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Mobile Vidéography

By : Danvel Salvara
Created on: 25 Jun, 2020
MUR 600 raised
MUR 30,000
  • Nathan Alex

    MUR 200 Donation
    12 Aug, 2020
  • Anonymous

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    26 Jun, 2020
  • Anonymous

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    26 Jun, 2020


  • Who am I ?

Danvel Salvara, 28th years old residing at Mahebourg.

  • What is my project?

Mobile Videography.

  • What is Mobile Videography?

Mobile videography is the concept of shooting and post editing cinematic videos directly and only using mobile (IOS or Android) devices.

  • What is the project for?

To finance the purchase of the equipments in the document section;

Equipment above shall be use for the sole purpose of Mobile Videography. From shooting small commercial videos, music videos, movies and mini web series, our goal is make Mobile Videography a well-known concept in Mauritius. Once well settled, our next goal will be giving free courses regarding mobile videography from shooting to post editing.

This concept is well known amongst European culture are we want to make it a reality in Mauritius too.

  • What are we proposing?

A wide range of workflow from commercial video, music video (video clips, Lyrics video and
Visualizers), mini web series and movie.

  • When will it happen?

We already started. Videos could be found on our Youtube account (Twenty Nine Square) and Facebook page (29 Square). We are working exclusively with a local artist (Gbless). Music videos and more workflow already on our project list.

  • What will we be able to achieve on long term?

On the long term we are aiming to change the concept of cinematography in Mauritius by giving
more media to work with and everyday devise (Mobile) to shoot and post editing videos.



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