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Construction of a Break Away Home (Lakaz Zanfan)

By : Safire Association
Created on: 07 Oct, 2020
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The Service d’Accompagnement, de Formation, d’Insertion et de Rehabilitation de l’Enfant is a Non-Governmental Organisation.

Vision: Continuously strive to reduce the number of Street Children in the Republic of Mauritius

Mission: Rehabilitate and integrate Street Children in society so that their Right and Dignity are respected in Our Society


1. Educate their families in their own environment on the needs and rights of the children 2. Bringing a behavioural change in the Street Children

3. Advocate with Stakeholders and policy Decision Makers to take their responsibility and Commitment to work towards the rights of Street Children.

4. To create conducive environment to motivate The Street Children to adhere to specific programme to enhance their self-esteem.

5. To give The Street Children a specific oriented education that will allow them to integrate the society

6. To have well trained and respectful Educators to achieve the objectives aboce

Values of SAFIRE  Integrity  Humility  Respect  Honesty  Accountability  Dedication  Credibility

Historic and Actions

Emanating from a Government Service of the Ministry of Social Security which catered for Street Children between 2002 and 2006. SAFIRE was established in 2006. The NGO extended its action nationalwide working with more than 1000 children in street situations. With the dedication of our educators, about 75 beneficiaries have been rehabilitated and reintegrated in schools, trainings and stable jobs.

SAFIRE works with children facing complex issues such as school dropouts, teenage mothers, drug addicts, illiterate, suffer from forms of abuse and/or working to earn a living.

Services that SAFIRE offers are based on an individual psycho-social approach through an outreach program comprising counselling, pedagogical actions (activities, outings, camps, sports), prevention sessions and others. We also invest in trainings for beneficiaries and staffs.

During 2012 and 2013 SAFIRE has also launched a pilot project in an educational farm. SAFIRE NouLaFerm promoting sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry. Beneficiaries attend the farm everyday where they are taught agriculture, animal rearing, literacy and numeracy, arts and crafts, sport and other pedagogical activities.

Break Away Home

With the increasing social problem facing the country a more integrated orientation is a way to help Street Children to have fight negative behaviour.

Thus, SAFIRE has decided to build a Break Away Home with the following objectives:

1 To beneficiate of a safe environment and acquire basic societal norms and values through pedagogical program simultaneously

2. To reduce the rate of street frequency among the beneficiaries.

3. To decrease the delinquency rate thus reducing number of beneficiaries in conflict with law.

4. To offer more beneficiaries access to a safer environment.

5. To empower beneficiaries in their daily life through acquisition of skills and competencies.

6. To motivate the beneficiaries to regain self-esteem and dignity

The Project

The project “SAFIRE Breakaway Home” consists of setting up a residential infrastructure where beneficiaries facing issues in their immediate environment, could come and have a break from the hostile surroundings. It will operate on a 24/7 basis and fully equipped for autonomous daily running.

The target groups

The Breakaway Home can accommodate up to 16 children at a time; hence SAFIRE targets to touch more than 150 beneficiaries coming from specific regions in which street educators work, such as Triolet, Baie du Tombeau, Roche Bois, Cite Briquetterie, Bambous, Camp Levieux, Riambel, Beau Vallon and Bel Air as part of their rehabilitation process.

Eligibility criteria to stay at the BAH:

1. School drop out with low future perspectives

2. Displaying antisocial behaviour,

3, Aged 12 years old or more

4. Wanderers

Sponsoring Break Away Home

SAFIRE generally beneficiates sponsoring from private enterprise and recently from The National Social Integration Fund (NSIF) is always in quest of finance to achieve its GOAL.

We thank two main sponsors, namely HSBC and Velogic Ltd for having financed this deserved project. Another one who supported this project is the Ministry of Housing and Lands for providing to Safire a plot of state land at Verdun for the construction of the Break Away Home.

Nevertheless, SAFIRE has to complete the infrastructure in terms of equipment, furniture, electricity, Sanitation, water system, and IT to make it workable. We would be highly grateful if some new sponsors could contribute to fill these needs.

SAFIRE Board composed of different professionals works alongside with the management team ensures the credibility of the organisation in looking for funding from private sectors and through its own fundraising activities.

List of office bearers for the year 2020 -2022

Name                                     Title

Sydney ADELSON                President 

Mario AGATHE                     Vice – President

Thierry D’AUTRICHE            Treasurer

Jills JOHNSON                     Assistant – Treasurer

Reena RAMPADARUTH      Secretary

Jennifer BONNE                Assistant Secretary ORGANIGRAM OF SAFIRE:



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