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By : Elodie Permalloo
Created on: 05 Jun, 2020
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    20 Aug, 2020
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We all have many roles in our lives but for me it is even more difficult as I am a Type 1 diabetic since I’m 4 years old This is a complex and chronic disease which leads to many complications in my daily life.

I have a 2 year old child and I am a working woman. EVERYBODY KNOWS ME AS A FIGHTER IN MY LIFE. I have participated since the last 15 years to help my friends having Type 1 diabetes (as a Diabetes Educator) through an NGO, where I work since very long till now. I wanted to upgrade, take new challenge even knowing it won’t be easy with new born child, so since last year I am a Communication Officer in same NGO and having to take other courses too.  But I don’t earn enough to be able to achieve my dreams.

The path till my working place is so far from my house (Rose-belle to Quatre-Bornes). I need to drop and pick her by foot to kindergarten. This causes a very big impact on my health and work.

I’m looking for funds to buy a second hand car to be able to make my daily life routine better. I’m also sure this will help me gain time every day and better monitor my health condition.

Thank you for contributing for me and my child.



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  1. MV
    good luck to you

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  2. PO
    hope it help you hunni.

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