans or friends or angel investors who financially support and reward content creators — such as artists, musicians, content creators — usually through a monthly subscription for monthly content or per project however in my case it is more of a one time donation. Creators can set up multiple membership plans with various rewards so each subscriber can choose the amount of money they feel most comfortable giving to a project. Therefore this gives a boost to the artist and helps him financially to be more productive and not rely on 3rd party financial support to release his work but gets supports straight from his fans and followers or simply those who cannot wait to see the final form of the ART being created. This helps the artist to bear the production costs, studio costs, website, designs ,graphics, video footages and montage and many more. This is why I, GARY MACH thank you a million times for your support and boost into helping and making dreams come true and fully alive. HOW CAN YOU HELP? You can visit my website on and find all the projects I am working on. Each projects have their own  pages with details attached and demos you can listen to. Some projects require that you become a site member for you to access the page. This is done to make sure that ONLY true fans and supporters are involved and it is also to protect the artist and the huge work being done just for you. This also keeps the authenticity of the project and makes you a priviledged member where you are granted special gifts such as discounts on merch, unreleased tracks and much more.   So, if a project pleases you, feel free to contribute.  IMPORTANT: Make sure that when you contribute to take a snapshot and forward me on my website or by my contact details so I can include you in my album credits if you wish to, send you a FREE album copy on release and also grant you all the benefits of being a contributor listed below. AS A CONTRIBUTOR YOU GET: Contribute Rs100 - FREE access to 10 of my produced tracks - (some unreleased) Contribute Rs300 - FREE access to 15 of my produced tracks - (some unreleased) - 15% discount on my merchandise found on ​ Contribute Rs500 & above - FREE access to 25 of my produced tracks - (some unreleased) - 15% discount on my merchandise found on - A FREE album on release - Your name in the credits when the album is released - Be the first to know when I am going live and get tickets before anyone else I hope this sounds like a good deal to you. I THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR SUPPORTING MY ART PEACE,  RESPECT & LOVE
    I STAND WITH INDIA | Donate For Covid Relief Background India recorded more than 400,000 new COVID-19 cases for the first time on Saturday, 1st May 2021 as it battles a devastating second wave, and the country is struggling to aid each one who needs health support in hospitals. The surge in infections has overwhelmed hospitals, morgues and crematoriums and left families scrambling for scarce medicines and oxygen.  Covid19, a man-made disaster has hit India badly during 2nd wave. Today, Covid19 has reached villages in India. Most affected villages in the states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhatishgarh, Assam, Tamil Nadu. The government’s strategy in the rural areas is four-pronged: identification of cases, controlling the spread of infection, creating public awareness and providing treatment. Mission/Vision of the project for raising donation. Mission of the project is to build health infrastructure stronger of Indian villages by creating Oxygen Bank at village council level since the villages and small towns in several states having high rate of COVID today. Vision is to set up model Oxygen Bank in a worst affected village council and also aid 10 small villages around. Why should Mauritian stand for India? Every Mauritian with great pride believes their Indian roots are their true legacy. We all have one thing in common, our fore father travelled from our villages in India to Mauritius with hope to change the future of generation. Now, it’s the time to be united for supporting our Indian roots! Implement Body: Covid Support Center, an initiative by Karwaan Mission (Regd Non-Profit Trust in Delhi), will be implementing the project in worst affected village council. Covid Support Center is led by a team of 100+ Corona Warrior to help everyone in need reaching to helpline through portal. They are helping with emergency ration & health supplies from the start of Covid19 in partnership with the Administration, Police and Govt Dept. They supported more than a lakh migrant labours with nutritional ration kits, and also provided PPE kits to media & police personnel across several states.
