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From Artists for Artists!

By : SoulStarSpirit Artist & CultureManager ☆
Created on: 28 May, 2020
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Sunday, 29th of August / 20 PM Moris Time

From Artists for Artists!

Hey, we know that this is a difficult time for everyone, especially artists during this lockdown period, which is why we have decided to do a crowdfunding concert online to support Artists in times of needs during these times

We are inviting artists to join us to create the first online《from Artists for Artists》concert 

We will also have the artists live with a short interview so you will know a bit more about them and they can explain a bit more also about their music 

All monies received will then be distributed equally between the artists. 

We will have an event page on Facebook where you can find more information about the artists and you can share with your friends and family, and where you will also find more out about the artists and their music.

Looking forward to see you soon on our live platform!

See you Live n Direct From Artists for Artists!

Online Stream Concert with:

Diane Hardy & by Sükriye Louis 

Linzy Bacbotte 
Dirkie van Staden
Veronique Zuel-Bungaroo
Veronique Forget
Cedric Nayna
Jasmine Toulouse
Rainbow Voices
Eric Bienvenue
Rosy Lim Newk Tin
Burty Venus
Bruno Jean-Pierre
Didier Marcel
Morgan Louis
King Rahmann
Carol Lamport

Thank you to all the Artists who are all making this Event a success!

Looking forward to see you in the audience!

Connect here for to the live concert for free:

On  YouTube

On Facebook  

From SoulStarSpirit Artist, Art & Culture Manager



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  1. SP
    I liked the music and the interviews with the various musicians!

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  2. DH
    Well done to all the artists, Including the technical artists as well!

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  3. FA
    Thank you for organizing this online event and for supporting artists in these difficult times! Cheers from Frederik

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  4. TE
    For the Artists. Best regards Thomas

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  5. EB
    Long live to our Artists

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