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Fundraising for underprivileged children with intellectual disabilities

By : Joie De Vivre universelle
Created on: 18 Nov, 2020
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- Who we are?

It all starts with the birth of a little boy only after 6 months of pregnancy of my son. A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Joie de Vivre Universelle was created in December 2008

As a mother of a little boy who suffers from intellectual impairment. We were facing difficulties in finding a therapy center in Mauritius where we could benefit from therapies, under one roof (such as psychomotor therapy, occupational therapy, specialized education, and speech therapy) which would enable him to develop his full potential.

From this experience, we decided to create a therapy center where other kids with the same pathology as my son could benefit in a long run.

As of date, JDVU has three units:

  1. Recreational Centre for seniors with Alzheimer and Parkinson
  2. Special Education Needs School
  3. Training center

- History of Joie De Vivre Universelle (JDVU)

In the year 2010, we introduced an innovative therapy center whose aim is to provide individual therapies in a multi-sensory environment for children with a mental deficiency using a one to one approach. Several therapists namely Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists, Physiotherapists, and Psychologists, all worked together as a multi-disciplinary team.

January 2014, a Special Education Needs School was set up which is a complement of the therapy center hence optimizing the progress of each child towards his autonomy, socialization, and communication capacity. Equal and tailor-made educational opportunities for each child.

Since 2018, the team took a new challenge to put forward the idea of a recreational facility in other words a specialized daycare center for our senior citizens. As of today, we have more than 15 happy beneficiaries.

- When will the concert take place?

The initiative of organizing this solidarity concert on the 28th day of November 2020 is that we want to extend our approach and competencies towards a vulnerable segment of the population. We are raising funds for underprivileged children with intellectual disabilities and also the purchase of a transport facility. The venue is Le Suffren Hotel & Marina.


The option of donation:

We trust in people and their will power to help.

*Sponsoring without reward

*Sponsoring Rs 500 = 1 ticket entrance for the Live concert on the 28th November 2020 at the door to the Suffren hotel & Marine


*Sponsoring Rs 600 = 1 ticket for entrance of live concert+ 1 tombola ticket

We are seeking sponsorship and support in kind of a van for transport services.

- How are the funds sent to Joie De Vivre (which percentage), what is the concept of this event.


- Budget

Project cost  :



Unit  price


School fees for 14 pupils


35 000

455 000

Purchase of a 14 seated Van



1,500 000




1, 955 000


- Why should people donate?

We all have someone we know, a friend, a family member, or even a neighbor who may need support for education

 We are raising funds for the year 2021special education need schooling

1) Admission of 10 children with a learning disability (Slow learners) coming from an underprivileged background 

2) Purchase of a >15-seated van, which is of utmost importance for the pickup of our students as well as for our therapeutical outing included in the curriculum for the development of our beneficiaries.

- How many people work/volunteer at Joie De Vivre Universelle?

Our overall NGO employs 20 staff including therapists, teachers, coaches, carers, and admin.

A group of 10 to 15 volunteers from AIESSEC, which is an NGO regrouping student from the University of Mauritius, who have been supporting us for the past 2 years

- How many patients/beneficiaries do the Center help?

Our NGO support 20 senior citizen (open for 15 more) & 14 children (open for 10 more) otherwise capable beneficiaries.



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