  164. Support Noelleta Boodoo, diagnosed with a Mullerian Adenosarcoma ( an uncommon mixed tumor) , an urgent surgery is required
    Support Noelleta Boodoo, diagnosed with a Mullerian Adenosarcoma ( an uncommon mixed tumor) , an urgent surgery is required
    Noelleta Boodoo
    Dear all,  I am writing to you for a financial support. I have been diagnosed with a cancer Mullerian adenosarcoma last Saturday. Since it is very rare and incurable in Mauritius, I have to undergo treatment at the earliest possible abroad (France).I will be departing to France on the 5th of June, thanks to financial support provided by family and close friends. However, my treatment will cost between EU 20,000 to 30,000 according to the current diagnosis. A more precise quotation of my treatment will be communicated shortly after receiving an additional diagnosis in France.  Due to urgency of the situation and the fact that we cannot get help from social security, we are humbly requesting you to support me and share this project. Attached are my Medical Reports as proof of the urgency of the situation. Relying on your generosity and your donations will be highly appreciated. Grateful if you could share amongst your family and friends , any single help is the most welcome.God bless you all,Thanks.//// Français //// Chers Amis,Je vous écris pour un soutien financier. On m'a diagnostiqué samedi dernier un cancer de l'adénosarcome mullérien. Comme il est très rare et incurable à Maurice, je dois suivre un traitement le plus tôt possible à l'étranger (France). Je partirai en France le 5 juin grâce au soutien financier de ma famille et de mes amis proches. Cependant, mon traitement coûtera entre 20 000 et 30 000 UE selon le diagnostic actuel. Un devis plus précis de mon traitement vous sera communiqué peu de temps après avoir reçu un diagnostic complémentaire en France. En raison de l'urgence de la situation et du fait que nous ne pouvons pas obtenir d'aide de la sécurité sociale, nous vous demandons humblement de me soutenir et de partager ce projet. Vous trouverez dans la section document de ce projet, mes rapports médicaux comme preuve de l'urgence de la situation. Je compte sur votre générosité, votre soutient sera très apprécié. Je serais reconnaissante si vous pouviez partager avec votre famille et vos amis, toute aide est la plus bienvenue. Que Dieu vous bénisse tous, Merci.
  165. Riding for TIPA, a long ride for the children.
    Riding for TIPA, a long ride for the children.
    Ryan Lenferna
    Where does the idea for this project come from? Last year I decided to take on a massive personal challenge, under the form of an Ultra endurance cycling event. I did not shy away, and I committed to race the toughest mountain biking event in the world. The Munga is not your ordinary bicycle event. It’s an insane single stage mountain bike race across some of the gnarliest terrain South Africa has to offer. A harsh and rugged 1000 kilometer from Bloemfontein to Wellington in the middle summer. This race is my first ever Ultra Endurance event stretching over many days. I have a lot of experience racing short and intense mountain biking events, racing at national, continental, and international level for the past 6 years. However, over the past year or two I have been longing for more and want to dig my teeth into something big which is why I am tackling this challenge. To be ready for such an event one’s preparation has got to be done correctly, to stand a chance of finishing the event…but I am going there to race it, bringing the preparation for the event to another level. After speaking to a couple friends and people I know in the Ultra world. I decided I needed to put in a big ride roughly 9-10 months before the event. Acting as a shorter simulation ride of the race, to see how my body would cope riding such long distances. What is THE PROJECT about? So…If I were to rack up a lot of miles on the bike on Mauritian roads and trails in preparation for this event I came up with a fun and demanding challenge to make this preparation ride a little more interesting all while doing some good for the community. The project is simple, it consists in riding 1km for every 500 rupees raised, meaning that the more funds we raise the longer the ride will be! This challenge will be completed as a single stage ride just like The Munga, with a few occasional stops to nap and eat, but the aim is to complete the distance in one stretch. 500Rs = 1km 125 000Rs = 250kms 250 000Rs = 500kms 375 000Rs = 750kms   Let us see how hard you guys can make this ride! Who will this project help and how? This ride will raise funds for TIPA a Mauritian non-governmental and non-profit organization whose mission is to empower vulnerable children to become active citizens in the Mauritian society by favoring their development through the promotion of interactive pedagogy and education to Art and Culture. 80% of the proceeds will go towards TIPA whereas the remaining 20% will help fund my journey to the MUNGA. Why did I choose TIPA for this project? To put things simply, I believe that the future generations are about to go through a whole lot of hardship, including myself. So, I think that a little bit of joy and positivity in a child’s life, especially a child that comes from hard living circumstances is uplifting. This is what TIPA does and more: they provide vulnerable children with art workshops where children enjoy exploring art techniques and creating with various mediums. This is also where they are encouraged to express their emotions and opinions freely, where they learn life skills such as participation and respect and where they learn about their rights and responsibilities. What are the limitations of this project? To make this project attainable at the time where it will be completed please note that the ride will be limited to 750KM’s which is roughly 3 laps around Mauritius Island about 250km per lap! If we manage to raise 375,000Rs I will be riding the whole 750km ride in one go aiming to complete the 3 laps in under 30 hours total time, averaging about 25km/h. How can you follow the ride? Anyone with a bicycle can join for as long or as little as they want! It would be great to see some familiar faces out on the road and get to meet some new people through this challenge. All the logistics for the ride, including starting times and passing times at different areas of the island will be communicated closer to the event on as well as Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned on my Instagram and Facebook pages, to see what it takes to prepare for such a challenge allowing you to take a sneak peek behind the curtains. Instagram: Facebook:  
  166. Ensemble pour la petite Iris
    Ensemble pour la petite Iris
    Joanie Nicole
    Iris Surfoodden est une petite âgée de 2 ans qui souffre d'eczéma depuis l'âge de 2 mois.  Après plusieurs suivis médicaux à l'hôpital et en privé, il n'y a pas eu encore de guérison à ce jour.  Les médicaments sont prescrits pour soulager les démangeaisons uniquement, suite au conseil médical, la petite Iris a besoin de faire un test d'allergie afin de venir faciliter les soins préventifs.   Malheureusement Madame Nicole et son compagnon Mr Ivan Surfoodden ; le père d'Iris, ne sont pas en mesure de payer la facture et les frais médicaux demandés par le docteur Pillai (Physician- Pulmonologist).  Pour raison que Madame Nicole a démissionné de son précédent emploi pour apporter de l'assistance à sa fille. Etant Mr Ivan Surfoodden le seul salarié de la famille, ayant tous les frais mensuels à sa charge ainsi que les médicaments et les soins dermatologiques prescrivent en pharmacie, cependant  les coûts supplémentaires ne sont pas envisageables.  C'est pour cela que nous faisons appel à votre générosité pour venir en aide à la petite Iris. Merci d'avance pour votre soutien. 
