UNRAVEL - An Art Exhibition on Domestic Violence- CrowdFunding

UNRAVEL - An Art Exhibition on Domestic Violence

By : Unravel Sisters Co Ltd
Created on: 08 Sep, 2020
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The exhibition is now live!

La Gallerie du Genie

246 Edith Cavell Court, Port Louis 

0900 - 1700

Until 29/09/2020

Domestic Violence In Our Community 

Around 1 in 4 Mauritian women have been a victim of domestic violence, irrespective of their race, religion or social status. That is a quarter of our women living in constant distress in their own homes, ill-treated by their partners. Even for one of the most unreported crimes in the country, that is an astounding number.

A society that treats such a prevalent issue with such passivity is a society worth changing. Unravel aims to do that by bringing a community and conversation around the issue, using art. 

We aim to start a dialogue on this rather taboo topic in Mauritius and break a pattern of domestic violence that is often normalised and passed through generations.


UNRAVEL by Goddess Society - An Art Exhibition on Domestic Violence

Unravel is an artistic contemporary short-film that explores the journey of a woman healing from a traumatic experience. Inspired by a true story of one of us, the experience, sadly, is far too common among other women in our collective.

The project conveys a powerful and uplifting message that empowers women to voice out, come together as a sisterhood, form a circle of trust and support, and heal from the trauma of domestic violence.

Unravel will be presented as an art exhibition and an accompanying dialogue and discussion. The exhibition will launch with a private viewing event on the 19th of September, before being opened to the public for two weeks at La Gallerie du Genie, 246 Edith Cavell Court, Port Louis. 

The exhibition will leverage off press and media coverage to raise more awareness and consciousness around the event.

Our partners include Gender Links, British Council and Porteurs d’Images among other supporters. Gender Links is an international women’s rights organisation that also operates a safe haven for women in distress. Porteurs d’Images is a not for profit organisation that works to develop and promote cinema in Mauritius and the organiser of the annual Mauritian short film festival -  Île Courts.

What do we need the funds for? 

Unravel has been a labour of love, and we have done all the groundwork. We do, however, still need your help.

We are currently seeking sponsorship to help us cover the material costs of putting the final exhibition together, including artistic supplies, printing, materials, audio visuals, utilities, among other expenses.

If you would like to support our mission to raise awareness around domestic violence through art, we’d love to hear from you. Any financial sponsorship, in-kind sponsorship or support will be very much appreciated and will bring the biggest smile on the faces of the local artists involved.

We will proudly highlight our sponsors at major touchpoints with our visitors.


About Goddess Society 

Goddess society is a Mauritius based artist collective. We share a common understanding that our society needs to be more just and equitable for women. We exist to explore social issues faced by women through art, storytelling, community and dialogue. The platform is used to share stories, art and support female creatives in the industry.

We hope we can make a difference in society by exploring one oppressive social norm at a time, starting with domestic violence through our very first project, Unravel.

Instagram: Goddess Society 

Facebook Event: Unravel - An Art Exhition on Domestic Violence

Gender Links: Gender Links Mauritius 

Porteurs d'Images: Porteurs d'Images Mauritius 

British Council: British Council Mauritius 




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