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Help me and my pregnant gf get a roof

By : Avish Mathoorasing
Created on: 07 Nov, 2020
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Hi, my name is Avish and I'm 27 years old for the past year me and my girlfriend were staying at some relative places in floreal but due to unforseem circumstances we are having to find another roof in great urgency by the beginning of december. I'm currently working as a cleaner in a company at Cascavelle and my girlfriend who is 6 month pregnant is currently not working. She is against the idea of me coming to this platform to ask for help but in the situation we find ourselves in I really have no choices. 

A little about me: I recently joined a company since October which specialises in the cleaning of shopping malls, I studied for a degree in Management and Human Resources at Charles Telfair Institute but unfortunately did not graduate due to financial problems when my dad disowned me after my parents divorced as I took my mother's side. Before the confinement I was working for myself as an affiliate marketer for ClickBanks and TerraLeads but unfortunately I lost all my capital and found myself with no choice than to seek employment which was not easy in these time post-confinement. We are also both disowned by our respective families expect my girlfriend's retired mom simply because of the fact that we are together and that she is 10 years older to me, but for me in spite of being shy she helped me overcome lot of issues I had in life and stood up for me and helped me become a responsible and better man.

The reason why I'm asking for so much is because we are having to rent a house somewhere nearby in Floreal so she is still close to her mom who suffers from complications due to having diabetes for over 30years. We managed to find a studio at the ground floor of a house which is five minutes walk from her mom for Rs4,000 per month but  we are having to pay for three month upfront, the reason why we can't stay with her mom is because she lives in an independence herself and has no space to accomodate us our cat and and upcoming child. My girlfriend also recently had to quit her job as a retirement home attendant due to harrassement from a creepy client of theirs and I only earn Rs9,700 from my job which for right now is not enough for me to get the house unless I can get some help. We also have many debts which amount to Rs12,000 as we were in a tough spot when I lost my business and we were then both not working until we got our jobs, this is money we got from friends and neigbors where we had no choice but to ask in order to get utilites such as gas and to get food. We owe them so much that we now can't borrow anymore as it will be impossible to pay them back that is if they even agree to help us anymore. This is why we are asking for help from kind strangers as yourself.

The way the money will be used is as follows:

Rs20,000 (for three month deposit for the rent plus an additional two month rent so i can be safe and  i will pay my rent afterwards from my salary).

Rs12,000 (to payback all the debts we incurred from our neighbors and friends who helped us by giving us money for food, utilites and when we had unexpected expenses).

Rs23,000 (the rest i will save for my child so I can be prepared for when he/she is born by getting a craddle and various baby stuffs).

Please feel free to contact me on: 59479006 or you can meet with me any day at Cascavelle from 7am-4pm except on Tuesday when I'm off duty. 

Please you are not obliged in any way to help us but any help is greatly appreciated and we will certainly pay it forward to someone else once we are in a stable position. You can also help us by sharing this on social media as I don't have frequent access to internet. Thank you all immensely for your help.


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