  167. A Sustainable Recycling Plastic Project for Mauritius
    A Sustainable Recycling Plastic Project for Mauritius
    Precious Plastic
    Precious Plastic is one of the only organisations that recycles plastic locally. By supporting this project you will contribute to a sustainable way of managing plastic waste on Mauritius. Your donation will help purchasing collection bins that will be placed at strategic places, organize the collection and recycle the plastic into new sustainable products. Did you know that in 2019, 76 million kilos of plastic were burried under our soil?  We want to give a sustainable life to plastic trash. We need to stop sending our plastic waste to our landfill and stop exporting our plastic trash. Help us make the difference. Precious Plastic is a non for-profit organisation located in the South of the Island. The organisation recently opened a second recycling site at Pointe Jerome Youth Center. This new workspace will be equipped by semi-industrial recycling machines, currently being built in India and expected to arrive in March. The new recycling site of Precious Plastic was recently inaugurated by Hon. Toussaint, minister of Youth Empowerment Sports and Recreation and Ambassador Gawaguchi, ambassador of Japan on Mauritius. The mission of Precious Plastic is to clean our environment and create jobs for people in need.  We count on your support. Thank you  The Precious Plastic Team, Valéry de Falbaire, Harriet Patrizi, Alicia Rountree, Karim Currimjee, Deborah Kwo, Emmanuel Scott, Clara de Groot.
    Elliott YanLuk
    Aidez-nous à financer notre film (:   L'HISTOIRE Suite à la découverte étonnante d’un miroir dans un poisson lors d’une matinée à la pêche, Alphonse, pense que ce dernier va l’emmener sur un chemin tout tracé. Animé par ce désir de chasse au trésor il accumule les morceaux de céramique et doit affronter le regard de son amie Domitile, en évitant de briser sa propre réalité.Cependant, Domitile va se rendre compte que le miroir est bel et bien réel et les espoirs des deux amis vont s’aligner. LES AUTEURS Elliott YanLuk est né et a grandi à l'île Maurice. Passionné par la photographie, il s'intéresse au cinéma depuis plusieurs années. Ayant suivi une formation en réalisation documentaire à la Femis, il est heureux de réaliser cette année son premier court-métrage sur lequel il travaille depuis plus d'un an.   Réva Peker a grandi proche des Bords de Marne. Après s'être intéressée à la philosophie elle s'est lancée dans le cinéma et fait actuellement des études à la Femis pour devenir scripte et réalisatrice. Elle a co-écrit le scénario du court-métrage et y a insufflé son univers rêveur et magique. À QUOI SERVIRA L'ARGENT ? Les Rs 75,000 minimum permettront de couvrir les dépenses de location de matériel (prise de vue, machinerie, prise de son) et de régie (catering, essence) pour produire le court-métrage. Un plus grand budget nous ouvrira la possibilité d’investir dans de meilleurs costumes, et de créer de plus belles lumières dans ces décors déjà poétiques. Merci d'avance ! CROWDFUNDING On a crée ce crowdfunding pour les mauriciens qui veulent participer au projet car le site du crowdfunding original n'accepte pas les cartes bancaires mauriciennes. La page instagram du film : SPECIAL REWARD : Tirage photo Pour Rs 24,000 de contribution, recevez une impression A3 'fine art' d'une photo prise en argentique par le réalisateur du film sur le lieu du tournage + toutes les autres rewards. Vous pouvez aussi donner un montant libre et nous vous enverrons le reward qui correspond à votre don (:
  169. Safiyah Zariyah Dilloo fight against abdominal Cancer
    Safiyah Zariyah Dilloo fight against abdominal Cancer
    Nailah Aukauloo
    Hello Everyone, Our little princess Safiyah Zariyah Dilloo age 7 years old was diagnosed with an abdominal cancer (Neuroblastoma) since last year July 2020. She has been fighting against same through chemotherapy in Mauritius but no improvement. On Thursday 25-Feb-2021 the final verdict was annouced that no further treatment available locally. On 09-Mar-2021 she flew to India for advanced treatment and operation. I, Mrs Nailah Aukauloo bearing ID no. A170689280318A, am collecting funds on behalf of the parent for my niece, Bibi Safiyah Zariyah Dilloo who is the daughter of my sister Mrs Djamilah Aukauloo and  Mr shezad Dilloo residing at Camp Caval Curepipe. Thankfully a sum of Rs 800000 has been granted by the government but it would not be enough according to the treating hospital. Aukauloo and Dilloo family, we kindly request you to help us save our daughter. Thanking you in advance for your compassion and kind generosity. Nailah Aukauloo  
  170. Food-Packs for the Needy
    Food-Packs for the Needy
    Global Rainbow Foundation
