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Our names are Abdur Dinah and Diksha Ujoodha. We are the proud Founders of a local fashion brand called “Vernissage”. This brand started a little over a year ago, where the two of us decided Mauritius needs a modern platform to showcase art, and what better way than to incorporate fashion and art: that’s how our business was born. 

We had some great successes over this past year and even got approached by an International Company: AGENDA, to showcase in Las Vegas in 2021.

The reason we are reaching out to the greater community is that we would really love to attend this show as it is an opportunity for us to showcase African Art, Artists, and Fashion. However, we, unfortunately, don’t have all the funds to make this trip possible and all we ask in return is for you/your company to please make a contribution so that we can attend the show. 

You might be wondering why sponsor these young entrepreneurs, but we believe we have what it takes to represent, not only Africa but specifically Mauritius on a Global Platform. We have worked hard to bring our brand this far, we spent hours tirelessly crafting these timeless masterpieces to perfection. The mere fact that we got scouted out of millions of brands in the world shows that we have the potential to be an international brand. Your contribution will not go to waste as you are not only contributing to our brand, to showcase in the United States, you are also investing in two young African entrepreneurs dreams, that came from previous disadvantage communities. Our company’s goal is to be the Art and Fashion change makers, we so dearly need in the African Continent. 

We hope you can make our dream possible!

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please send us an e-mail at

Have a look at our Instagram below :

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