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By : West Coast Team
Created on: 19 Aug, 2020
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Dear All those who are reading this,

We are raising funds for many reasons, amongst many we have outlined a few below:

This is the first time we are requesting funds on an open platform and we hope that many will partake in our funding for a long time, as we need the help of others to grow.

1) We are building a Food Center and distribution Program

We have the availabilty of a house that we can rent and use to store the food items, and then slowly distrIbute the food as necessary and when needed by the people of Bamboo and other areas.

2) We are feeding the poor in different communities of the west coast of the island.

The island has a huge community of very poor people, that live in homes that have nothing, the families are hungry and need Help

3) We plan to provide financial aid to those in need in Mauritius.

Sometimes buying someone a pair of shoes will enable them to go to work, or buying them bus fare for a month can start them on a new life journey.

4) We help the sick and elderly in the villages of the West Coast side

Aids and other illnesses are around and have infilteted the villages. Drugs and alcohol are very often used to help ease their painful lives. We go in and talk to them.

We are a small team and growing, we do need help regarding man-power and funding.

We are taking on the west-coast and want to help them as often as possible, but we need to start-up, by getting the equipment and protection to have access into these places.


We want to thank Sik-Yuen Supermarket for their donations, and we welcome all other supermarkets for any food and water they can provide.





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