    Who are we? Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is a charitable trust which aims at supporting persons with disabilities. It was founded by Prof Armoogum Parsuramen GOSK on the 11th of November 2011. Our headquarters is located at Petit Raffray (Mauritius), with 4 regional offices also in Belle Rose (Mauritius), Mahebourg (Mauritius), La Ferme (Rodrigues) and in New Delhi (India).   Our Objective is to implement projects aimed at poverty alleviation, advancement of education, providing assistance to people with disabilities (PwDs). We aim to foster a strong partnership with local and international organisations in the development of capacity building programmes in education, health, rehabilitation, social and economic integration.   Our Project with Due to the national lockdown in Mauritius, many families throughout the island are suffering from financial constraints and loss of jobs, which has had dire consequences on mental health as well. Thanks to various sponsors we have been able to help beneficiaries in need, especially those who have a disability, by distributing food packs and offering free telehealth sessions during last year’s lockdown, and during this year’s lockdown as well. During the 2021 national lockdown, we have been able to deliver food packs to over 500 families throughout Mauritius and Rodrigues.   The list of beneficiaries keeps growing every day, and we are therefore presenting to you this project which will help us raise enough funds to help families during this pandemic period. Your contribution will help us purchase food-packs to feed families who have been affected by the lockdown. We will continue distributing food-packs during confinement and several weeks post-confinement as well, until the family members we have helped can get back on their feet to secure jobs and earn a steady income.   The GRF team will travel throughout the island to deliver the food-packs. Our food packs consist of: Flour, Rice, Lentils, Dholl, Milk Powder, Salt, Mushroom, Peeled tomato, Soap, Glenrick, Soya, Tea leaves, Sugar, Oil, Noodle, Pasta, Cheese, Butter. One food pack, including the packaging and travel expense, amounts to around MUR 1,000.   Help us reach our target goal of Rs 100,000 to help 100 families throughout the island in this difficult period of time. Any contribution is most welcome.   Qui sommes-nous ? La Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) est une association caritative qui soutient les personnes en situation d’handicape. Cette organisation a été fondé le 11 novembre 2011 par le Prof Armoogum Parsuramen GOSK. Notre headquarters est situé à Petit Raffray (Ile Maurice), avec 4 bureaux régionaux à Belle Rose (Ile Maurice), Mahebourg (Ile Maurice), La Ferme (Rodrigues) et à New Delhi (Inde). Notre objectif est de mettre en œuvre des projets visant à réduire la pauvreté, à faire progresser l’éducation, à fournir une assistance aux personnes en situation d’handicape. Notre but est de favoriser un partenariat solide avec les organisations locales et internationales dans le développement de programmes de renforcement des capacités dans les domaines de l'éducation, de la santé, de la réadaptation, de l'intégration sociale et économique.   Notre project avec En raison du confinement national à Maurice, de nombreuses familles à travers l'île souffrent de contraintes financières et de pertes d'emplois, ce qui a également eu des conséquences désastreuses sur la santé mentale. Grâce à divers sponsors, nous avons pu aider les bénéficiaires dans le besoin, en particulier ceux qui ont un handicap, en distribuant de la nourriture et en offrant des séances de télésanté gratuites pendant la période de confinement de 2020 et de 2021. Lors du confinement national de mars 2021, nous avons pu livrer des colis alimentaires à plus de 500 familles à travers l'île Maurice et Rodrigues. La liste des bénéficiaires ne cesse de s'allonger chaque jour, et nous vous présentons donc ce projet qui nous aidera à lever suffisamment de fonds pour aider les familles pendant cette période pandémique. Votre contribution nous aidera à acheter des aliments pour les familles qui ont été touchées par le confinement. Nous continuerons à distribuer des colis alimentaires pendant la période de confinement et même après, jusqu'à ce que les membres de la famille que nous avons aidés puissent se remettre sur pied pour trouver un emploi et gagner un état plus stable. L'équipe de la GRF a reçu son permis d'accès au travail (WAP) et se rendra à travers l'île pour livrer les colis alimentaires. Nos colis alimentaires se composent de: Farine, Riz, Lentilles, Dholl, Lait en poudre, Sel, Champignon, Tomate en conserve, Savon, Glenrick, Soja, Feuilles de thé, Sucre, Huile, Nouilles, Pâtes, Fromage, Beurre. Un colis alimentaire, y compris l'emballage et les frais de voyage, s'élève à environ MUR 1,000.   Aidez-nous à atteindre notre objectif de MUR 100, 000 pour aider 100 familles à travers l'île dans cette période difficile. Toute contribution est la bienvenue.
  171. Help Shailand for his medical treatments.
    Help Shailand for his medical treatments.
    Yashoda Auchombit
    Who are we? My name is Yashoda Auchombit and I am helping my best friend Shailand Gokool for his medical treatment. Shailand Gokool is from my hometown: Quatre Bornes, Mauritius. He is one of the most kindest persons I have met in my life. Always ready to help others with his calm and kind attitude.  Shailand is now a patient of recurrent HCC with multiple lung mets. In simple terms, he has liver cancer - hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs) (Combined Treatment for Lung Metastasis from Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Case Report, 2017).  Treatment: Currently, Shailand and his wife have left Mauritius during the 2nd lockdown - March 2021 - to stay in Gurgaon, New Delhi, India for his treatment at Fortis Hospital Limited. Based on his recent clinical evaluation, he has been advised to undergo 9 cycles of immunotheraphy over a span of 1 year. The cost per cycle of immunotheraphy will be USD 9600 approx (Rs. 400,000 - MUR). In total, he will need at least Rs3,400,000 (MUR) for the whole treatment.  What can you do to help? We would be grateful if you could contribute any amount you wish to. Any little amount counts to support his treatment.  You can help us by sharing the link with your network and raise awareness of this case and liver cancer.  Together join me to save my best friend, a wonderful person and help his family to have their husband, son, brother back in a better shape.  Thank you for your contribution and kindness. Yashoda   
  172. Run Around The Island
    Run Around The Island
    Pierre-Yves Maria
    RUN AROUND MAURITIUS 207,5 kilomètres autour de Maurice par la route côtière, en courant, non-stop… Voici le défi « off » que je me suis lancé il y a quelques mois maintenant avec mon coach Nicolas Queland suite aux différentes annulations de courses et perturbations engendrées ces derniers mois par la crise COVID-19. L’idée est de me frotter au parcours emprunté en 2012 par mon Ami Yan de Maroussem autour de l’Ile et pourquoi pas d’aller essayer d’aller taquiner le record… Ça rajoute un peu de piment! Pour donner du sens à ce challenge sportif et mettre du Cœur dans l’effort, je souhaite aider et modestement contribuer au travail de l’ONG KRN - Kolektif Rivier Nwar, Mauritius qui accompli un travail remarquable – éducation, housing et développement personnel - au sein de la localité de Rivière Noire où je vis. Le départ aura lieu le vendredi 21 mai prochain à 13h de 3 Bras à Rivière Noire. Mes compères Bryan Olivier Jean-Pacal, Rom, assureront une assistance de choc et c’est avec grand plaisir que vous pourrez nous rejoindre pour partager quelques kilomètres ensemble ! Excellente journée à tous et à très vite sur les routes! Pym  
  173. JIVA Coffee (Pre-Launch)
    JIVA Coffee (Pre-Launch)
    JIVA Coffee
    JIVA started with my curiosity of wanting to know more about coffee. Six years ago, I enrolled in an overseas course in Coffee Barista skills. Today, I acknowledge that this was the fundamental start to pursuing my coffee business. There is so much information that one needs to know before finally putting yourself out there. It takes a lot of dedication, experience and patience to finally understand the intricate factors that influence the taste of coffee. The journey started with the opening of a coffee shop, sourcing a reliable coffee supplier, learning the food and beverage trade and perfecting and teaching the basic coffee preparations. Several years later, I decided to dive deeper into the world of coffee. My ultimate goal was to create a coffee that I liked and hoped that other coffee enthusiasts would like too. I needed to know more, so I travelled abroad once more to learn from experts who had devoted their lives to coffee. I attended International Coffee exhibitions.This opened opportunities to engage myself in coffee roasting courses. This was the stepping stone that has allowed me to set up our Coffee roasting company. Our selected coffees are sourced from Fairtrade suppliers. I strongly believe this is one of the most important considerations when buying green coffee. It pleases me to know that our coffees come from farmers who are able to sustain their livelihoods from Fairtrade. All our coffees at JIVA coffee are traceable.At JIVA Coffee we roast 100% Arabica beans. These beans are a superior choice when roasting coffee. They are grown on higher altitudes and deliver remarkable tasting notes that are very distinctive to their origins.We have identified roast profiles of each coffee and have selected our three supply categories. Sunrise, Origin and Organic. Sunrise is our specialty blend of selected coffees and is suited for coffee shops and home users. Origin is our range of single origin coffees. These coffees originate from a specific country or region. These coffees are distinguished by their unique tasting notes, aromas, body and smoothness. Organic coffee is our healthy option and is higher in antioxidants. JIVA Coffee is a 100% Mauritian company. Our objectives are to supply fresh tasting coffee to every person, family and business in Mauritius. We are dedicated to sharing our love of coffee with you.Roasted local coffee means, ultimate freshness. We can’t wait to share our variety of coffees with you.Join us on this journey and we will continuously update you with our products and brewing techniques.  Coffee For A Cause We believe in giving back to our community. JIVA Coffee supports three local NGOs who have dedicated time and effort to support our people, our enviroment and our animals in need. On every sale of our packaged JIVA Coffee, a percentage of the sales will be donated to the following NGOs: 1-Caritas- 55 years in the service of the needy 2-Ti Rayon Soleil- to empower women and communities and support young children's education in zones of extreme poverty. 3-Mauritian Wildlife Foundation-conservation and preservation of endangered plants and animal species  Financial Goal - Rs.285,000 With your Support we are pleased to offer you the following JIVA ground or beans Coffee packets. Free shipping to your local post office.*Non contractual photos---- FRANCAIS ----   JIVA a débuté suite à ma curiosité et mon envie d'apprendre plus sur le café. Il y a six ans, je me suis inscrit à une formation afin de devenir Barista. Apres cette formation, j'ai pris l'initiative de lancer un business dans ce domaine et donc ma propre marque de café.Le café est un domaine plus complexe qu'il n'y paraît, et il m'a fallu y consacrer du temps, du dévouement et de la patience afin d'acquérir de l'expérience et maîtriser les facteurs complexes qui influencent le goût du café.L'aventure a commencé par l'ouverture d'un café, la recherche d'un fournisseur d'origine fiable et contrôlé, l'apprentissage du commerce des aliments et des boissons, et le perfectionnement des préparations à base de café. Quelques années plus tard, j’avais pour objectif ultime de créer un café que j'aimais et que d'autres amateurs de café apprécieraient aussi. J'avais besoin d'en savoir plus, et j'ai donc de nouveau voyagé à l'étranger pour rencontrer des experts qui avaient consacré leur vie au café. J'ai assisté à des conférences internationales sur le café, ce qui m'a conduit à m'engager dans des cours de torréfaction : ce fut le tremplin qui me permis de créer notre entreprise par la suite.Toute notre sélection de cafés chez JIVA coffee provient de fournisseurs respectant les critères du commerce équitable. Je crois fermement que c'est l'une des considérations les plus importantes lorsque l'on achète du café dit "vert". C’est important que nos différents cafés proviennent d'un commerce équitable et que les fournisseurs soient traçables.   Nous torréfions des grains 100% Arabica d’une qualité supérieure. Ils sont cultivés à des altitudes plus élevées et délivrent un goût qui se distingue lorsqu'on le déguste, et son goût varie en fonction de son origine.Après avoir identifié les différents profils de torréfaction nous avons sélectionné trois types de café pour nos approvisionnements : Sunrise, Origin et Organic.Sunrise est notre spécialité, il s'agit d'un mélange de différents cafés sélectionnés avec soin qui convient aux coffee shop, mais aussi aux particuliers.Origin est notre gamme de cafés d'origine unique. Ces cafés proviennent d'un pays ou d'une région spécifique. Ils se distinguent par leurs notes de dégustation, leurs arômes, et leur onctuosité uniques.Organic est notre option saine, et est plus riche en antioxydants.JIVA Coffee est une entreprise 100% mauricienne. Nos objectifs sont de fournir un café de qualité à chaque personne, famille et entreprise à l'Ile Maurice. Nous nous engageons à partager notre amour du café avec vous.Le café torréfié localement permet d'obtenir un produit frais, et d'une qualité supérieure et nous avons hâte de partager nos différentes variétés de cafés avec vous !Rejoignez-nous dans cette aventure, et nous vous informerons à propos de nos produits et méthodes de torréfactions.Le Café pour la bonne causeNous croyons fermement en l'altruisme et voulons apporter notre soutien à ceux qui y contribuent localement. JIVA Coffee soutient donc trois ONG locales qui ont œuvré à rendre notre Ile Maurice meilleure depuis plusieurs années.Sur chaque vente de notre café JIVA, un pourcentage des bénéfices sera reversé aux ONG suivantes:1-Caritas- Une ONG venant en aide aux plus démunis depuis plus de 55 ans.2-Ti Rayon Soleil- Cette ONG apporte un soutien aux femmes et aux jeunes dans les milieux d'extrêmes pauvreté.3-Mauritian Wildlife Foundation - Conservation et protection de la faune et de la flore Mauricienne.     Objectif Financier à atteindre - Rs.285,000 En soutenant ce projet, recevez par la poste une sélection ou les trois variétés de café JIVA actuellement disponibles en grain ou moulu. *photos non contractuelles
  174. Project MWA
    Project MWA
    Living Change
    Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination against people on the basis of their age.  Ageism is widespread practice which has harmful effects on the health of older adults.  It marginalizes and excludes older people in their communities. The MWA (I AM) project wants to combat ageism and increased stereotypes and stigma around older individuals.  By bringing together people of different ages and having conversations about their lives and dreams, we want to showcase that young and older can learn from each other and dream together.  We are staging different events across Mauritius to celebrate older individuals by showcasing their stories and dreams on social media, and by using video and storytelling to highlight that older individuals continue to dream and grow no matter what their age is. The highlight of the project are our Dream Tree festivals, where everyone at the care homes as well as staff and family members come together, share their dreams and hang them in a tree as a symbol of HOPE and GROWTH.  Our project will be utilized as  a call to action to individuals and care homes across the island. This project has kickstarted at two care homes with great success.  We would like to invite anyone that contributes to our first two Dream Tree Festivals that will be held in November at these homes.  Invites attached.      Why is this important? Our country, Mauritius has an ageing population. Mauritius Statistics forecasts that 20% of the Mauritian population will be above 65 years by 2025. The Covid-19 pandemic has accentuated the exclusion of and prejudice against older adults.  The current crisis highlights a disturbing public discourse about ageing that questions the value of older adults’ lives and disregards their valuable contributions to society.  We need to be aware of this and find ways to show older people’s contribution and find ways for intergenerational interaction.       What can we do to change our views and mindset?  It starts with awareness.  Knowing that this is happening and that all of us are contributing to it in some way and then starting to make small changes.  The language we use when speaking about older individuals and our own ageing.  Research has shown to combat ageism, education and intergenerational contact is important.    How can we do this? Ageing does not prevent you from dreaming, growing, learning and giving.  The MWA (I AM) project project is about connection, growth and hope.  It teaches us to also look deeper than just what we see.  To find the stories and the dreams around us and not forget our older individuals and the valuable role they play in society. Through videos, storytelling and sharing of dreams, the MWA project aims increase connection between younger and older individuals and to highlight that older individuals continue to dream and grow no matter what their age is. It will focus on a variety of older individuals around the island; ranging from individuals staying in care homes to individuals who are still active in society and/or living at their own homes or supported by family.   Why us? Living Change is an organisation whose focus is continuous improvement of the Quality of Life and Independence of older persons, promoting active ageing and celebrating the third age.  We have been involved in many projects that focus on empowerment of older individuals and also the people who are supporting them through training and workshops.  We are the sole provider of the international training of the Eden Alternative® philosophy. To find out more: and   What will your contributions be used for? Assisting in the sharing the stories of older individuals around the island – showing their value and contribution.  Making of videos that will be used to encourage people across the island to connect with older individuals and to learn from their stories. Different events to talk about ageism, educating and empowering older individuals.  Training for support workers during the project and care workers at the various care homes. Sponsoring a "Dream Tree" as a symbol of hope that will be put up at the care homes.   You can help us to rebuild dignity and value to Older Individuals all across Mauritius by being part of this project.    Thank you for your donation and please share
  175. Help India covid-19 Crisis
    Help India covid-19 Crisis
    Rotary Club Rose Belle
    ROTARY CLUB OF ROSE BELLE ASSISTANCE TO INDIA COVID-19 CRISIS Background India has been hit by the worst phase of its health crisis ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year. This trend is unlikely to be contained in the weeks to come especially with the emergence of the new more contagious double and triple variant in the country. India has already recorded more than 18.7 million cases of covid-19 and coronavirus infections in India have been hitting record peaks for the past few days with daily toll reaching more than 3.5 lakhs as more contagious variant fuels a surge in cases. The healthcare system has just collapsed in numerous cities. Indian medical facilities are overtaken by covid-19 casualties, they lack hospital beds, oxygen and vaccine among other things. While the world is doing its best to bring in medical and logistic facilities in the needed regions, we have a moral obligation to do our part.   Rotary Club has always strived hard to provide its support to people in need without any discrimination of gender, race or nationality. In this context, the Rotary Club of Rose Belle has taken the initiative to urgently come up with a project to assist India Covid-19 crisis. Overall Purpose/objective of the Project Rotary Club of Rose Belle intends to carry out a collection of funds from its members, members of other Rotary Clubs and the public in general. The fund collected will be transferred to specific Rotary Clubs in India especially those in the affected regions. This will allow the Rotary Clubs in India to procure much needed medicines, oxygen and other medical items. Project Details People will be sensitized on the importance to contribute for this noble cause. This will be achieved through a well mediatized campaign through social media and sponsored private radios. Funds will be collected through a crowdfunding platform into the bank account of Rotary Club of Rose Belle. We intend to transfer the fund collected to the Rotary Clubs in India on a weekly basis. On the receipts of the funds, Rotary Clubs in India will procure medicines, oxygen cylinders and other sanitary items which are badly needed to alleviate the crisis. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will sign with the Rotary Clubs in India so that funds transferred are properly accounted. Timeframe We intend to launch the project by the 3rd May 2021 and the campaign will continue up to the 31 May 2021. Why should people support the project? India is one of those countries who has always been helping Mauritius. The recent donation of Covishield vaccine is a testimony of its generosity to the people of Mauritius. The construction of the modern ENT hospital, the new Supreme Court and the grant for Metro Express are just a few examples of Indian assistance. The Covid-19 crisis is severely affecting the population of India and death toll is rising day by day. International assistance is crucial to combat the situation. The people of Mauritius are call upon to contribute to this noble cause. Long Term Objective The contribution to this fund will allow patients to get the most needed treatment against Covid-19. It will save lives; it will save India!
  176. Caritas Ile Maurice - Appel de solidarité pour aider les plus petits et les personnes âgées
    Caritas Ile Maurice - Appel de solidarité pour aider les plus petits et les personnes âgées
    Caritas Ile Maurice
    Le Contexte:En cette période de confinement, Caritas Ile Maurice a répondu à près de 3000 demandes à travers ses 52 antennes locales pour des aides alimentaires. Parmi ces demandes, 350 sont des demandes d’aides pour bébés et enfants en bas âge et 150 autres concernent des personnes âgées ou alités. Ces familles en situation vulnérable, ne peuvent se procurer certains produits de premières nécessités et subvenir à leurs besoins.L'Objectif de la campagne:A travers cette campagne, Caritas a comme objectif de récolter des fonds afin de venir en aide spécifiquement aux familles ayant des enfants en bas âge et/ou personnes âgées, qui méritent notre attention et notre solidarité. De plus, les produits de premières nécessités concernant ces groupes de personnes sont difficilement accessibles en période de confinement. Pourquoi Soutenir cette campagne:En participant à cette campagne, vos dons seront essentiellement utilisés pour la conception de packs de première nécessité pour bébés et pour personnes âgées ; Lait, couches, céréales, produits d’hygiène. Les packs confectionnés varieront entre Rs.1,000 et 1,500 par pack et par famille selon les différentes demandes. Note: Afin de soutenir ce qui en ont besoin durant cette periode, n'appliquera pas de frais de service à cette campagne.   → English ←   The context:In this period of confinement, Caritas Mauritius responded to nearly 3,000 requests through its 52 local branches for food aid. Among these requests, 350 are requests for families with young child or newborn and 150 others relate to the elderly or bedridden. These families in vulnerable situations cannot obtain certain basic necessities and meet their needs.   The Campaign Objective:Through this campaign, Caritas aims to raise funds to help the families with young children/newborns and / or the elderly, who deserve our attention and solidarity. In addition, basic necessities for these groups of people are difficult to access during periods of confinement and your support could help make a difference.   Why Support this campaign:By participating in this campaign, your donations will be used for essential packs for families with newborn and young child and for the elderly; Milk, diapers, cereals, hygiene products are some products that will be included in those packs. The value of the packs made will vary between Rs.1,000 and Rs.1,500 per pack and per family according to the different requests.Note: CrowdFund